* OvenWerks is grumpy but relieved.07:14
OvenWerksI found that while json does save things in other things than text, it does not deal with True and False the way I thought.07:15
OvenWerksso json-param = old param doesn't work but json-param = bool(old-param in ['True']) does  :P07:17
OvenWerksEickmeyer: anyway, I have alomost finished covnerting autojack to the new config style. Trying to break things to find bugs :)07:20
OvenWerksautojack starts up ok, runs jack, makes pulse bridges. runs zita when usb plugged in. 07:23
OvenWerksunplugging not working... again (was before)07:23
OvenWerksEickmeyer: anyway, studio-controls saves autojackrc (old config) autojack runs convert-studio-controls and imports autojack.json07:28
OvenWerksunplugging has an if <param> == 'True' instead of if <param>   :P07:45
OvenWerksI am too tired, more testing tomorrow... headphones and stuff07:46
MauroGaspari[m]Eickmeyer Michael published my Ubuntu Studio 20.10 tutorial, follow up on the 20.10 release article https://frontpagelinux.com/tutorials/ubuntu-studio-20-10-audio-setup-tutorial/16:44
MauroGaspari[m]Feel free to comment if anything should be improved16:45
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: Ok, thanks. :)18:18
Eickmeyer[m]teward: PING! Check Telegram re: agordejo reupload19:09

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