louroto/ drawing your attention to this easy PR, thanks! (or is there a dedicated IRC channel for charm-tools maybe?) https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/pull/58909:36
stickupkidmanadart, https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1240309:52
manadartstickupkid: Looking09:54
stickupkidmanadart, done10:02
stickupkidmanadart, thoughts on this bad boy https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1240411:58
magicaltrouthello folks, petevg[m] etc.... Kubernetes charms... is there a half decent demo that shows relations and stuff doing their thing thats reasonably current?15:30
petevg[m]magicaltrout: (whoops. Not used to the client I'm using for IRC). We're working on some new tutorials that showcase exactly that.16:09
petevg[m]We're using prometheus and grafana, though they're in active development, and there's occaisonal breakage.16:09
petevg[m]magicaltrout: the following invocation should work (though I have to poke people about getting the dashboard password out of the k8s version of grafana):16:12
petevg[m]"juju deploy cs:~charmcraft/prometheus-0; juju deploy cs:~charmcraft/grafana-0; juju relate prometheus grafana16:12
stickupkidmanadart, one for you https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/12271 - it's been in a pending state, but finished it so I don't have to care about it again16:29
magicaltroutthanks petevg[m]16:35
magicaltrouttold the JPL open source crew I'd give them a demo next week and realised I've not touched k8s charms since the operator stuff came in16:35
magicaltroutworking on Zookeeper, Solr and a web crawler we work on, so hopefully have something half demoable by mid next week but was looking for something else just in case16:36
magicaltroutso that should work16:36
magicaltrouthalf the problem with charmhub.io since there aren't any real tutorials is the upstream links to repo's have gone so I've been madly googling stuff trying to find charms with patterns I can rob16:37
magicaltroutI found stub's postgres charm which looks pretty well baked via some random link on a forum via a google search16:38
magicaltroutit isn't easy! ;)16:38

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