krytenjose: "<tjaalton> hi, please drop kernel weekly meeting from the fridge calendar, that hasn't happened since many years"  Also, if you could add any of us to the calendar, that'd be great.00:57
josefixed! thanks for letting me know00:58
Bashing-omjose: ^00:59
josecan you see this?00:59
Bashing-omjose: ^ \o/ Thanks - ( fat fingered again)01:00
Unit193I can see this.01:00
joseoh good01:01
Bashing-omUnit193: Sees all things :P01:01
joseI was having issues earlier01:01
Wild_ManI wondered if only CC members have access to the calendar01:25
Bashing-omjose: While you are fixing on the Fridge Calendar - how about the listed times for the Desktop Team ?01:34
joseI don't know, if you check with them and confirm I can edit as required01:34
joseI don't participate in those meetings01:34
tjaaltonjose: thanks!06:49
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