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dorukdorkoduhello! i tried to install lubuntu 20.04 LTS. But I got an error, and installation aborted. I have been using lubuntu for a year. I searched about error message, but couldnt find anything useful. If anyone can help16:29
dorukdorkodu I will give details16:29
dorukdorkoduHello! i tried to install Lubuntu 20.04 LTS. But I got an error, and installation aborted. I have used Linux before. I searched about error message, but couldnt find anything useful. If anyone can help, I will give details. Can you help me???16:32
cool_skeleton_95For a while now, I have had major issues with printing on my Brother MFC-J4700W printer.  Sometimes, it works, but other times it does not.  Sometimes when I print from Firefox, the program crashes, but other times it works fine.  When it doesn't work, I see in the "Printer State" section of the properties menu: "Stopped - No destination host name supplied by cups-browsed for printer "Brother_MFC_J470DW", is16:38
cool_skeleton_95cups-browsed running?".  How can I fix this error?16:38
cool_skeleton_95After going through the troubleshooter and it said to check the "enable" checkbox.  I did this and it still doesn't work now giving me the error "There was a problem sending document to the printer".16:41
plujonI recently upgraded to 20.04 LTS.  One thing that has changed since my 18.04 LTS installations is that when I hit Ctrl-Alt-B from within emacs, a new tab in chromium starts.  Why is that and how can I change it?17:27
plujonAlso, what is the name of the desktop environment now?  LXQt?17:43
LimeOnyes, it is17:44
LimeOnmaybe you could see in th chromium configurationabout the hotkey17:44
plujonLimeOn: You mean, a setting in chromium itself?17:46
plujonI'm not sure what you mean by "the chromium configuration about the hotkey"...17:46
LimeOnenter in the configuration of chromium17:47
LimeOnmaybe theres some keyboard keys option17:47
plujonLimeOn: Thanks; I see no such keyboard option(s).  Hmm.17:49
plujonIt would surprise me if chromium could configure a global shortcut/hotkey that it would automatically intercept from the desktop session.17:49
plujonI thought openbox was in charge of hotkeys...17:54
LimeOnsearch "shortcut keys"17:57
LimeOni found there that Control+Alt+B is what you have said17:57
lubot<aptghetto> Shortcuts in Lubuntu are handle by Openbox and LXQt. You have to check both configurations17:58
LimeOn"lxqt-config" opens the "control panel", scroll down and you will find "shortcut keys"17:59
plujonLimeOn: Ah, thanks.18:02
plujonAKA ~/.config/lxqt/globalkeyshortcuts.conf18:05
plujonI wonder what "Activate task" means...18:09
plujonLooks like it switches windows.18:10
plujonI notice there are 5 terminals to choose from.  I'm accustomed to lxterminal, but don't know what I'm missing.  Are there any reasons to check out the others (qterminal, qterminal (dropdown), UXTerm, XTerm)?18:16
LimeOnqterminal is the default one in 20.0418:28
LimeOnlxterminal is from LXDE(the 18.04 lubuntu version if im not wrong)18:28
LimeOnif i recall correctly, UXterm was in 18.04 too18:30
RyuKurisu[m]<LimeOn "lxterminal is from LXDE(the 18.0"> Pre 18.10 indeed19:27
LimeOni see, package manager said that was from LXDE19:30
x201Je viens d'installer Lubuntu sur mon vieu coucou équipé d'un ssd, je voudrais optimiser lubuntu pour mon ssd mais je n'arrive pas à suivre se tuto : http://global-informatique-securite.over-blog.com/2019/04/optimiser-les-disques-ssd-pour-xubuntu-ubuntu-lubuntu-linux-mint.html23:18
wxl!fr | x20123:18
ubottux201: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.23:18
x201Je ne trouve pas les fichier qu'il faut éditer à savoir : http://global-informatique-securite.over-blog.com/2019/04/optimiser-les-disques-ssd-pour-xubuntu-ubuntu-lubuntu-linux-mint.html23:18
x201LimeOn: wxl[m] ubottu : i am desoled, i parted in ubuntu-fr thinkyou23:20
wxlx201: none of us speak french, so that's about your only choice unless you can speak english23:20
x201no problemed manos23:21
LimeOnx201: you could translate your question from french to english with google translate23:23
LimeOnand then somebody from here or #ubuntu could help you better(and then you could translate the info to french)23:23
wxlor deepl.com for that matter23:26

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