* apw calls an adhoc meeting of the Ubuntu Kernel Uploaders15:37
apwWe have a couple of requests for upload rights to review15:37
apwUpload rights for Ian May (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ianmay/KernelUploadsApplication)15:38
apwCould everyone review his application and then can discuss15:39
apwReviewing the endorcements Ian appears to be suitably cautious, and I personally have never seen any issue with his packages at the queue review level.15:40
smbI did one of the Endorsements and in my experience Ian is careful enough to be using those upload rights responsibly. So it would be a +1 from me15:40
klebersI have sponsored several kernel packages prepared by Ian and all of them were prepared with care and following the precesses. Ian is an experienced developer and a quick learner, he always asks questions when in doubt and learns from his mistakes. Therefore I'm sure he will continue to be careful with his uploads and I'm looking forward to have him as part of the Kernel Uploaders team. 15:41
* apw calls a vote on adding Ian to the team15:42
apwno objections ... application approved15:43
ckingcongrats Ian \o/15:44
truddway to go Ian!15:44
apwUpload rights for William Breathitt Gray (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/vilhelmgray/KernelUploadsApplication)15:45
KelseySyay! congrats Ian! 15:45
apwCould everyone review his application and then can discuss15:45
KelseySI have reviewed a good amount of William's work and have endorsed his upload rights. He's careful and precise with his work. I believe a strong and suitable candidate to hold these rights. With out question, +1 from me. 15:46
apwReviewing the endorcements William also seems cautious, and I have queue reviewed a number of his packages without issue.15:47
smbRight, guess the only thing to say on top is that since it has been a little shorter for William until here keep up the habit of coming to us if anything looks odd.15:47
klebersI have reviewed several linux packages prepared by William and he's demonstrated to be careful and always consults the team when finding something he's not sure about. I believe he's ready for per-package upload rights.15:48
* apw calls a vote on adding William to the team15:49
apwno objections ... application approved15:50
ckingcongrats too William! \o/15:50
kleberscongrats, William and Ian!15:51
* apw will take the action to add them to the team and send out the annoucement15:51
apwAOB ?15:51
KelseyScongrats William! \o/15:52
trudd\o/ william15:52
* apw calls the meeting closed15:53
tyhickscongrats to both of you!16:15
apwtyhicks, hey, sorry should have been more vociferous, will make sure you know about the next17:03
tyhicksapw: Ah, no worries at all. I don't need to be invited. I just wanted to say congrats :)17:05
apwtyhicks, no but i should have none the less :)17:06

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