lotuspsychjegood morning02:57
marcoagpintoMorning all06:37
marcoagpintowhat is this that you need two options to shut down 20.04LTS?06:44
marcoagpintoyou select "shutdown" and then it opens a window: "cancel/reboot/shutdown"06:45
marcoagpintowhy can't it be just on the menu?06:45
marcoagpintothis window is useless06:45
lotuspsychjemarcoagpinto: this bug is being handled in 20.1006:52
lotuspsychjemenu logout/shutdown is more tweaked there now06:53
lotuspsychjemarcoagpinto: bug #190033906:55
ubot5bug 1900339 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "[Wishlist] Add a quick reboot/shutdown option" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190033906:55
ducassegood morning07:15
marcoagpinto>:) <- cola demon07:24
marcoagpintoI have run out of cola at 4am07:24
marcoagpintoguys, is 20.04LTS using GTK4?07:25
marcoagpintoI compiled my open-source tool on 18.04LTS and all gadgets fitted, then when I ran it in 20.04LTS the gadgets became a lot bigger07:25
ducasseno gtk4 yet07:25
marcoagpintoso, what is 20.04 using?07:26
marcoagpintothe gadgets don't fit07:26
marcoagpintothey became a lot bigger07:26
ducassegtk3 something07:26
lordievaderGood morning08:29
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jeremy31guiverc: I think I saw a similar question on askubuntu in the past couple weeks, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1297311/ubuntu-20-wireless-not-working-for-intel-ax1650i-lenovo-thinkpad22:33
guivercack & thanks jeremy31 . i don't recall, take little notice of wifi questions (rarely use wifi myself)23:46
guivercmy ubuntu_news hat (or is it just my OCD?!) makes me 'please clarify' when people mis-use release vers..  I've got lubuntu stuff that's higher priority for me..23:48
Bashing-omguiverc: Me still trying to get through to update Gdoc for the day's UWN events :P 1/2 way there now :D23:50
guiverctime... we all need time.. I was granted commit access to a debian team.. I want to contribute there too.. but time...23:52
Bashing-omguiverc: Uh Huh - Time; ya got that right !23:53

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