santa_good night from the city of Gotham everyone00:54
santa_RikMills: FYI I have pushed a fix for the akonadi B-D00:54
santa_and I still have to check that apparmor thing in kmail00:55
santa_also I think we will have a number of FTBFS with the current 20.08 versions we have in the archive + the new qt but I didn't have time to check properly yet00:58
* santa_ dissappears in the darkness of the thing00:58
santa_* of the night00:58
BluesKajHi folks12:39
Mamarokis there a known issue with kernel -31 that SDDM is not starting? Both screens remain black (on 20.10 btw)16:44
IrcsomeBot<X> Can be that your graphical chip is too fresh. Been in this situation many times16:50

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