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xu-irc90wtrying to install brother scanner printer dcp 1612w15:39
Maikxu-irc90w: https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.com/p/brother-printers.html15:49
Maikshould also work on xubuntu as the base is the same: ubuntu15:49
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xu-irc90wthanks all for support17:22
adderhello, i have an issue with notification sounds, with viber, telegram, hexchat. when i go to Notifications, i can't see the apps i mentioned. also in thunderbird, when i try to play the default sound for incoming mail it doesn't work. something is very wrong. this is xubuntu 20.0420:32
diogenes_adder, look in pavucontrol > system sounds20:34
adderdiogenes_, i've maxed it now20:38
adder(still same)20:38
adder(it was on 100%)20:38
diogenes_try relog.20:38
adderit hasn't been working ever since, i've just now decided to fix the issue20:39
adderhttps://imgur.com/M1SEB1V.png this is what i see20:40
diogenes_adder, where are you window decorations?20:41
adderon thunderbird, it sometimes plays it, but very rarely, and when it doesn't, it just like ... puffs... i can't explain (i'm not a native speaker)20:42
adderwhat window decorations? i'm using xmonad20:42
diogenes_so you did some tweaks to the system, it's not a pure Xubuntu.20:43
adderwhat does window manager have to do with notification sounds?20:45
adderand of course i'm going to configure my system20:45
adderwho uses plain xubuntu?20:46
diogenes_i mean did you expecience the issues just after the fresh installation because i have no clue what else you could have changed.20:47
adderi haven't tweaked it much, mostly xmonad20:49

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