sakrecoer[b]just did the move to 20.10. Love the new installer! :)09:01
sakrecoer[b]very nice layout too!09:03
sakrecoer[b]regret it got smashed by my backup lol09:03
sakrecoer[b]oddly the favorites in the application menu are all gone after logging out and back.. any idea how i can get those back?09:03
sakrecoer[b]ah, that was just a right click apparently09:05
sakrecoer[b]btw, i used deja-dup for backup and it really works like a charm. was an experiment (had a traditional backup too) because i didn't know how KDE would would react to i. but turned out great09:06
sakrecoer[b]oh! and where do i get flowBuilder binary for this amazing slowmo thing?09:24
sakrecoer[b]hmm... baloo keeps crashing... it did before i restored my backup10:04
sakrecoer[b]weird... favorites aren't saved11:16
sakrecoer[b]ah, that's probably because the panel crashed before i logged out11:18
sakrecoer[b]been happening a lot lately. also on my kubuntu install. been sending repports about it though. fingers crossed11:18
sakrecoer[b]no that's not it. Favorites aren't staying after a loggout11:36
sakrecoer[b]well... seems like it's not a very good idea to simply copy the user home-folder from a kubuntu + ubunstudio packages to ubuntu 20.10... Font management is different12:14
sakrecoer[b]the plasma settings get really weird12:14
sakrecoer[b]dolphin is nice, but also funny... got an interesting message: i'm low on space and wanted to put something in the trash12:16
sakrecoer[b]no option to delete without passing trash12:17
sakrecoer[b]rm did the trick of course.12:17
sakrecoer[b](btw, the same problems appear when i copy the non-deja-dup backup instead)12:19
sakrecoer[b]s/kubuntu + ubunstudio packages to ubuntu 20.10/kubuntu + ubunstudio packages to ubuntustudio 20.1012:20
sakrecoer[b]uff.. reseting it made it worse: now it doesn't show up when i hit the window key12:37
sakrecoer[b]that was easy to fix though... but no idea how to get the favorites or history to stay. permissions seems right, but maybe i'm looking in the wrong place12:38
sakrecoer[b]baloorunner is a real headache... and apparently it has not address to report the bug...13:03
sakrecoer[b]well.. i give up: reinstalling but this time i'll simply handpick what i want from the old install...13:42
sakrecoer[b]took me a while but i ma happy now \o/ all Set up and looking good in cyberspace 😎16:08
Eickmeyersakrecoer[b]: There's a reason why we're suggesting a clean install. :)16:43
sakrecoer[b]well... i did a clean isntall16:54
sakrecoer[b]then i moved my homefolder.16:55
sakrecoer[b]but that's a huge no no...16:55
sakrecoer[b]dumping a backed up ~/.config in a clean install was a recipe for disaster16:56
sakrecoer[b]Eickmeyer you should probably remove this from the release notes: "Only supported method is via clean install by backing up your **/home directory** and restoring it on a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio 20.10"17:16
sakrecoer[b]* Eickmeyer you should probably remove this from the release notes: "Only supported method is via clean install by backing up your **/home directory and restoring it** on a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio 20.10"17:16
Eickmeyersakrecoer[b]: Yeah, that's 100% in the release notes.17:16
sakrecoer[b]ehm.. yes it is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GroovyGorilla/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuStudio17:17
EickmeyerRemove it though? It's the only way to do a clean install while keeping stuff.17:18
sakrecoer[b]or... what do you mean? no one can edit the release notes wiki?17:18
EickmeyerI can edit, but I'm not removing that since it's the only way to upgrade. The .config directory though might not work 1:1.17:18
EickmeyerI might add the bit about the .config directory to it though.17:19
sakrecoer[b]well, yes... i would at least rephrase it entirely.17:19
sakrecoer[b]"back up your documents and restore them manually. (moving configuration files may break thinga)"17:19
* Eickmeyer hates editing the wiki... moin is a PITA17:20
sakrecoer[b]will see if i have access17:21
EickmeyerI'm already on my way to login.17:21
EickmeyerJust takes forever because the Ubuntu wiki is a potato.17:21
sakrecoer[b]the way it is now, it sounds like dumoing the home folder is fine (i certainly read it litteraly like that lol)17:21
EickmeyerYeah. the .config folder *should* have worked, but you discovered otherwise.17:22
sakrecoer[b]maybe i was unlucky... but yeah, lots plasma stuff was failing after i did...17:26
sakrecoer[b]anyways, please don't read any bitter tone in my chats :) in fact i'm just greatful17:26
EickmeyerYeah, it's all good. :)17:27
EickmeyerThe wiki just 502'd. >_<17:27
sakrecoer[b]mindblowing that it still be that bad...17:29
sakrecoer[b]clean docs was part of the popularity of ubuntu... and most likely oart of why arch linux is gaining traction: their wiki is super good17:30
rghArch wiki : for when Ubuntu don't work17:31
sakrecoer[b]<rgh "Arch wiki : for when Ubuntu don'"> so like, 90% of the time :D17:32
rghActually, it works rather good17:32
sakrecoer[b]yeah, i'm being unfair... but been a while since the ubuntu wiki poped up in my duckduckgo results17:33
rghYou can't install or run arch without consulting the Arch wiki. Ubuntu (and most other distros tbh) is a no brainer to install / setup (imho)17:34
rghAlso, I got a new toy for you folks to play with.17:35
sakrecoer[b]that's a thing to say the 3rd time your intsalling ubuntu, but yeah. i take it my debian knowledge is pretty useless on arch17:35
rghWill post link later17:35
Eickmeyerrgh: I was referring to just the login process.17:37
EickmeyerMost of the wiki is transitioning to discourse.17:37
Eickmeyersakrecoer[b]: How does this look? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GroovyGorilla/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuStudio#Upgrading_to_Ubuntu_Studio_20.1017:38
sakrecoer[b]<Eickmeyer "Most of the wiki is transitionin"> interesting choice of platform... i thought discourse was a forum17:38
Eickmeyersakrecoer[b]: It's both.17:38
EickmeyerI think future release notes might just go on the ubuntustudio.org website as a page.17:39
sakrecoer[b]took me a while to see what you did tbh... I would put the warning in bold and the procedure in regular.. But other than it still looks like you rock Eickmeyer17:40
EickmeyerTo be fair, the entire section is a warning. :)17:40
sakrecoer[b]true haha!17:41
rghI'm making a sampler plugin19:27
sakrecoer[b]awesome rgh !23:52

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