nib_blockheadThanks! I found #windows-wsl too, but I’ll head over there to see if someone there has more familiarity.00:00
daxoh huh, didn't know about that one. ty00:01
signofzetaYes, I did the other day, for a customer.  It has some limitations (like not having /dev nodes for use, at least in WSL1), but it's good for many people.  Good luck in the proper channel!00:12
nib_blockheadWSL2 seems to be pretty decent, but I’m not expert to say otherwise00:16
k_szeWSL2 is awesome because it's actually a VM with a proper kernel running on Microsoft's hypervisor.00:19
k_szeBasically the only downside is that you can no longer have process-level interaction between Ubuntu and Windows.00:20
FreeBDSMxdotool sucks00:47
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HashIs there a way to always have the latest firefox in ubuntu 20 without manually getting the .tar file00:59
HashLike a repository of it? maybe?00:59
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Hashhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ubuntu/ppa Is this it?01:00
Hashmmm no01:00
Hashhttps://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/ubuntu/firefox-next this one01:01
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HashYup This is it. Firefox dev edition is exact version as this01:06
Hashlatest on the main firefox site is 83.0 ok cool. thanks anyway01:07
signofzetasecond:  my Firefox is also 83.0 (Ubuntu 20.10)01:14
matsamanthird: I missed 'first'01:14
MrCollinshello everyone01:31
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matsamanhi MrCollins01:33
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alex3321hello i can't  use my tplink tl8200nd on ubuntu 20.1001:42
rooferdaveHaving trouble understanding how to generate or aquire the secret key for each JWT for this setup "https://github.com/MycroftAI/selene-backend", specificly the  JWT_ACCESS_SECRET=<access secret> of the sso_api.service fil under "single sign on API01:46
sarnoldrooferdave: if I'm reading this correctly, these are secrets that you generate yourself01:49
alex3321for wifi usb adapter01:49
sarnoldalex3321: you'll probably need to give more details, like lsbusb output, dmesg output, error messages from journalctl, etc01:49
alex3321i can see network but it doesn't accept the password01:50
alex3321i installed mange driver and im using another usb wifi adapter,is 8200nd compatible with mange driver?01:51
sarnoldrooferdave: without any advice from them about it, try this: dd if=/dev/urandom of=- bs=1024 count=1 | sha256sum01:52
sarnoldrooferdave: that'll generate a random 256 bit long blob you can use as a key value; see if it gives you any error messages when you use it01:53
rooferdavesarnold.........will this help me....... trying to find .....may take a min.01:55
rooferdavesarnold: this "https://github.com/michelp/pgjwt"01:56
sarnoldrooferdave: these are full-blown jwt tokens, I think this is a bit more than this config file is asking for01:58
rooferdaveII may be in over my head wouldnt be the first time.01:58
sarnoldrooferdave: (I could of course be wrong :)01:58
rooferdaveI've been Googling for quite some time and I can't come up with any type of command to create one02:01
rooferdaveany suggestions on maybe another area on the server I could ask02:01
alex3321does mange driver works with tplink 8200nd?02:02
rooferdavemaybe an area for web Developers possibly02:03
sarnoldrooferdave: seriously, I'd just start by stuffing in a big blog of random data02:06
sarnoldrooferdave: dd if=/dev/urandom of=- bs=1024 count=1 | sha256sum02:06
rooferdavenothing to lose but it script that won't complete ill try02:07
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icebagzhi. new to linux.  got a vps with ubuntu 20.04 to learn with.  i wanted to set it up to be able to RDP into from my windows laptop.  i followed instructions online from several sources but am having issues. first i installed from root, but later removed and purged, created a sudo user and installed xubuntu-desktop (xfce light) and xrdp through the sudoer account.  one of the issues i had earlier02:36
icebagzon was an initramfs resume error that required me to put a hard uuid in the resume file instead of /dev/sda2 for the swap. - then after setting up xrdp - i can rdp into the account from the windows rdp, but after the login screen for password, it loses/closes connection.  the xrdp status returns 'xrdp.service: Can't open PID file /run/xrdp/xrdp.pid (yet?) after start: Operation not permitted'02:36
icebagz- im not sure what to do from this point.  any ideas?02:36
ProjectuiHow does one configure php to reach out of webroot / virtual host (/var/www/somedomain.application/subfolder) to access and write to a file storage located /media/folder/filestore?02:38
ProjectuiI have a symbolic link in the folder pointing to the other folder. attempted to use alias in the conf and php_admin_value open_basedir. no avail02:39
leftyfbProjectui: go the other way. Move the file into your webroot and link it to your media folder02:41
leftyfbicebagz: do you really need RDP? What about SSH instead? If you want to learn linux, the terminal is the best way, not the desktop.02:42
ProjectuiI want to use the media folder to store files that I upload through the web application. I'm not following what you are saying. Do i need to link the /var/www/somedomain.application/subfolder into my media folder instead?02:44
leftyfbProjectui: Mount your media drive to the web folder then. Or bind mount a folder from the media drive to a media folder in the webroot02:49
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Projectuileftyfb: I've not heard of bind mounting before.02:53
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icebagzi figured lightweight desktop would be a more familiar way to navigate around.  you still open a CLI from the desktop to do most things right? so yea i could manage without it..  even with GUI and xrdp i'd still be able to ssh in as well i thought.03:02
sarnoldicebagz: yeah, i3 is quite popular03:04
conrbest mac vnc client to a ubuntu box... go!03:05
leftyfbconr: you want #apple for recommendations for mac software. This is an Ubuntu support channel03:07
kryten...Or ##apple!03:21
matsamanprobably #macosx03:24
icebagzi'd rather get it working tho.03:31
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Blade-Runneranyone ever experienced this?04:02
Blade-RunnerI had a friend who phoned me for help with a Ubuntu configuration problem, so I gave instructions to download and run a remote app and apply a temporary password to let me in.04:02
Blade-Runnertemporary password > orangesocks92 Your password is not secure enough.04:02
Blade-RunnerFair enough, that's a terrible password, though it's only for one-time use. Ok, let's get some caps in there:04:03
Blade-Runner> OrangeSocks92 Your password is not secure enough.04:03
Blade-RunnerNo problem. Let's add some symbols: > Orange(Socks)92* Your password is not secure enough04:03
Blade-RunnerWhat? Really? Okay, maybe dictionary words are banned, let's go random: > fJ9d1Px0sN Your password is not secure enough04:04
Blade-RunnerSeriously?? All right, symbols too: > f"J9d1(Px0s>N Your password is not secure enough04:04
Blade-Runner> b̶̢̯̞̫͔͉̱̳̹̝̳̻͓̙̗̣͞ͅ(̴̙̗̙͉̞͚̯̩͞"͟͠҉̻̼̝̗̺̜̟͈̞͖͓̫̺̭̥j̢̛̟̩͚̯͡s̷̶͏̼͇̮̺̼̰͉̘͔̩͎̹͘B̷̵̰̝̟̖͉̕͢͟ͅŞ҉̖̯͇̬̳̮̟͕̲͙̘͡ͅo̵̴̧͔̯̖̙̗͉͚̕l͇̣͍̻̗̦͎͇͓̗̲̟̙͍͇̣̩͢͝j̴͡҉̦̱̤̬̱̣͍͙̯͕̖̯̳̕͢k̵̹̻̘̘̦̭͓̭̱̜̩͇̜͜͠d̴͖̜̙͇͙͓͉̞͈͓̳̤͔̗͟  Your password is not secure enough04:05
leftyfbBlade-Runner: what does this have to do with ubuntu support?04:12
leftyfbBlade-Runner: what remote software did you have them download?04:12
Blade-Runneri  was using a ubuntu os and a ubuntu app04:13
Blade-Runnerbut nevermind04:13
leftyfbBlade-Runner: which remote software?04:14
Guest20hi there, how does interrupt works?04:23
Guest20when i a press a key in keyboard , how linux perform desired actions04:24
jmichelThe kernel is open source. You can read the source code.04:28
jmichelI think it first goes through irqbalance.04:29
jmichelThen, it's mapped given your keyboard layout configuration, and it's injected in your program through the standard input.04:30
alazyHaving boot problems, stuck at grub rescue. The 'ls', and 'set' commands seem to work but that's it. 'help' isn't recognized. Where to find the list of grube rescue commands? Yes, I googled. lsmod and search don't work. And how can I know what filesystem grub should be able to load?04:30
alazyIn grub rescue 'ls' shows disks (hd0) (hd1) (hd2) (fd0) (fd1) but no partitions. What's missing to enable that?04:32
Bashing-omalazy: What shows ' ls (hd0) ' ?04:33
alazyBashing-om: (hd0): Filesystem is unknown04:34
alazy /boot is on fd0, which is ext204:37
Bashing-omalazy: Not looking good for the home team - ' ls (hd2) ' ? As one would expect to also see the partitions.04:37
jmichel@Guest20: https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/core-api/irq/index.html04:40
Guest20jmichel sure04:41
Guest20what are software and hardware interrupts04:41
alazyls any disk shows unknown filesystem. That's why I'm trying to figure out it is that lets grub rescue 'see' a filesystem. I mean, I assume it can see ext2/3/4 but what about xfs, jfs, f2fs, jffs, etc? How would I enable that?04:42
alazyactually, fd0 is btrfs. What filesystems can grub handle, and can I add support for one that isn't supported out-of-the box?04:48
Bashing-omalazy: The #grub channel might be best to assist you - if any are awake at this time.04:50
jmichelInterruption has been initially design for hardware. Software interrupts used to be raised by program in order to reach the OS (linux = interrupt 0x80). However, the current way to do so is now with sysenter (on x86/x86-64).04:54
jwashis there a pdf reader which has a lasso type select tool for text?05:27
jmichelI use Okular.05:30
devslashim trying to mount a samba share on ubuntu server from ubuntu desktop using the command mount -t cifs -o username=devslash // /home/devslash/Desktop/MyServer and after I enter the pssword it says mount error(2): No such file or directory05:42
devslashbut the mount point does exist05:42
devslashnm i found out why it wasnt owrking05:48
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adderi'm on xubuntu 20.04, and i have an issue with short notification sounds popping on the beginning, i've configured alsa-base.conf with this options snd-hda-intel power_save=0 power_save_controller=N, and /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save to 0, and /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save_controller to N, but it still happens (i'm not on a laptop)07:35
XATRIXHi, can you advice, how can i configure network via ncurses interface ?08:23
XATRIXCan i do something like, dpkg-reconfigure network ?08:24
ikoniais there an ncurses app for it ?08:24
XATRIXno idea08:24
XATRIXdebian has it , as long as i know08:24
ikonia.....have a search if there is first then08:25
ikoniaok, so get the name of the package / binary08:25
XATRIXmy ubuntu gets ip address, but i don't know where it takes it from08:25
ikoniadhcp somewhere on your network08:25
XATRIXi've made changes in /etc/network/interfaces08:25
ikoniamost likely your broadband router with that address08:26
ikoniabut could be other things, lots of devices offer dhcp capability08:26
ikoniasome have it on by default08:26
ikoniayou will probably see where it gets the offer of an IP from in the syslog08:26
XATRIXsuch as http://i.imgur.com/55VELj1.png08:26
XATRIXBut after restart it still gets 0.100/2408:26
XATRIXi suppose it to have 'service networking restart', but it has not08:27
XATRIXand i have n NetworkManager as well. but the sysemd-networkd proccess08:29
XATRIXmaybe i can restart it via systemctl ?08:29
zetherooDoes anyone know how to get the Chrome icon to show up in the top bar in 20.04?08:30
ikoniawhat is controlling your network card08:30
ikoniais it systemd, is it network-manager ? is it network-manager fed by nmapplet ?08:30
XATRIXi'd also like to know08:30
XATRIXi  don't see any process of NM08:31
ikoniahow did you set it up ?08:31
b100shi2all; is it possible to install on ubuntu another, not default, version of systemd?08:31
XATRIXikonia: http://i.imgur.com/PXZ81Hl.png08:31
ikoniab100s: not in the real world08:31
b100sikonia, why?08:32
ikoniaXATRIX: that looks like top08:32
ikoniab100s: the installer isn't setup to deal with it and pulling systemd from a running system is a non-trivial task08:32
XATRIXyea, there's no network-manager processes, so i suggest it doesn't08:32
ikoniaXATRIX: top doesn't list all processes, it lists the 'top' processes08:33
ikoniaXATRIX: either way - how did you set it up08:33
ikoniaXATRIX: is this a desktop or server install ?08:33
XATRIXikonia: and wtf is that ? http://i.imgur.com/rAS8OGf.png08:33
XATRIXany idea ? never heard about08:33
XATRIXserver install, no X08:33
b100sikonia, hm, is there an option to choose distro with specific systemd on board or without it and isntall specific one?08:34
ikoniaXATRIX: that's a missing socket file for something that is not setup / running08:34
b100sI need specific kernel with specific systemd for some tests08:34
ikoniaXATRIX: so systemd networking is the default in a server install08:34
ikoniab100s: no08:34
XATRIXikonia: so, what's the way to redefine the network setttings, and filnally restart it08:35
ikoniaXATRIX: man systemd-networkd08:35
XATRIXgot it. thanks08:35
b100sikonia, what do you think about the following manual? https://gist.github.com/Jiab77/7df6e80804567f6f599b227cf2fafd0008:36
ikoniab100s: I think it's nothing to do with ubuntu08:36
ikoniaso not for this channel08:36
b100sikonia, the manual sais "Upgrade systemd on Ubuntu 18.04", why do you think it is not about Ubuntu? : )08:37
ikoniab100s: I think it's not supported in ubuntu08:38
XATRIXikonia: sounds if i have to find out how to use netplan --debug apply08:38
ikoniaXATRIX: yeah, that seems reasonable, I'm not a massive fan of net plan for configuring a network interface rather than a complex network08:39
b100sikonia, can you elaborate more on it? In the manual clearly seen that it is possible. What do you mean under not supported in ubuntu?08:41
ikoniab100s: if you believe that manual, do it08:41
ikoniab100s: no-one in this channel will support that process though08:42
b100sikonia, I came here to ask since I'm not experienced. I'm going to try it but would like to know why do you think it will not work?08:42
ikoniaI didn't say it won't work08:42
b100sikonia, then what's wrong with it?08:42
ikoniab100s: I said it's not supported by ubuntu, as ubuntu is not setup that way, and people in this channel won't support this process, if you like it - do it08:43
b100sikonia, what does it mean ubuntu is not setup that way?08:43
b100swhat is "that" ?08:43
ikoniab100s: the installer and packages do not support swapping out systemd - if you wish to do something custom and hope it works, that's fine, but this channel does not support that08:44
b100sikonia, what do you mean under installer?08:44
b100sdpkg ?08:44
ikoniab100s: I mean the installer routine, and the packages supplied by the package manager08:45
ikoniaso 'official' methods08:45
b100sAbout packages. Seems the systemd is just a package which I can see in `dpkg -l systemd`. So from perspective of packages, at least until now, it seems everything as noraml. Can you elaborate what do you mean "by packages supplied by the packge manager" ?08:47
ikoniab100s: you cannot swap package versions of systemd using the official ubuntu packages08:47
b100sikonia, I've got your point. Let's dig into details08:47
ikonialets not08:48
ikoniait's not for this channel08:48
b100sikonia, seems it's a pain point for you : )08:48
ikonianot at all08:48
b100sWhat's wrong with systemd package which I can see as a package? Can I remove it, install another on or update? Why not?08:49
ikoniano you can't because as I've said ubuntu is not designed to have those packages swapped out / version swapped08:49
b100sikonia, maybe you want to say there is no easy way to do it or there is no package built and tested in repo for specific ubuntu release08:50
ikoniano, as I've said, there is no supported way, ubuntu is not designed to allow that to happen08:51
b100sikonia, what do you mean it is not designed?08:51
ikoniaexactly that, it's not designed08:51
mortwell, I reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/anacron/+bug/1906617 now about my anacron issues08:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1906617 in anacron (Ubuntu) "Anacron prevents shutdown while a job is running. Some packages install long-running jobs." [Undecided,New]08:51
b100sikonia, you mean you don't know a way to do it?08:52
ikoniano, I mean exactly what I've said08:52
b100sikonia, okay, I've got your point : ) Thank you. It seems you are very good at repeating but there is still some place to improve in explanation part08:56
ikoniathe explination is clear - ubuntu is not designed for core package version changes, therefore the approach you want is not supported08:56
b100sikonia, it might be clear for you but what you said is not clear to me taking in mind there is an manual how to do it. It means there is a definetly way(s) to do it. However they might be not the ways which ubuntu developers suppose to use or they tried and tested it, or <some other details here which you will probably replace with not designed>. What I want to know is more about "not designed" part. For example. Since ubuntu manages all soft via dpkg there is08:59
b100sno such package as systemd (which is false but I can't find better example due to lack of knowledge).08:59
ikoniab100s: as I said at the start, it is possible, just not real world possible, so you are welcome to use a manual someone has writtten, but no one will support that process (beyond the person who wrote it) and no-one will support your system after you've changed it09:00
b100sikonia, may I ask you about what kind of support are you speaking?09:01
ikoniathis channel, official ubuntu resources09:02
b100sikonia, it's false because at least I would love to support myself or person like me in such question. So probably you have to do s/this channel/me ? Official ubuntu resources are in Reference part of the manual. It means there is support09:04
b100sikonia, I have feeling your trying to hint something but still can't say it : )09:04
ikoniab100s: you're free to follow that guide as I've said multiple times, and if you're happy supporting yourself, fantastic09:06
b100s"not designed", "not supported", "you can't". Most likely you are right in a sense there is no official documentation which explains such case. But what is great about linux is that it allows us to do much more than explained in the official doc09:06
ikoniab100s: the official thing that says 'you can't' is when you try to do it using the official tools it will block you and say 'dependencies not met' or other such messages09:07
ikoniaand you're free to ignore those warnings, if you can support yourself09:07
ikoniagood luck to you09:08
b100sikonia, thank you : )09:08
b100sikonia, but please promise to me, you will not stop me to do it? : )09:08
ikoniahow can I stop you doing anything09:09
ikoniajust don't ask for help in this channel with it09:09
b100sikonia, for example by repeating the same answer and spoil my question or prohibit me to ask questions in some places like this channel09:09
ikoniathis channel does not support your situation09:11
ikoniaso please don't ask09:11
ikoniabut good luck to you doing it / supporting yourself, that's a great way to learn09:11
b100sikonia, hm, I think if at leas one person are happy to discuss such question then it's okay. May I ask, are you officail representer of this channel?09:12
ikoniab100s: , no, your situation/solution is not supported in this channel09:12
b100sikonia, if you are not official representer of this channel, may you link me to the list of topics which are not supported or only supported in this channel?09:13
ikoniab100s: yes, I am09:13
deltabb100s: you might like to try it out in a virtual machine, where if something goes wrong you don't make your machine unbootable09:13
b100sikonia, how can I check it?09:13
ikoniathe topics are ubuntu support, using official ubuntu packages / solutions09:14
ikoniadeltab: great suggestoin09:14
b100sdeltab, yup, it's what I'm doing now via vagrant09:14
ikoniab100s: check the links in the topics09:14
b100sikonia, all what I'm doing is officially part of ubuntu: dpkg, systemd, etc09:14
ikoniab100s: no it's not09:15
ikoniab100s: as ubuntu is not designed for swapping out core packages09:15
b100sikonia, may you elaborate on it?09:15
ikoniab100s: the quicker you stop trying to argue this and just accept that you need to get on with it, the quicker you'll make progress09:15
deltabthere's a channel specifically for systemd, which may be a better place to discuss it09:16
b100sdeltab, I will ask there as well, thank you. ikonia , feel free to ignore my questions since I've got your point, you think it's not supported09:18
ikoniab100s: please don't ask about it in this channel again09:18
b100sikonia, but if you will be in mood to discuss more on it, I'll be happy09:18
ikoniab100s: good luck09:19
ikoniab100s: this channel is no the place to discuss it09:19
ikoniait's nothing to do with if I'm in the mood09:19
b100susing systemd of one or another version in ubuntu?09:19
b100sI think it's the best place to discuss it09:19
ikoniayou're wrong09:20
ikoniaas I've said, swapping versions is not supported09:20
ikoniaplease drop it09:20
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YounderIhave a question. I use Ubuntu 18.04 and have kept up with the latest updates but not updated to 20.04. My desktop machine has kernel version 4.15 and my server has a kenel vesion 5.4. Why does the desktop still use a older kernel?10:20
YounderThe server installed a package linux-kernel-upgrade which doesn't exist for the desktop.10:29
Francimanhow can I understand which particular kernel package I'm using on ubuntu?10:41
FrancimanI want to get the sources for it10:41
YounderFranciman, well 'apt-cache search' allows you so search for a package. 'apt source <pakage<' installs the source in a sub-directory of the current directory (pwd).10:43
Francimanthanks Younder10:46
mgedminthe kernel package you're using is linux-image-$(uname -r)10:57
mgedminapt source needs deb-src lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list, which are commented-out by default10:57
mgedminyou can uncomment them and run apt update (or check a box in the software properties gui)10:58
mgedminor you can use an alternative tool like pull-lp-source10:58
Francimanmgedmin, ok I ran the commands (and I uncommented the deb-src lines)10:58
Francimanbut I don't get the linux kernel10:58
FrancimanI get some scripts that download signed stuff...10:59
mgedminoh, is that how ubuntu kernel packages are built?  neat, I suppose, but I admit that I've never needed to look at the kernel specifically10:59
Francimanshould I call the police?11:00
jeremy31Franciman: you might want linux-modules-extra-$(uname -r)11:00
mgedminthe police tend to be useless11:00
Francimanwhere is my source code :<11:00
Francimanthanks jeremy3111:00
Francimanwhat is it?11:02
mgedminFranciman: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/FAQ has a "Where can I find the Ubuntu Kernel source code?"11:02
Francimanmany thanks11:02
* Franciman hangs the phone with the police11:02
mgedminand ah!  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/SourceCode suggests apt-get source linux-image-unsigned-$(uname -r)11:03
mgedminyeah, I never considered how they build signed kernel packages for secureboot purposes11:03
Francimanwe must always stay alert, because if we sleep, big corps like dell can revoke our rights regarding software11:03
Francimanthis has never to happen11:04
whitewinemixI'm using ubuntu 20.04.01 lts with "ubuntu-ports" sources on an arm64 single board computer. How do I have to change my sources.list to get this package in version 5.12.8?: https://ubuntu.pkgs.org/20.04/ubuntu-universe-arm64/libqt5core5a_5.12.8+dfsg-0ubuntu1_arm64.deb.html11:07
strkhow to konw which packages implement 'default-mta' ?11:30
pm5kAm I ok to ask a quick question regarding DPKG here?12:15
Deano59pm5k: if it's Ubuntu related, yes.12:19
pm5kYeah, Deano59 - I'm on 18.04, and I am working on some deb packaging guides, and I noticed that the typical `package/DEBIAN/control` obviously works fine with `dpkg-deb --build` as advertised, however I have seen a multitude of docs online that mingle `DEBIAN/control` and `debian/control` as if they were interchangeable, when in practice, having12:21
pm5kthe control file sit in a lowercase dir does not allow packaging. So am I missing something and there IS a way to have `Debian/control` work or am I right in thinking that those docs are wrong12:21
pm5keven Debian's own documentation online and the `dpkg-deb` manpage show mostly capitalised DEBIAN, and yet at some point begin using the lowercase version. It's confusing because it implies significance, but doesn't seem to work?12:23
kietoHi! How can I present a section of a screen in google meet or jitsi meet, from ubuntu?12:30
kieto^in a videoconference12:30
ograpm5k, the capitalized DEBIAN dir is a dynamically created temporary diectory tree that gets created during the build process of a deb ... othing you touch ever as a packager12:34
kietonvm, solved it :D12:36
BluesKajHi folks12:39
basenodeguys i woke up to my laptop dead (battery ran out) and when i try to login, it gives me a login loop12:53
basenodei tried running purge gdm3, installing it again and rebooting, but that didn't fix it12:55
basenodeso moving .local didn't work13:02
exonintrendoI'm running a VM with ubuntu 20.04 cloud image and it seems like my /etc/hosts file gets reset periodically. Anyone know why that might be?13:15
mgedminbasenode: can you do a tty login (ctrl+alt+f3) and check why the gui session fails with journalctl -e?13:21
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lotuspsychjebasenode: welcome, how can we help you?13:57
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deltabexonintrendo: are there comments in it indicating that it's generated?14:10
exonintrendodeltab yes, I didn't even think to check. Thanks!14:17
pihhanhi. Do you know, what is required to have my own PPA enabled on launchpad?14:20
ikoniapretty sure you can just create one14:20
pihhanI created it, uploaded sources to my ppa. But it does not show anywhere14:21
ikoniayou don't upload sources14:21
ikoniayou need to build packages14:21
ikoniaPPA serves packages14:21
ikoniayou get luanchpad to do the build14:22
pihhanokay, I uploaded source package, built using debuild -S14:22
pihhanlike mentioned on https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading14:23
ikoniaok - so that's still not built14:23
xiqHello guys, does anyone know how to tunnel only my cli command (rails server in this case) over ssh proxy?14:23
pihhanI thought it would build them14:23
xiqI've tried connect-proxy, but I just can't get it to work14:24
pihhanxiq: what do you mean exactly? how do you want to tunnel commands exactly?14:24
ikoniapihhan: can you build your package your self locally14:24
ikoniaoften good to verify the source pacakge is sane by building it locally14:24
ikonia(not that you have to)14:24
xiqpihhan: for example in firefox I can set a SOCKS proxy (I need a specific static IP), I want the same for my command line14:25
pihhanI did. I tried to upload both14:25
ikoniaupload both ?14:25
ikoniaboth what14:25
pihhanbinary and source packages14:25
ikoniapihhan: you can't upload binary14:25
ikoniayou have to upload the source14:25
ikoniahence why I'm asking you to build the binary from the source package, to make sure your source is valid14:25
pihhanikonia: haven't you just said I need to build packages?14:26
ikonia(well suggesting, not asking)14:26
pihhanikonia: it builds well from it.14:26
ikoniapihhan: launchpad builds the packages for you, I'm asking you to build them locally just to verify the source pacakge is sane and outputs a sucessful build14:26
ikoniawhat's the URL of your PPA14:26
pihhanikonia: https://launchpad.net/~pihhan/+archive/ubuntu/raceintospace14:27
ikoniathat's showing no files in it (not even the source)14:28
pihhanI know. But don't know why14:28
ikoniawhen you put the source package what is the output from the command line14:28
pihhanikonia: https://paste.centos.org/view/b520792714:32
ikoniahow odd, no warnings there14:34
larkfishermanHey guys, my ubuntu installation is stuck with 800x600 desktop resolution and I can't seem to get it back to HD.14:36
larkfishermanxrandr output: `Screen 0: minimum 800 x 600, current 800 x 600, maximum 800 x 600default connected primary 800x600+0+0 0mm x 0mm   800x600       75.00* `14:37
ikoniapihhan: that' really odd14:37
larkfishermannvidia-smi shows /usr/bin/gnome-shell and /usr/lib/xorg/Xorg running on GPU14:37
pihhanxiq: do you need SOCKS to connect to the internet?14:37
reagai cant get my monitor to work with displayport, only with hdmi. it's fine before installing the nvidia driver, but after installing the driver it stops working with displayport14:38
basenodewhy am i getting a login loop?14:39
EriC^^basenode: look at the permissions and owner of ~/.Xauthority  and other ~/*authority files you have14:41
coconutikonia, can launchpad also be used as ppa for an old wallpaper collection of other distro's, like for example fedora?14:46
ikoniacoconut: anything you can package14:46
coconuti see, thank you :)14:46
pihhancoconut: anything you can package and would maintain those packages14:47
coconutthere is not limit on size for a repo either?14:48
coconut(not that it would be big...)14:51
ikoniacoconut: I think there is an individual packge limit14:51
ikoniabutit's pretty big14:51
ikoniastops peope making an OS in a package14:51
pihhanEach PPA gets 2 GiB of disk space14:52
basenodeEriC^^: i'll try that, thanks14:53
coconutoh that is more than enough :)14:53
reagaok im back15:06
rooferdaveHaving trouble understanding how to generate or aquire the secret key for each JWT for this setup "https://github.com/MycroftAI/selene-backend", specificly the JWT_ACCESS_SECRET=<access secret> of the sso_api.service file under "single sign on API15:06
reagamy point was, my monitor doesnt work correctly with displayport but it does with hdmi. this is after installing nvidia drivers. before installing the drivers its fine.15:07
sub_popupdate-ca-certificates doesn't like a certificate I'm trying to put into /usr/local/share/ca-certificates. It says " it does not contain exactly one certificate or CRL". Is there another way to add a CA chain? Or can I split that certificate into multiple files somehow?15:31
ioriasub_pop, i guess that 's just a warning (iirc)15:35
KurozenI'm trying to install manually downloaded source, build and install, but simulating as if it's done with package manager, even tho it isnt.15:35
KurozenSo that it gets installed into root15:36
Kurozennot home15:36
The_LoudSpeakerhey everyone! I have this exact same issue, can anyone help? https://community.amd.com/t5/drivers-software/can-t-install-amdgpu-drivers-on-ubuntu-20-04-1-5-4-0-56-generic/td-p/42667615:38
basenodeguys im being put into a login loop when i try to log in to my main user15:39
basenode(doesn't happen if i create a new user)15:39
basenode(also, i removed .local, .config, .cache, not of that worked)15:39
basenodeany ideas?15:39
deltabbasenode: check the system logs15:47
basenodei have, but i'm not sure what to look for15:47
basenodethe ones that stood out were "Out of memory: Killed process <pid> (Xsession)"15:48
deltabanything unusual happening at the time you try to log in15:48
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deltabah, that sounds relevant15:48
basenodethe problem is i'm not sure "usual" is15:48
basenodealso "gkr-pram: unable to locate daemon control file" (not sure if relevant)15:49
deltab"Out of memory: Killed process" isn't usual15:50
basenodeyou think that might be it?15:50
deltabcould well be15:50
deltabgraphical login, right?15:50
sub_popioria: No, it skips the file.15:51
basenodedeltab: yeah, that's the one that's causing the issue15:52
basenodebut only for one particular user15:53
deltabbasenode: check .xsession-errors15:57
basenodeer how can i read it?16:02
pavlostools to read a text file (cat, more, less, vi, nano)16:05
basenodei don't have a .xession-errors in ~ though16:07
basenodeman this is ridiculous, how can stuff break so easily?16:14
mefistofelesbasenode: what happened?16:14
mefistofelescomputers are black magic, fwiw :P16:14
basenodemefistofeles: i wake up this morning to a login loop, can't login to this particular account using my GUI16:15
basenode(tty works fine)16:15
basenodeand it's only for my main user account, if i create a new one and try to login, it works fine16:15
mefistofelesbasenode: what changed before that? did you upgrade or something?16:16
basenodemefistofeles: it's possible that was the first reboot since upgrading, but i can't remember16:16
pavlosbasenode: since you can login in tty, move .config/ .oldconfig/ then reboot and try to login gui as user, it should recreate .config/16:18
basenodei tried moving .config, .cache and .local, didn't resolve the issue16:20
basenodeis there a way of checking which packages where upgraded last?16:27
deltabbasenode: try moving .Xsession, .xsession, .xsessionrc16:27
basenodewhere are these files located?16:28
deltabuser's home directory16:29
deltabsame place as .config, .cache, .local16:29
basenodei'm on a ubuntu-based distro, maybe they've moved them somewhere else16:30
mefistofelesbasenode: then that may explain why it breaks :P16:31
deltabshouldn't break by running out of memory16:31
deltabthat suggests something running automatically on login going wrong16:31
pavlosbasenode: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm316:32
basenodetried that too, also didn't work :(16:32
deltaband as it's only that one user, it's porbably in the user config16:32
basenodein .config?16:32
basenodei have some gnome-extensions too, maybe it's that?16:32
deltabnot if you've renamed/moved that and it's still a problem16:33
deltabcould be one of the other dot files16:33
basenodedeltab: you don't think it could be neovim do you? it currently throws an error when i open it16:34
deltabif the error isn't that it runs out of memory, then it's unlikely to be that16:34
basenodehmm ok16:35
basenodeyeah it's "Not an editor command: Plug 'some/package'"16:35
basenodefor every plug package actually, but probably unrelated16:35
basenodei mean it could be any of my other dotfiles under ~ (and not under .config)16:36
deltabmy hypothesis is this: user logs in; Xsession is started along with other GUI stuff; some program (could be Xsession, something started by it, or something else) uses up memory, causing Xsession to crash, bring down the whole GUI; gdm restarts and asks for login16:36
deltabPlug is defined by an extension which isn't being loaded16:37
deltab~/.vimrc should have something about ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim and call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged') before the Plug commands16:39
chrimbusanyone here running ubuntu on HP Omen? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Omen-by-HP-15-FHD-Gaming-Laptop-Intel-Core-i7-10750H-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1660-Ti-6GB-8GB-RAM-1TB-HDD-256GB-SSD-Mouse-and-Headset-Bundle/941063327?comm-msg-vehicle=EMAIL&comm-msg-id=6e95a9db-ef27-44d3-83ed-50210fa3b6c716:41
chrimbustempted to dive in to ubuntu as daily driver finally. not sure if i'll have a shit gaming experience tho16:41
basenodedeltab: ah ok, so probably not nvim then17:00
basenodeshould i check my last upgrade and see which packages changed?17:00
basenodethen try downgrading or removing them until i find the culprit?17:00
lynndotpy_chrimbus: No experience with that laptop, but a lot of games work great with steam proton. but definitely dual boot if gaming is important to you17:01
basenodei guess my laptop is broken17:10
deltabbasenode: do you know what the last upgrade was?17:10
deltab(i use etckeeper to track that and other changes to /etc)17:10
basenodedeltab: i was just looking at my logs, but the last i could find was from the end of october17:11
basenodenot sure if that's right though17:11
basenode(in dpkg.log btw)17:11
mefistofeleschrimbus: depends, what kind of games do you expect to play? If they are AAA games, I suspect you are not going to like the experience in ubuntu17:11
basenodethat is to say, dpkg.log contained only the update/upgrades i ran after encountering the login loop, and before that was end of october17:12
deltabbasenode: if it's only affecting one user, it's less likely to be a system-wide change17:14
deltabbasenode: check which files have changed in that user's directory since the last successful login17:14
basenodeoh good idea, didn't think of that17:15
deltabfind ~ -newermt '...'17:16
deltabfind ~ -newermt '...' -ls17:17
basenodedeltab: the last changes in ~ that weren't made today were made on november 3017:17
basenodeso i guess it must be a package?17:17
deltabwhich files?17:17
deltaboh, successful login since that change?17:18
basenodedeltab: oh how can i check my uptime?17:18
basenodei should be looking for the time since last reboot17:18
basenodeis there an uptime log that shows previous uptimes?17:18
basenodei've rebooted quite often today17:18
pavloscommand is 'last'17:19
deltabjournalctl --list-boots17:19
pavlosfor previous logins17:19
basenodeso last reboot was november 2417:20
basenodeand the only files that have changed since then (using ls -lha ~) are: .zcompdump-pop-os-5.8, .bashrc, .yarnrc, .hex17:21
basenode(zcompdump being some zsh file)17:22
basenodehmm maybe i should test if zsh is causing the problem17:23
deltabhow is the memory situation when the user isn't logged in?17:23
basenodehmm not too sure, how can i check this?17:23
basenodein my tty session?17:24
deltabokay, so it's not like the system is almost out of memory and logging in pushes it over17:25
ddubyahow can I force psmouse driver to use imex protocol (enable side buttons) at boot?17:25
basenodedeltab: at least not using tty yeah17:25
basenodei was thinking maybe some memory leak caused by logging in with the gui17:26
basenode(if it is a memory issue)17:26
deltabanother possibility is some system-imposed limit that's too small17:26
pavlosbasenode: so tty login works fine, gui login with some other user works fine but gui login with a specific user does not.17:27
basenodepavlos: correct17:27
pavlosbasenode: the home dir of that specific user must be the issue17:28
basenodecan we rule out directories like Documents, Pictures, etc?17:29
deltabprobably, though with an unspecific failure like this we can't be certain17:31
pavlosbasenode: do you have startup apps for the bad user?17:31
basenodei do, yeah (although i'm not sure how to check without using the gui)17:31
basenodewould that be a gnome setting?17:32
deltabthey'd likely be set within .config, so renaming/moving that should disable them17:32
pavlosthere are in ~/.config/autostart/ but17:32
basenodeoh ok, so probably not that17:33
basenodei can mv .local, .config and .cache again, just to be 100% sure17:33
pavlosI suggest move all .dirs to .olddirs/ so that bad user has a clean env17:34
pavloscan you cat /etc/passwd | grep <baduser> it is one line17:34
deltabor rename the user's home directory, create a new one (which hopefully works) and move stuff across into it17:34
basenodeor would it be easy to cp all .dirs to a new user?17:34
basenodeso just "mv /home/currentuser /home/currentuserbak; mkdir /home/newuser"?17:35
deltabyes, though you'd need to change the ownership if the user id changes17:35
deltab(re new user)17:36
deltabmkdir /home/currentuser, yeah17:36
basenodeah got you, ok let me try that17:36
basenodeand then do i basically have to cp a file, try to login with gui, cp a file, try to login with gui, etc?17:39
ddubyadisregard my question, won't solve the problem17:40
pavlosddubya: usually you mod Xorg for mouse but there is no Xorg17:41
basenodedeltab: ^17:41
pavlosddubya: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MouseCustomizations17:43
ddubyapavlos, thanks, I'm looking into xinput now17:46
basenodewell, i guess and go and try that and report back on the results (if im even able to access irc again)17:47
basenode*i guess i'll go17:47
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basenodedeltab: lol i found the issue18:24
basenodeone sec18:25
Gh0stahey people18:31
Gh0staWhich is the best distro similar to Mac OS?18:31
demonsporkGh0sta: similar in what way?18:32
Gh0staoh sorry18:32
demonsporkLike, the aesthetic look? Specific features like the dock?18:33
Gh0stayeah aethestically18:34
Gh0staall the animations etc18:34
demonsporkah, back in the day the animations and stuff would come from compiz, not sure where they are at these days18:34
demonsporkbut for the dock here is https://www.fossmint.com/macos-like-docks-for-ubuntu/18:34
Gh0staCool! Thanks18:35
demonsporkGh0sta: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/03/make-ubuntu-look-like-mac-5-steps as well might give you some direction18:35
jwisbell35Isnt Elementary Linux meant to be Mac Os'ish...18:36
taubi dont konw why my disk is only 200gb when i got 1tb https://pastebin.com/wuEL4uTZ18:36
tauband i have no idea what this mapped stuff is18:36
taubdid i fuck up the install?18:36
demonsporkGh0sta: you might get a better picture of what is out there by googling that question18:36
Gh0stademonspork: :) thank you .. will do18:37
imbezoltaub: what's the output of vgdisplay?18:38
basenodedeltab: lol i'd put a "source" and "echo > " statement into my .profile, which could it to be about 400K lines long, that was the problem xD18:39
basenode(with both source and echo pointing to itself)18:39
taubimbezol: https://pastebin.com/kTQUu80n18:40
taubdoes it just allocate more when needed?18:40
imbezoli don't think so. you can expand it manually tho18:41
taubits mounted on root though18:41
imbezoltaub: i think you can still do it online18:42
imbezoltry "lvextend -v -r ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv"18:43
taubyea reading up on it, thanks18:43
imbezolthat will try to extend the LV and the filesystem at the same time. that may not work depending on the filesystem you're using. in that case, do it without the -r, and then resize the filesystem separately after18:43
taub Size of logical volume ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv changed from 200.00 GiB (51200 extents) to 930.00 GiB (238080 extents).18:44
taubsweet that was painless18:44
imbezoldid it resize the fs too?18:44
imbezoldf -hT /18:45
imbezolwhat fs are you using?18:45
taubdefault, ext3?18:45
imbezoldf -hT / should tell you18:45
imbezolyou should just be able to run "resize2fs /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv"18:46
imbezolby default it will grow to use all the available space18:47
taubyep thank you so much18:47
noalternativeI have a wired headset.  It attaches to a soundcard wth green and pink 3.5 jacks.   I can get sound from the earphones, but can't get the mic working.  The soundcard is a usb device attached to a hub on a compute stick.18:48
noalternativeI have tried different configurations in sound settings but nothing works.18:49
pavlosbasenode: what was the issue?18:50
noalternativeAnyone have any ideas for trouble shooting. This is Ubuntu Mate 20.04 64bit installed on the main drive of the intel compute stick.18:52
pavlosnoalternative: that usb soundcard should have drivers18:53
noalternativeI did an update and upgrade after I inserted it, and the sound is working from usb pnp sound device18:54
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noalternativeprofile is analog stereo output + mono input18:56
noalternativeI also tried several others.18:57
noalternativeIs there anything else I can try?18:58
pavlosnoalternative: can you install pavucontrol and work with the settings? maybe mic channel is muted.19:00
nathdwekHey, I am in a bit of a situation19:37
nathdwekSo basically I set up a ubuntu laptop using an azerty keyboard at the time19:37
nathdwekand I set a password which contains the character "é"19:37
nathdwekNow I don't have access to an azerty keyboard, the laptop has a US qwerty keyboard19:37
nathdwekand I am stuck in the login screen, can't find a way to enter character "é"19:38
nathdwekI have tried left ctrl left shift + unicode code19:38
nathdwekcompose key (supposed to be alt gr right shift if I read correctly)19:38
nathdwekI can't add a keyboard layout from the login screen19:39
nathdwekthe visual keyboard offers lots of choice, including emojis (!) but no french accented letters19:39
nathdwekI haven't set up sshd-server on that laptop yet so can't change the password from the outside19:39
nathdwekany idea?19:39
pavlosnathdwek: it should be ctrl + shift + u then unicode19:41
dedondestamailutils is used to install postfix below 18 version of ubuntu, i need to install postfix right now, i wonder what mailutils include, should i install mailutils and then postfix for ubuntu 2019:41
dedondestais there a server chan?19:42
nathdwekpavlos:yeah that does not work in the password field19:43
nathdwekjust erases anything you typed19:43
pavlosnathdwek: ok, boot into recovery mode, then change pw19:43
compdocmailutils only includes a client and some other utils I never use19:43
dedondestacompdoc: i see, thanks19:44
compdocinstall it at the same time as  postfix, or afterwards19:44
nathdwekpavlos: will do to save time, but sounds like a bazooka to kill a fly19:45
nathdwekNot really the topic of this channel, but being able to enter emojis in the password field using the visual keyboard but no accented letters makes me scratch my head haha19:46
pavlosnathdwek: well, you cannot ssh ... other idea, boot with a live iso, mount hdd, and change pw19:46
nathdwekeven though this must affect like one poor soul every 2 year19:46
nathdwekpavlos: yeah I dropped down into root prompt and changed the password, thanks for the emotional support! :)19:48
pavlosnathdwek: np19:48
pavlosnathdwek: is the visual keyboard the onboard?19:49
nathdwekaccessibility->visual keyboard19:49
pavlosnathdwek: the pgm that pops the visual keyboard19:49
nathdwekor something19:49
nathdwekwhen you're in the out of the box login screen19:50
nathdwekin vanilla ubuntu19:50
nathdwektop right19:50
pavlosI'll try on my laptop19:50
pavlosnathdwek: did you install a second language? I added Greek, there is an indicator (en,gr) at the top right. I logged out, upon login when the visual keyboard shows, if I click on the (en,gr) the keyboard changes to Greek chars.20:08
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nathdwekpavlos: no there was no second language available at that moment20:31
HashI have to order a webcam20:34
HashThey require that for proctored testing for accredited/certification type exams from home20:35
HashI need to make sure it will also work in linux/ubuntu etc.20:35
HashDo you have a suggestion on the kind of webcam compatible with linux?20:35
HashThank you kindly20:35
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras20:36
ioriaa bit old, honestly20:36
leftyfbHash: I use a Microsoft Lifecam Studio20:41
basenodeguys where can i just my terminal font type21:27
basenodeit's not monospaced, i've tried changing it with gnome-tweak but to no avail21:27
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jeremy31basenode: can't you right click in terminal and click "show toolbar" and then click the edit menu/preferences?21:38
basenodejeremy31: i'm using alacritty, which doesn't have that option i think21:44
UndeadLeechYou can change everything in Alacritty's config file.21:45
UndeadLeechWhich you can place in ~/.config/alacritty/alacritty.yml for example (various locations are supported). You can find an example for your release on the releases page on GitHub.21:45
basenodeUndeadLeech: iused to have it working, but it's stopped for some reason21:46
UndeadLeechYou might have installed another font.21:47
UndeadLeechAlacritty's font fallback matches `fc-match -s "monospace"` by default. If you install new fonts that might break things.21:47
UndeadLeechYou're free to adjust your fontconfig configuration though of course.21:47
basenodeUndeadLeech: ah maybe that's what happened then21:48
UndeadLeechPotentially. Generally I find that I run into a lot less problems the fewer fonts I have installed. Though of course not everyone is interested in keeping that minimal.21:48
basenodei would prefer that honestly21:49
basenodeso what exactly do i have to do to get my fonts rendering properly again?21:49
UndeadLeechI mean the easiest solution is probably just to manually specify the font in your Alacritty config.21:50
basenodehow can i check if the font i have defined in my alacritty config actually exists on my system?21:50
UndeadLeechThat's what I do for example. Like this: https://github.com/chrisduerr/dotfiles/blob/master/files/alacritty.yml#L9-L1321:50
UndeadLeechBy default, no config exists on your system.21:50
UndeadLeechSo unless you've added one, you don't have one.21:50
basenodeah that worked21:51
basenodeat least some fonts are working, but the previous one i used does not21:59
PeGaSuSstupid question of the day: if I upgrade from 16.04 to 20.04, will the ifupdown configuration be automatically ported to netplan?22:28
basenodegot it working22:29
basenodethank you UndeadLeech22:29
PeGaSuSi believe I've ruined an install trying to migrate from ifupdown to netplan :/22:30
UndeadLeechNo problem, always happy to help. Also if you have Alacritty specific questions it's probably best to ask in #alacritty, just because there will be more people around there that can assist you.22:30
sarnoldPeGaSuS: funny, neither the bionic nor focal release notes addresses what'll be done on upgrades22:34
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N3bulaKHey there22:51
N3bulaKwhat is the best way to clone Ubuntu to a new SSD?22:51
RexodusIf the new one is larger, dd.22:52
N3bulaKyeah it's 256gb SSD22:53
N3bulaKat the moment I have a 100 gig partition on a HDD for linux22:53
Rexodusdd will work fine and you don't need to install a thing.22:54
N3bulaKRexodus: cool thanks22:54
Bashing-omN3bulaK: I had the experience in installing same OS to a different drive - that the install was an exact copy *WHEN* the same usrename and password is emplyed on the new install.22:57
ggzwhen i go in TTY mode with ctrl alt F1, i can't enter the password, it automatically enter to next line for a while23:04
ggzeach time my system crash, i try to login to tty and remember i have this bug :/ :p23:05
RexodusWhy is your system crashing?23:08
RexodusThat's not normal imho.23:08
N3bulaKBashing-om: ?23:13
N3bulaKdidn't get it23:13
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N3bulaKRexodus: is it ok to clone a filesystem partition to a SSD ?23:30
N3bulaKwould it work as the same like cloning the whole drive?23:34
sarnoldare you going to want to boot from that?23:35
sarnoldyou'll want to clone into a partition then, so you can set up efi filesystem etc as necessary23:35
ggzRexodus: it's very rare, when i write an infinite loop and eat all resources for examples :p but the point is i want to get back my tty ^^23:35
N3bulaKsarnold: oh ok23:36
N3bulaKdo I also have to format the drive before the cloning?23:36
sarnoldN3bulaK: you'll have to partition it in some fashion, eg if you're going to make a 512M EFI partition, make that, make space for the ubuntu install, and then dd that way; I'm not sure how you grow afterwards, probably resize2fs, but I've not tried that in ~17 years23:37
N3bulaKseems very tricky to me23:38
N3bulaKbut thanks23:38
N3bulaKI will go with a fresh installations xD23:39
deltabN3bulaK: run the partitioner, tell it which device and what partitions you want on it23:40
N3bulaKdeltab: will try. thanks23:41
N3bulaKdoes it help to create a Swap partition?23:41
sarnoldyou can also use a swap file, which gives you a bit more flexibility23:42
deltabyes, depending on how much RAM you have and how much memory the programs you run need23:42
N3bulaKsarnold: oh wonders how?23:42
N3bulaKdeltab: 8 gig RAM23:43
sarnoldit certainlky helps to have one or two gigabytes of swap space, so the kernel can stuff memory when things are tight, but don't go more than that23:43
deltabI mean swap in general, not specifically partition vs. file23:43
deltabthe kernel can also swap out unused pages even when things aren't tight, allowing for better use of the RAM23:44
N3bulaKsounds good23:44
N3bulaKWell I now have 3 drives in my machine23:45
N3bulaK1 HDD --> Ubuntu / 1 SSD ---> Windows and  New SSD ----> New Linux distro23:46
N3bulaKwill be back after installation :)23:47

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