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Darxuswarning: Cannot merge binary files: intel/sof-tplg/sof-whl-rt5682.tplg (HEAD vs. f3dbde6d6e067e89af021ff767e064794afa4f4a)03:45
DarxusCONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in WHENCE.ubuntu03:46
DarxusThat one's a text file.03:46
Laneyilasc: hey, do you know how to upgrade buildd images? Someone found https://launchpadlibrarian.net/509667382/buildlog_ubuntu-hirsute-s390x.libcbor-xs-perl_1.82-1_BUILDING.txt.gz in #ubuntu-release and it looks like it's fixed in launchpad-buildd 193 https://git.launchpad.net/launchpad-buildd/commit/?id=25d8b32caed56ba725c2b946b67f3b8622ece9d213:22
LaneyI think that's hirsute/s390x only13:22
ilaschey Laney , that wouldn't be something I'm familiar with unfortunately13:23
Laneyseems to have launchpad-buildd_191~460~ubuntu18.04.113:23
ilascmaybe tomwardill13:23
ilascwould have an idea on the topic ?13:23
ilascsorry Laney13:24
ilascTom is looking at this13:25
ilascwe'll get back to you in a few13:25
tomwardillokay, 193 has been released, so that image shouldn't be on 19113:26
tomwardillwe've had a couple of images regress like this recently, not sure what the cause is... trying to work out what the fix is :)13:26
LaneyPerhaps it didn't get upgraded, or glance lost the old one?13:26
tomwardillI suspect the latter, just tyring to resurrect chat logs for last time I saw this13:27
tomwardillthis info does nto appear to stay in my head for longer than about 30 seconds13:27
LaneyI had that before recently too, but fortunately they were synced ones, so IS could re-run glance-simplestreams-sync to get them back13:27
Laneyprobably not that helpful if you directly upoad them13:27
tomwardillLaney: got a link to the build for that log?13:37
Laneytomwardill: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libcbor-xs-perl/1.82-1/+build/2035929713:38
tomwardillLaney: confirmed the image has reverted for some reason, trying to work out why and how to fix it :)14:29
tomwardillslightly slow going as Colin is on holiday :)14:30
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tomwardillLaney: I'm still looking at this, but not getting very far. The updated image appears to have vanished and attempting to recreate it didn't do anything.17:22
Laneytomwardill: thanks for the update - we were able to roll back the affected package so it's not blocking anything (at least that I know of) at the minute17:23
Laneyit'll be OK to wait for cjwatso_n tomorrow if that's what you want to do IMO17:24
tomwardillthanks, I'll keep looking but I suspect that might be the faster answer :)17:24
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