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ballUgh.  My son's Xubuntu box hosed itself again.02:43
ballPerhaps I just need a newer version.02:48
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Unit193...Of Xubuntu or your son?03:50
ballHah... Xubuntu03:50
ballbrb, rebooting a thing...03:54
ballOh good, I'm still here.04:10
Fernando-BassoI have set my terminal to use Inconsolata SemiExpanded Medium font. I have a PS1 prompt that uses  (echo -e '\ue712') which seems to be provided by Hack Nerd Font. That char displays like an “N”.10:37
Fernando-BassoSeems like Xubuntu is not using an alternative font for code points it doesn't find in the current font.10:37
Fernando-BassoIf I change the terminal to use Hack Nerd Font, then that char displays just fine.10:37
Fernando-BassoI installed the nerd fonts to ~/.local/share fonts and run fc-cache -fv (without sudo).10:40
brainwashFernando-Basso: I would check if it works with gnome-terminal10:42
Fernando-BassoI will. In my other machine with Arch Linux, a very similar setup works without problem.10:47
Fernando-BassoIs it right that when a font doesn't have a certain code point, the “system” should find another font for that char?10:48
Fernando-BassoAnd gnome terminal has problems even listing nerd fonts.10:48
brainwashI'm not quite sure how it works10:49
brainwashthere is https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/font_configuration10:49
Fernando-BassoYeah, but in arch I didn't do any config. (neither in Xubuntu so far).10:51
Fernando-BassoYep, same thing with gnome-terminal.10:52
Fernando-BassoHmm. If I set ubuntu mono, then it displays that char.10:52
brainwashdebugging this could be tricky I think10:54
brainwashat least I have no idea how it could be done10:54
Fernando-BassoIndeed. And I know nothing about this subject. Perhaps arch has newer packages related to fonts that handle this better.10:55
brainwashthat is usually the case10:55
brainwashunless you run the latest Xubuntu dev build10:55
Fernando-BassoGosh, it happens with the “medium” variant of that inconsolata semiexpanded. If I pick “semibold” then it works.11:00
Fernando-BassoAnd I actually now remember that I use the semibold variant in Arch, not medium.11:00
Fernando-BassoThis font weight thing across fonts might be tricking the font system and bugging it.11:20
xu-irc79wgimp xsane plugin xuuntu 18.04 ,  xsane installed and working need to integrate with gimp ? any ideas15:24
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