ProjectuiAnyone active? Have question about FakeRaid and getting the volume to become available to the OS.00:08
sarnoldProjectui: irc works best with specific questions00:13
sarnoldProjectui: that said, it's probably worth skipping 'fake raid' things and just using mdadm / lvm / zfs / btrfs (skip btrfs raid5/6 things) instead00:13
Projectuisarnold: I get that, but lately I've asked in other channels and have yet to get replies. Thought I would see if anyone was awake before a 2 week wait.00:13
sarnoldProjectui: yeah, I can understand that00:14
sarnoldProjectui: but fakeraid isn't used much in the linux world, so it could ujust be no one knew :)00:14
ProjectuiI'll just leave this here:  I set up EZRaid. dual 8tb platters in a Raid 1. I used dmraid to activate it. It shows as 2 drives on with one volume label. I can't figure out how to prepare the partition using parted to get the drive in a "windows" friendly format so I can also use those drives as a media host for my home network.00:15
ProjectuiI saw fakeraid as a term in my google searches. not sure if it's truly applicable in my instance.00:16
matsamansounds like a good way to lose data00:17
Projectuimatsaman: how is that?00:17
sarnoldah, if this is for use in windows instead of linux, you should probably ask in a windows forum :)00:17
Projectuium.. .this is Ubuntu 20.0400:19
Projectuithe drives will be shared to a network so windows machines can access it00:20
Projectuimaybe I'm thinking about the format wrong00:20
Projectuithe OS is going to be hosting the drive, and translating where the data goes00:20
Projectuibut I still need to get the drive partitioned and formatted.00:20
matsamanseems like you're trying to use RAID as a solution to having a second copy of your data00:21
elias_aProjectui: What is your use case? File server?00:21
matsamanbut the purpose of RAID is to have data be more accessible by however many copies you have of it, and not to actually keep all those copies around00:21
Projectuiwell.. this box is a multi-tasking rig. Large array for file storage, smaller nvme drive for game hosting and websites.00:22
matsamanyou can mirror data with RAID, but that's not its purpose00:22
elias_aProjectui: So RAID to be on the safer side?00:23
ProjectuiI'll probably end up sticking another 8tb drive back home so I can have an off-site copy00:24
elias_aProjectui: If the data and/or services are of value, I'd go for a real RAID setup.00:24
elias_aProjectui: But as matsaman said RAID is meant for mirroring inside a disk array.00:26
ProjectuiI understand raid. I am mirroring my 2 drives. Is the ezraid functionality of my motherobard not considered actual raid?00:27
elias_aProjectui: To be honest I do not know about ezraid. Probably someone else knows the answer.00:28
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Projectuiok. lets try this. if someone has a Raid 1 setup. how do they parition the drives to be accessable by ubuntu? imagine the drives are detected, and activated? What would the next step be?00:30
elias_aProjectui: This guide might be of interest: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID00:34
elias_aThat is quite old though...00:35
ProjectuiI found something similar, and I'm going to work through it for a moment00:37
elias_aProjectui: Good luck! I'll hit the bed now. :)00:38
derpadminProjectui, ezraid will probaby create an hardware and present 1 disk to ubuntu00:38
derpadmin*an hardware raid00:39
derpadminnot sure how easy the recovery will be if the mobo dies00:39
sarnoldif you use zfs it's piece of cake, pop drives into another computer and run zpool import and you're online again00:40
sarnoldI've not used the others myself so I can't give as easy advice :)00:40
Projectuiderpadmin: this is stuff like family photos and such. having an offsite backup should be ok versus going full enterprise hardware raid.00:42
sarnoldraid gives you time to replace a harddrive; backups save you from fire or accidental deletes or ransomware00:43
derpadminraid != backup00:43
derpadminlike sarnold said...00:44
Projectuithen what is raid 10 used for?00:44
derpadminmirroring + speed00:44
Projectuididn't have my thought complete00:44
ProjectuiI want the raid 1 here at the house so I can host files with a little safety. If anything does happen to one of the drives, I can bring it back up. if anything happens to the server, say blows up, or house implodes, I have the backup.00:46
derpadminthen you are all set00:46
TxJorgeHi, i'm trying to set up my /home directory on a separate drive from my main os install.  In the partition editor of the installer, I see 3 existing partitions on my drive, sda1 which is type fat32 and size 536MB, sda2 which is type efi and size 537MB, and sda5 which is type ext4 and size 67GB.  Anyone know what the fat32 partition is used for?  This drive previously had ubuntu installed.00:46
derpadminI usually preach the 3-2-1 method for backup00:46
derpadminit is hard to go wrong with that one00:47
derpadmin3 copies, 2 different medias, 1 offsite location00:47
sarnoldTxJorge: hmm, normally I'd have guessed the fat32 partition *is* the EFI partition..00:50
Guest_63hi all, hoping to get some help with an issue I'm having01:09
Guest_63I have an Ubuntu 20.10 install with full disk encryption turned on... got a new machine and tried to put the drive in there, seems like that hosed something01:09
Guest_63in my boot messages I now get things like "timed out waiting for the device /dev/disk/by-uuid/<uuid>..."01:10
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Guest_63and and things like "dependency failed for..." and a reference to some partition01:11
Guest_63this happens in the new box and also in the old box01:12
Guest_63I suspect it's some bootloader / uefi / bios thing, but not sure... would appreciate any suggestions01:12
sarnoldGuest_63: if you boot to a live instance (usb stick), does the drive show up at all?01:16
Guest_63@sarnold yes it does01:16
sarnoldGuest_63: can you unlock it there?01:16
Guest_63I'm not sure, I've done it before but forgot how to do the luks stuff in the live cd, also unsure what to do to fix01:17
Guest_63it's strange actually, it seems like I can view folders on the drive without entering in decryption pw, which shouldn't be possible? perhaps I only encrypted /home (thinking face)01:18
Guest_63but yes, any suggestions on how to fix would be great, even pointing me to some docs01:19
sarnoldGuest_63: it's been a year or so since I've done any luks stuff by hand.. here's the cryptsetup page https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/groovy/man8/cryptsetup.8.html01:21
sarnoldsheesh, there's no way to just ask for 'status' without a name. :/01:23
Guest_63thanks for the doc, will see how far that gets me01:27
Guest_63do you know what I should do with cryptsetup to fix my install?01:28
sarnoldI don't :/ I'm just curious if the drive unlocks as expected, to rule out eg drive data changes01:28
Guest_63oh gotcha01:29
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Blade-Runnerweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, are we having fun? ;)02:30
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hwpplayer1hi there!03:34
sharktamerhi all03:36
sharktamerwas wondering if it's possible to use cloudinit with a home pc03:36
sharktamergot an intel nuc I want to be able to setup headless03:38
sarnoldsharktamer: heh, good question. there may not be a pre-made image that'd be well-suited for the instance though03:42
sarnoldhey hwpplayer103:42
sarnoldsharktamer: this is aimed at VMs rather than hardware, but I think most of it may be useful for you https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-quickstart03:42
hwpplayer1sarnold: How are you doing ? Can i pm you ?03:46
sarnoldhwpplayer1: I'm about done for the day; besides, irc works best in the open, since then anyone can contribute :)03:46
hwpplayer1sarnold: Okay just one line message here comes03:47
hwpplayer1That is Why we need a different container purely for apps - Mark Shuttleworth (Canonical)03:47
hwpplayer1 03:47
sarnoldoh wow 201603:48
hwpplayer1"I'm on hackathon mode"03:49
sarnoldsnaps and lxd, neat03:50
EnchanterTimI need to patch this function in KDE. I am on Ubuntu 20.0403:53
EnchanterTimI have tried apt-file search 'plasmaquick/dialog.cpp' but I can't find it03:54
EnchanterTimWhich ubunt package contains this file, so that I may patch it and rebuild it03:54
sarnoldapt-file only searches binary packages, not sources03:54
sarnoldhold on a second03:54
EnchanterTimTake your time03:54
sarnoldEnchanterTim: it's in the plasma-framework source package03:55
EnchanterTimhow did you find out?03:55
sarnoldEnchanterTim: I've got the entire archive unpacked locally03:56
sarnoldEnchanterTim: combined with https://plocate.sesse.net/ it's pretty quick to answer these kinds of questions03:56
sarnoldEnchanterTim: you could also search for the contents on the debian code search tool, it's kinda close: https://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=__plasma_frameSvg03:57
sarnoldEnchanterTim: if you search for Dialog::Dialog, you'll drown in results, so sometimes you've got to try for something less common03:58
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sarnoldEnchanterTim: and of course not all debian packages are in ubuntu, not all ubuntu packages are in debian, and I think there's even cases of same-named packages sharing nothing in common, but don't quote me on that -- but it's close enough most of the time03:59
EnchanterTim-rw-r----- 1 root root 33779089 Dec  1 21:11 /var/lib/mlocate/plocate.db04:12
EnchanterTimSorry was setting up this plocate thing04:12
EnchanterTimit's nice. fast.04:12
EnchanterTimok, thanks for the tippings04:12
EnchanterTim/var/lib/mlocate/plocate.db: Permission denied04:13
EnchanterTimHunh. Permission has to be user04:13
EnchanterTimWow. This thing is super fast!04:15
EnchanterTimW: Download is performed unsandboxed as root as file 'plasma-framework_5.68.0-0ubuntu1.dsc' couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'. - pkgAcquire::Run (13: Permission denied)04:17
EnchanterTimI ran sudo apt-get source plasma-framework04:18
EnchanterTimOk I got it04:20
EnchanterTimhttps://bpa.st/B5MA https://bpa.st/YYZA and need patching for Xmonad. I'll try that and rebuild the thing.04:20
EnchanterTimhttps://github.com/xmonad/xmonad/issues/174 patch was proposed here, but for  diff version than what I probably have in 20.0404:21
EnchanterTimSo I can't blindly apply it, gotta edit the source myself. Wish me luck!04:21
EnchanterTimHunh. It's just commenting out two lines that do a visibility flag04:29
EnchanterTimWell no luck. source edited and package rebuilt and still no workoarond04:41
EnchanterTimhttps://bpa.st/LMLQ But I do have new info04:42
EnchanterTimWhen I click the menu icon on panel, this messages appears04:42
EnchanterTimtrying to show an empty dialog04:42
EnchanterTimhttps://www.mail-archive.com/kde-bugs-dist@kde.org/msg252889.html Found something more!04:44
EnchanterTimCommenting out those two bits in the two functions effectiely undoes the bugfix that causes this bug04:48
Guest20Hi there, when i create a user and switch to the newly created user and then type passwd04:55
Guest20it says enter the current password04:55
Guest20what would be the current password, when a user gets created - no password is set04:55
imbezolGuest20: if you didn't set a password then the user account will be locked05:05
imbezolyou need to set a password using the root account or sudo05:05
imbezolecho "username:password" | chpasswd05:06
imbezolecho "username:password" | sudo chpasswd05:07
EnchanterTimIT WORKS!05:37
EnchanterTimOMG Xmonad plus Plasma now works again! Ahh boy. That was the reason I was stuck on KDE of 18.0405:38
EnchanterTimNothing to patch, I just reverted the two mentioned functions from the kde commit that broke Xmonad functionality.05:39
EnchanterTimThat is a KDE bugfix for their own panel stuff/dialog in new Qt 5.10 api so I can't expect them to revert it to fix solely for xmonad05:39
EnchanterTimanyway, thanks for your help.05:39
Guest20lets say usera created a file inside a dir with stick bit set, now if userb tries to delete the file created by usera with sudo . the file gets deleted05:43
Guest20i set the sticky bit dir permission with 177705:43
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samuelrajan747Is there a coverflow Alt+Tab utility for wayland? (For use with sway, not with a DE like Gnome or KDE)07:23
hackerswhat's the minimalist release of ubuntu?07:34
samuelrajan747hackers: go for #archlinux or Ubuntu Server07:35
samuelrajan747I love that07:36
hackersI'm looking or a deb based OS, Debian has some minimal netinstall, ubuntu has ubuntu-server but it's quite different than ubuntu releases targetting users07:37
hackersglad you love it07:37
hackersI love it too07:37
samuelrajan747recently Ubuntu is like my Spam folder07:37
samuelrajan747it has both tmux and screen, even htop preinstalled07:38
hackersdid you mean "you love when people ask questions in general or mostky simple one-worded questions like `why?'" or was it sarcastic as-in anyon who don't take your word for it is a fool07:38
hackersin anycase I don't understand your comparison between your OS and your inbox07:39
samuelrajan747Ubuntu has many programs preinstalled for a minimalist end-user07:40
hackersis there a minimalist release of ubuntu? that shio with literally only what's nedded to make it function?07:40
samuelrajan747Install ubuntu server and edit your /etc/apt/sources.list07:41
hackersI want full knoledge to have "complete understanding" and if I'm lucky or good enough that day "full control"07:41
hackersto include what?07:42
hackersbut I rwad it did't support graphical interfaces07:42
hackersusually I instal xinit and its deps07:42
samuelrajan747you need to install it manually07:42
samuelrajan747go for a wayland based WM07:43
hackersplus a minimalist window manage called notion but spoken "not ion07:43
samuelrajan747i use swayWM07:43
hackersthe thing is I never heard about wayland so I'm assumin i07:44
hackersm not interested in runnig it07:44
hackersor installing it07:44
hackerso configuring it!07:44
hackersI think I know it's a ubuntu thing07:44
hackersbut that's about all07:44
hackersapt-cache search wayland | grep ^waylahd07:45
hackersthat returhs nothing on my cutting edge unstable debian07:46
hackerssamuelrajan747: why do you need wayland to rn swayVM?07:46
hackersah there is this xwayland - Xwayland X server07:47
hackersso ubuntu doesn't use Xorg or X11?07:47
hackersit uses wayland instead07:47
samuelrajan747sway can't run in X07:48
samuelrajan747it doesn't need xOrg07:48
hackersso it's the x windows system07:49
samuelrajan747you don't need xinit to run sway07:49
hackersand I can install wayland on ubuntu-server07:50
samuelrajan747if you want to run apps that only run in X under sway, you need xwayland (which includes xserver)07:50
samuelrajan747you must be able to install/uninstall anything in anything07:51
hackersI dno't relally care as long as it allows me to conigure my keyboard ike Xorg does via ~/.Xmpdap (bind caps=lock to ctrl)07:51
samuelrajan747it doesn't07:52
hackersand configure xterm the way I want like I do via .Xresource07:52
hackersand configure xterm the way I want like I do via .Xresources07:52
samuelrajan747there are workarounds07:52
hackersno alternatives even?07:52
hackersyeah that's what I was thinking07:52
samuelrajan747there are07:52
hackersok ok07:52
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hackersI want a nice foundation to virtualize diffent distros and explore deploying software across the07:55
hackersI would only install GUIX but I think there's a learning curve to it07:55
samuelrajan747KVM\QEMU + virt-manager07:57
locsmif_workI made an upstart script, but it doesn't seem to run. Any idea why? http://paste.debian.net/hidden/3a3170cb/08:32
k_szeWith Ubuntu 20.04, what's the best/most correct way to quickly switch between different desktop environments (e.g. GNOME <-> KDE), assuming I want to use Wayland?08:53
locsmif_workWhy is there no upstart-events manpage? Does it not exist?08:54
k_szelocsmif_work, what version of Ubuntu? I thought upstart is dead?08:54
locsmif_workUbuntu 20.04.108:55
locsmif_workk_sze: I wrote a script.. http://paste.debian.net/hidden/3a3170cb/ .. does this mean I shouldn't have because I wrote it for a non-existing system?08:55
zambaall my dockerd stopped on the night to 1st december.. it this something known?08:56
k_sze@locsmif_work, possibly. You should be writing for systemd nowadays.08:57
locsmif_workk_sze: is there a link to an announcement?08:59
locsmif_workWell, shit, I need to change everything08:59
k_szelocsmif_work, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2016-July/039465.html08:59
k_szeupstart was deprecated a few years ago.09:00
locsmif_workk_sze: how do I start a script on GUI login now?09:02
locsmif_workAnd will it work on this Ubuntu version?09:03
micmacHi, what would you advise for on the fly compression of file/folders in ubuntu ?09:06
micmacidealy i would like something that I can mount on an existing ext4 drive like /mydrive/some_compressed_path09:07
micmacalso I need it to be readable and writable of course09:07
locsmif_workmicmac: seems like quite the ask09:08
micmacis it ?09:08
k_szelocsmif_work, there are a few different ways, depending on what you want to run and what desktop environment you are using. I'm not an expert in the matter though.09:08
locsmif_workmicmac: you don't want a filesystem with transparent compression?09:08
k_szee.g. there's this: https://stackoverflow.com/a/8290652/43248309:08
micmacI've seen things like FUSE or btrfs while googling but I thought someone knew better here09:08
locsmif_workmicmac: if the size can be fized, you use a loop mount09:09
micmaclocsmif_work: well I have a drive that's almost full already, so I wouldn't want to move all the file then reformat it with a new fs09:09
micmaclocsmif_work: ok so creating like a virtual partition with a compressed fs09:10
locsmif_workmicmac: it's a fixed size file which you partition like any other, assign a filesystem to (one that supports compression) and then mount.09:11
locsmif_workmicmac: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/368182/create-a-file-thats-treated-like-a-btrfs-file-system09:12
locsmif_workmicmac: but the only surefire way to get rid of your problem is to copy to a new disk with btrfs, even if you could just borrow one temporarily09:12
micmacok thanks09:12
locsmif_workmicmac: with btrfs, you even have deduplication09:13
locsmif_workmicmac: in a sense, you could conceivably free up space by moving stuff you don't use much to the loop mount, provided you aim for the perfect static loop file size, but it seems like whatever you do, you keep moving stuff about09:14
dob1my user is in a group but when I use group it is not visible,  (I just relogged)09:19
dob1it says my user is just in this group... but it's not there when I type groups09:20
k_szeOdd, `apt install -s --install-suggests kubuntu-desktop` says `systemd-timesyncd` would be removed, though I can't see what would conflict with `systemd-timesyncd` in the output. Apparently the only possible conflict is `time-daemon`, but I don't see it in the output.09:22
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mort20.10 seems to have a real problem with anacron; half of my computer shutdowns take 90 seconds because anacron doesn't respond to sigterm09:53
mgedminfor me it was usually snapd that refused to quit on a signal during a reboot10:03
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KurozenAh nevermind10:52
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KurozenI thought ubuntu doesn't output audio when idle/screen in standby10:53
KurozenBut because I'm switching monitor sources, audio source from HDMI doesn't work when in DisplayPort10:53
KurozenNot an ubuntu problem.10:53
BlueEagleKurozen: I'm glad we could help.10:54
Blade-RunnerBlueEagle: :)10:55
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crstHi, where can I see on 20.04 why my port is blocked to the outside? ufw and firewalld are not running.11:35
BlueEaglecrst: maybe `sudo iptables --list` can shed some light on it?11:41
BlueEaglecrst: Also, are all ports blocked?11:41
crstBlueEagle: Not 100% sure if all ports are blocked but this is one node of a kubernetes cluster and something's messing with the access. Getting really complicated here. Atm I wanted to check if the issue arises from the server itself.11:55
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linux_daemonhello all, i had WPS office installed, and it changed the mime types to all my files (downloaded or created) to its proprietary mime types. i removed wps, but it still when i redownload a file, it still stays the wps office mime type. how can i remove that?12:09
linux_daemonit makes all xlsx files with this mime type12:09
ThinkT510can't you right-click... open with... and select a new default?12:10
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linux_daemontried it, but if i redownload some file, it goes again to that mime type12:12
ThinkT510isn't there a tickbox to make it the new default?12:13
linux_daemonthere is, clicked it, but the newly downloaded files are still having that mime type12:13
ThinkT510you could try changing it using xdg-mime12:16
linux_daemoni'll try12:17
BluesKajHi folks12:23
hwpplayer1BluesKaj: wyoung How are you doing ?12:29
BluesKajhi hwpplayer1 , ok here, how about you?12:30
hwpplayer1BluesKaj: Very well and ready to contribute more then ever12:31
hwpplayer1BluesKaj: What are your interest of computing ?12:31
BluesKajthat's a question for oftopic, hwpplayer1, but I'm a a home user who prefers open source/linux12:34
BluesKajofftopic even :-)12:36
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hwpplayer1BluesKaj: That is good to me12:39
hwpplayer1Then i'll help you somehow12:39
BluesKajno need, I'm here to help as welll12:40
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DarkTrickWhere can I get libgnomeui-2 for ubuntu?13:00
jaydemirnew install based on Ubuntu 20.04, trying to ssh via hostname, doesn't work, only works by IP. "Could not resolve hostname..." Is there a command I can run to refresh whatever DNS settings? I'm able to connect to this host on other machines.13:03
jaydemirlooking for a command that grabs all the hostnames off my local network so I dont have to keep using IP addresses when I ssh into other machines. Does anything like this exist?13:14
jpdsjaydemir: mDNS is what you want13:17
jaydemirthank you trying that now13:19
jpdsIt's actually something done at a router-level, rather than at the host though13:20
jaydemirI get that, but I have a windows partition that has no problem running ssh to the hostname in the powershell13:20
pavlosjaydemir: is there a DNS in your local network or do you just connect to a router -> cable modem -> Internet?13:21
jaydemirIf I'm not mistaken I even have an Ubuntu based distro on another machine that works just fine too13:21
jaydemirI have a 2-in-1 modem/router that connects to the internet13:22
jpdsjaydemir: So your new box is probably using the wrong DNS server?13:22
jpdsWe have no way of knowing how your network is set up13:22
jaydemirI can't imagine why it's set to autmoatic13:22
jaydemirlike it's a fresh install of FerenOS13:22
jaydemireverything is dead simple13:23
jaydemirI guess the only difference is I swapped routers, the old one's default gateway was and this one is Could that affect anything?13:23
jpdsYour router is the one doing the DNS13:24
jaydemirbut if the PC's network settings are set to "automatic" it should in theory just be using the correct DNS server regardless shouldn't it?13:24
jaydemirso I'm diving into my router and it is set to "get (DNS Address) automatically from ISP"13:26
jpdsThat's not what you're looking for, that's for DNS outside of your network13:27
pavlosjaydemir: systemd-resolve --status | grep DNS will list the DNS a host is using13:27
jaydemirbest I can figure out is the host is using the same DNS IP as the router. I'm at a loss13:40
pavlosjaydemir: say your router is, it provides dhchp to the local netowkr. hostA gets, hostB gets You can ping by ip but not by name. Is this correct?13:42
jaydemiryep exactly13:44
jaydemirbut thats only the case on my phone and this PC I'm using. I have a laptop with a win/elementary dual boot that works just fine via hostname13:44
jaydemirmy phone used to connect via hostname but when I swapped my router (going from to ...0.1) I lost that ability and had to use the IP instead13:45
pavlosjaydemir: which router do you have, before/after swap?13:47
jaydemirbefore I had an ISP provided router, can't remember what it was. Now I'm using a Netgear nighthawk ac190013:49
pavlosjaydemir: the netgear has a DNS section under Internet. What DNS (primary,secondary) have you provided?13:55
jaydemirits set to auto, I'm assuming it's getting them from the ISP13:57
jaydemiryeah I just looked up the address, it's my ISP13:58
pavlosjaydemir: these are so that when you type google.com, it finds the ip and resolves to the google site. We are talking about your internal local resolution between hostA and hostB13:58
jaydemirso you're saying there should be a second DNS option somewhere13:59
pavlosjaydemir: your router may not be able to locally resolve. jpds mentioned mDNS. on hostA, sudo systemd-resolve --set-mdns=yes --interface=the interface you have, enp0s2, wlan0, ...14:02
pavlosjaydemir: read this, https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/459991/how-to-configure-systemd-resolved-for-mdns-multicast-dns-on-local-network14:04
k_szeSo I've successfully transplanted my SSD from one laptop to another. I can boot Ubuntu from it (I'm in it right now), but I had to disable Secure Boot. How do I fix that?14:22
EriC^k_sze: type 'sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999'14:23
EriC^paste the link it gives you here14:23
k_szeEriC^, https://termbin.com/ivfs14:25
jhaveI do not understand this14:27
pavlosjhave: 'this'??14:28
EriC^k_sze: type 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed14:28
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EriC^k_sze: type 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed'14:28
jhaveI have fucked up my resolver in 20.0414:28
pavlosjhave: language ...14:29
jhavejhave@devbox:~$ ping google.com14:29
jhaveping: google.com: Temporary failure in name resolution14:29
jhaveBut its setup in netplan14:29
k_szeEriC^, and then I should be able to reboot and re-enable Secure Boot?14:29
k_szeEriC^, do I also have to do something about MOK? I have proprietary NVIDIA DKMS drivers, which are automatically signed with MOK or something, right?14:30
pavlosjhave: paste systemd-resolve --status | grep 'DNS Servers'14:31
jhavejhave@devbox:~$ systemd-resolve --status | grep 'DNS Servers'14:31
jhave         DNS Servers:
pavlosjhave: netplan look ok14:33
EriC^k_sze: tbh i dont know about the drivers, somebody else might know though14:33
EriC^k_sze: if you run 'sudo efibootmgr -v' now, do you see a shimx64.efi file in the list?14:34
jhaveas i understand do there run a local DNS server as default14:34
jhaveDNS proxy*14:34
pavlosjhave: is your local DNS ?14:35
k_szeLet me reboot first14:36
EriC^^k_sze: sorry i got dc, do you see shim?14:36
jhaveI use a local pi hole server but there are no reason to use it14:37
jhaveSo is fine14:37
leftyfbjhave: that means your pihole isn't working14:37
leftyfbjhave: set the public ip's as your DNS in netplan until you get your local DNS fixed14:38
k_szeEriC^^, yep, I saw the shim. I've already rebooted with Secure Boot enabled.14:39
jhaveThere are no reson to run pihole for this server, its only run docker containers14:39
k_szeI think I need to run sudo update-secureboot-policy --enroll-key14:39
k_szerebooting again, brb14:40
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k_szeyay. I think it's all working now.14:53
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jhaveI can see this output on another server there work :S15:00
jhavejhave@docker:~$ systemd-resolve --status | grep 'Current DNS Server'15:00
jhave  Current DNS Server:
jhaveBut the non working server dont give any output15:01
LordChaosHi, if I remove a snap package it seems the dependencies are not. Is this assumption correct?15:15
pavlosjhave: on the non-working server, systemctl status systemd-resolved.service15:20
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Sc0tty-When I run apt update && apt upgrade on a 20.04 machine it fails to resolve some hosts, E: Failed to fetch http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/glibc/libc6_2.31-0ubuntu9.1_amd64.deb  Connection failed [IP: 80], why would it fail to reach some hosts?15:49
Sc0tty-I can hit the IP in a browser15:49
LordChaosSc0tty-: it seems to resolve fien, are you sure it's a DNS issue?15:52
Sc0tty-LordChaos: I'm not sure it's a DNS issue, not sure what's going on. It can hit the majority of the addresses when doing apt upgrade but fails on a few15:54
bumblefuzzI have 2 servers15:54
LordChaosSc0tty-: and if you try a dfferent mirror?15:54
bumblefuzz1 displays motd15:54
bumblefuzzthe other doesn't15:54
Sc0tty-LordChaos: I'll give that a go15:54
bumblefuzzthe weird thing is the server that displays motd has it disabled in sshd_config15:55
lemoszshsomeone had a problem with the hash sum? i guess i will have to change the mirror too15:55
bumblefuzzand the server that doesn't display motd has it enabled in sshd_confgi15:55
lemoszshlooks like it's a problem with the file size15:55
bumblefuzzcan anyone help me figure out what's going on?15:55
Maikbumblefuzz: try #ubuntu-server if no one replies :)15:57
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N3bulaKHey all, What is the way to monitor CPU temps?15:59
LordChaosSc0tty-: try es.archive.ubuntu.com15:59
lotuspsychjeSc0tty-: if you sure its not your side, there's #ubuntu-mirrors for known issues on repos15:59
LordChaosthanks lotuspsychje16:00
nilssonhey, can someone here pass along a bug report to the package maintainer? the package in question is libpolyclipping-dev16:00
Sc0tty-LordChaos, I'll give it a go. I'm not 100% sure it's not my end as I can ping the IP it's failing to resolve in the apt upgrade16:01
lotuspsychjenilsson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libpolyclipping no open bugs so it seems16:03
lotuspsychjenilsson: whats the issue you are having?16:03
ajayahmedwith hosts.deny or hosts.allow is it possible to do an ALL EXCEPT an IP address list from a remote URL?16:03
nilssonlotuspsychje, the pkg-config file has a blank version field, which affects anything that builds/links to it16:05
lotuspsychjenilsson: are you compiling things yourself or?16:05
nilssonit's an upstream bug, but Arch and Void have worked around it by adding "-DVERSION=..." to the package build script16:06
nilssonlotuspsychje, no, I installed the package from the default repo16:06
lotuspsychjenilsson: maybe you could file a new ubuntu !bug and point the upstream bug on your description?16:07
nilssonI'll report it upstream too, but the project hasn't had a release in years, so idk if this will warrant it16:07
lotuspsychjeubuntu-bug packagename16:07
Sc0tty-LordChaos: only 1 package is failing to upgrade now16:08
Sc0tty-E: Failed to fetch http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/snapd/snapd_2.48+20.04_amd64.deb  Connection failed [IP: 80]16:08
phunyguyAnyone know of a way to force all discovered LVM volumes to be up with systemd on boot? I want them up but since there is no actual mountpoint specified in fstab, they are left in a down state at the wrong time.  I have a custom unit that depends on those devices being up, but I can't find the right unit to put in After=.16:08
nilssonlotuspsychje, I'm not going to jump thru the hoops necessary to file a bug report in ubuntu (or debian). I just wanted to give you a heads up, incase someone here wanted to fix it16:10
nilssonI will file a bug upstream16:10
lotuspsychjeallright nilsson16:10
nilssonthanks for your time16:10
lotuspsychjethank you for the report16:11
N3bulaKWhat is the best way to play windows games on Ubuntu?16:11
lotuspsychjeN3bulaK: wine, playonlinux, steam16:12
N3bulaKThanks :)16:14
zetherooIs it possible to have the nm-connection-editor in 20.04?16:17
zetherooE: Unable to locate package nm-connection-editor16:17
lotuspsychjezetheroo: The NM-connections editor is where the user can edit and create the various connection types. To invoke the nm-connections editor you need to right-click on the nm-applet and then click on Edit Connections. Clicking on that option would result in a tabbed window called network connections having different ways to connect to the network/Internet.16:21
coconutN3bulaK, and lutris too16:22
zetheroolotuspsychje: ok, thanks. The right-click solution didn't work for me (maybe I am not using the nm-applet!?), but I was able to get it started by with Alt+F2  and then executing nm-connection-editor.16:24
coconutN3bulaK, but be carefull with adding ppa's as there is no support here for other repo's than the default.16:29
pavlosbumblefuzz: cat /run/motd.dynamic ... do you see it?16:36
pavlosbumblefuzz: the scripts are in /etc/update-motd.d/16:37
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spl33nHello all, i need help to install pidgin in ubuntu 20.10.17:23
spl33nI recently upgrade my ubuntu to latest 20.10 release. Since this moment, I cannot use pidgin, so I removed it; When I tried to reinstall it, it cannot login to the configured accounts.17:23
spl33nI tried to install pidgin from official ubuntu repository, also with flatpak build and manual build from source.17:23
ikoniaI didn't even know pidgin still existed17:31
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Intelowhich package to use for l2tp  meraki vpn setup? The bottom of this page says  "Since Client VPN uses the L2TP over IPsec standard, any Linux client that properly supports this standard should suffice. Please note that newer versions of Ubuntu do not ship with a VPN client that supports L2TP/IP, and will therefore require a 3rd party VPN client that supports the protocol."17:59
conrdoes anybody have suggestions on the best way to connect to a ubuntu box on a home network with all other devices are macOS based? vnc?18:01
leftyfbconr: by "connect to" you mean a remote desktop? Otherwise, I suggest SSH18:04
conrleftyfb: yes screening sharing18:05
leftyfbconr: future reference: please specify that detail. "connect to" could mean dozens of protocols18:06
leftyfbconr: to answer your question, there's VNC, RDP and online services like teamviewer which are all options18:06
conrcurrently i use vino and create a ssh tunnel then connect over vnc18:07
conrbut just curious if there's any other options, so there's no much lag with scrolling and mouse actions.18:08
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compdocI use x2go. I think theres a mac client18:17
conrcompdoc: whats the difference then using native screen sharing in macos?18:34
LegouskHello All18:41
lotuspsychjewelcome Legousk18:41
LegouskI started relatively recently with Ubuntu, and I am very happy with it18:41
LegouskBut I seem to have some freezing problems that I cannot get rid of18:41
lotuspsychjegreat to hear Legousk welcome to the community18:41
LegouskThank you lotuspsychje!18:42
lotuspsychjeLegousk: can we see a dmesg of your system in a pastebin please?18:42
mefistofelesconr: commonly, those protocols that are proprietary and exclusive to some OS are optimized for them, so they use their local libraries and hardware for rendering, instead of transmitting bitmap with all the information, that can result in better latency18:42
conrmefistofeles: so you're point is x2go is better optimized?18:44
mefistofelesconr: compared to what?18:44
lotuspsychje!paste | Legousk18:45
ubottuLegousk: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:45
conrmefistofeles: macos native screensharing over vnc18:47
LegouskThe freezing problems seem to happen without any real warning and do not seem to be related to something, or at least not something that comes to mind18:47
mefistofelesconr: I don't know about macos, sorry18:47
LegouskThe only solution is to hard reboot18:48
lotuspsychjeLegousk: what kind of cpu inside?18:48
pavlosCPU0: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor18:49
LegouskExactly ;-)18:49
lotuspsychjetnx pavlos18:49
LegouskWas looking for it, but you were quicker than myself18:49
compdocLegousk, you should read the SMART info from your drives to see if they are dying. Also, if its a desktop, power supplies commonly go bad18:50
lotuspsychjeLegousk: can we see a paste of sudo lshw -C video aswell?18:50
mefistofelescompdoc: though, a complete freeze is hardle ever due to problems with storage. Most likely GPU related or RAM18:51
compdocmefistofeles, not true18:51
lotuspsychjeLegousk: ubuntu-drivers list, gives you a few nvidia drivers?18:53
LegouskYes, 6 to be exact18:54
LegouskOr at least 6 lines18:54
lotuspsychjeLegousk: ok, try to install one and reboot and see if you can improve your issue18:54
pavlosis there a recommended ?18:55
lotuspsychjeLegousk: if not volunteers can help you with other steps18:55
LegouskOk, I will need slightly more info than this to be sure I am doing the correct thing18:56
LegouskReinstall? Uninstall first?18:56
lotuspsychjeLegousk: you can pick an nvidia driver from software&sources/tab additional drivers18:57
lotuspsychjeLegousk: you are using nouveau now, more reccomended to use the nvidia driver to get the most out your card18:57
LegouskI install 1 of them? Doesn't matter which one?18:59
lotuspsychjeLegousk: usualy the latest version, or one below are good choices19:00
lotuspsychjeLegousk: you can also do what pavlos suggested, the reccomended one from terminal; ubuntu-drivers autoinstall19:01
LegouskIt is installing from Additional Drivers now. takes some time19:02
lotuspsychjeok, good luck Legousk19:02
LegouskThank you for your help all :-)19:02
LegouskHope this solves it, else I will for sure find somebody else to help me here19:03
lotuspsychjeLegousk: this isnt a promise for your freezes, so if you keep having them, come back ok19:03
LegouskI will, don't worry. Thank you for your time.19:03
LegouskLearning a lot with Ubuntu, but there is still a steep curve ahead :D19:04
Intelowhich package to use for l2tp  meraki vpn setup? The bottom of this page says  "Since Client VPN uses the L2TP over IPsec standard, any Linux client that properly supports this standard should suffice. Please note that newer versions of Ubuntu do not ship with a VPN client that supports L2TP/IP, and will therefore require a 3rd party VPN client that supports the protocol."19:14
InteloI am using xubuntu19:14
octav1aHey all, i'm trying to set apt to pull from deb repository on ubunt 18.04 as described in this post: https://jabriffa.wordpress.com/2019/06/27/installing-grid-engine-on-ubuntu-18-04-lts/ , however, the gridengine packages are still coming from bionic instead. How can I debug this?19:15
octav1aThe reason i'm doing this is because of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gridengine/+bug/1774302 , of which there is only a hacky 'copy over these library files' solution.19:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1774302 in gridengine (Ubuntu) "package gridengine-master 8.1.9+dfsg-7build1 failed to install/upgrade: installed gridengine-master package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 139" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:16
sarnoldoctav1a: would it be easier to upgrade to focal and get the newer gridengine that way, rather than maintain a frankensystem?19:19
jwhitmoreThunderbird - Sorry I'm trying to remotely get a family member sorted with editing the existing email account configuration on their Thunderbird application. There's no longer a menu bar across the top of an application so there's no apparent way to edit the configuration. The very top "thunderbird" label just offers the "quit" option, and the "burger" menu option on the top right of the interface offers options on how to view emails, but no config19:20
jwhitmoreoptions.  I got them to send me a picture and I'm none the wiser. Is the best way to edit the configuration to just edit the config files?19:20
octav1asarnold: I tried focal first, and the same segfault bug is STILL in the main ubuntu repos (since 16.04)19:21
octav1aso it's either debs or manual compile, I think19:21
sarnoldjwhitmore: I've never used thunderbird, but at least firefox lets you bring up the menu with alt+f (to bring up File) and then you can see the menu to interact with it19:21
sarnoldoctav1a: oh. bummer.19:21
orogorhow do i setup dual boot if i have an efi partition ? would ubuntu natively support it or would it break with each update ?19:22
sarnoldoctav1a: usually pinning problems are made visible by running "apt policy" or "apt policy <packagename>" until you spot something19:22
orogorand i mean dual two ubuntu19:22
EriC^^orogor: yes ubuntu supports efi, itll use your efi partition in the installation19:23
jwhitmoresarnold, alf+f thanks I'll try that. Just looking at this picture and the email accounts are in a pain on the LHS so perhpas it's a right click. I'll try those19:23
orogorEriC^^,  /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grub.cfg  makes reference to a single partition19:23
orogorEriC^^,  i am looking for dual booting two ubuntu , i guess i was not clear19:24
EriC^^orogor: you can use 1 grub for both, they'll both show up in the grub menu19:26
octav1asarnold: Thank you for the suggestion. It seems that the priority from /etc/apt/preferences.d/debian is not being applied properly? I see something like this: https://bpa.st/YEAQ19:26
octav1aWhat is the significance of the two numbers 500/1000 and 500/10 ?19:27
sarnoldoctav1a: hmm, it says Candidate: <debian version>19:28
sarnoldoctav1a: would this be fixed by running sudo apt install -f ?19:28
octav1aI can install the debian one by running apt with "-t stretch" , but if I leave that out it uses the bionic one19:29
octav1ain between these I am purging, so nothing need be fixed.19:29
octav1aok actually now it's working without -t19:30
octav1aI will start from scratch and see why19:31
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pavlosoctavia: man apt_preferences explains the priority numbers you see in apt-cache policy <pkg>20:38
FrancimanHi, I have an ubuntu oem22:39
Francimanis there a way to retrieve a diff file showing all the patches applied to the pure kernel to get the ubuntu oem?22:39
jpdsNot unless you have the source package for that kernel22:40
Francimanif not, I should call my vendor, right?22:40
Francimanand if I do?22:40
jpdsYeah, you'd have to ask them for it22:41
entourageafter I've installed fish how do I set fish as the default shell?22:43
Francimanyou can use the chsh command22:43
sarnoldFranciman: does apt policy report where you get the kernel from? perhaps they've packaged sources alongside the binaries to satisfy gpl obligations, in which case an apt-get source on the package name may do the job22:47
Francimanlet me try, I don't know, I'm new to this22:48
FrancimanI just want to get back to debian, with all the ubuntu patches :P22:48
Francimanthere is something in the ath10k drivers that makes it work22:48
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nib_blockheadHas anyone used Ubuntu as WSL in Win10?23:53
daxyep, support for it is in ##windows or #ubuntu-on-windows23:54

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