facubatista¡Muy buenos días a todos!10:11
bthomasmorning facubatista10:13
facubatistahola bthomas10:14
bthomasfacubatista: I am not seeing any of my logger.debug() output showing up in juju debug-log , even though I have set juju model-config logging-config="<root>=DEBUG;<unit>=DEBUG" update-status-hook-interval=1m.  Any idea ?10:23
facubatistabthomas, if you do a print(), do you see it?10:27
bthomaswill try now10:28
bthomasfacubatista: no I do not see print() output either. What all could be wrong. I can dig to see which of them is true.10:31
facubatistabthomas, are you running `juju debug-log` without further restrictions?10:32
bthomasfacubatista: yes just "juju debug-log"10:32
facubatistabthomas, if you run the hook manually inside the machine, do you see that output?10:34
bthomasfacubatista: do you mean just ./hooks/start in /var/lib/juju/agents/unit-tester-0/charm ? (tester is my charm). I am logged into the operator pod tester-operator-0 ?10:40
bthomasdoing so gives me KeyError: 'JUJU_UNIT_NAME' in ops/model.py10:43
facubatistabthomas, no, you need to run it under the juju environment10:43
facubatistabthomas, tell juju to open a terminal for you in that context10:44
facubatistabthomas, this is with `juju debug-hooks`10:45
bthomasfacubatista: got it. I need to upgrade to juju 2.9 for that . Will do that now.10:46
facubatistaFWIW https://discourse.charmhub.io/t/command-debug-hooks/170510:46
bthomasfacubatista: after upgrade to juju 2.9/candidate I am now seeing the debug lines being printed out.10:59
facubatistabthomas, wonderful!11:09
Chipacamoin moin11:09
Chipacafacubatista: what's wonderful?11:09
facubatistaChipaca, that bthomas sees debug lines11:10
Chipacabthomas: is that call still needed then?11:10
bthomasfacubatista: Chipaca : sorry please wait the problem seems to be occuring again on redeploying my charm.11:10
bthomasI need that meeting Chipaca . Going to grab a quick coffee. Need that coffee too.11:11
bthomasI am going to restart microk8s11:20
bthomasproblem still exists11:26
JoseMassonGood morning!12:14
bthomasmorning JoseMasson12:30
bthomasI am seeing the same no logging issue again. I am going to take a break have some lunch, then get back to it. I plan to kill controller, snap remove juju, maybe even microk8s and recreate the full environment and see if it solves my problems. Odd thing is I made no changes to my system since yesterday. Nothing I did could have caused these problems.13:18
* bthomas gets ready to nuke everything13:41
bthomaswow juju status is just hung or taking too long13:45
bthomasmicrok8s status is fine13:45
bthomastook too long13:45
bthomasreboot brb14:00
* bthomas -> coffee15:11
Laneyhi operators, I'm just trying to write a simple charm with this framework. What I'm wondering is... are there helper libraries for common things like installing dependencies from the Ubuntu archive?16:04
Laneywith reactive I would use the apt layer for that, something that provides equivalent funcitonality16:05
ChipacaLaney: there aren't, no16:05
Laneyor maybe I could crib from existing work, but I don't see a link to the code on charmhub.io16:05
ChipacaLaney: it was on our rader as what we expected would be one of the most demanded things, but in the end it wasn't16:19
LaneyChipaca: I see, maybe I'm weird because I often start with 'install git, clone repo' :-)16:20
ChipacaLaney: is this for k8s?16:20
ChipacaLaney: k16:20
Laneyah well, I guess subprocess.check_call is there16:21
ChipacaLaney: is the thing you need to install needed for the charm itself, or for the application it drives?16:22
LaneyChipaca: It's the latter, at least right now, so this is fine16:24
LaneyI guess requirements.txt would work for the former case, at least for stuff on pypi?16:24
Laneyprobably won't need this though, the charm is going to be quite thin I think16:24
ChipacaLaney: requirements.txt also can point to github etc if it's not on pypi (as long as it's pip-installable)16:25
Chipacaie has a setup.py16:25
* Chipaca steps away for a while17:10
* Chipaca lied17:13
* Chipaca EODs18:01
* bthomas EODs18:05
* facubatista bbl18:35
* JoseMasson steps away for a while19:40

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