BluesKajHi folks12:58
Mamarokhm, I doubt that, all other kernels work, so if my graphic chip would be too "fresh" (aka recent?) that would also affect older kernels, wouldn't it...14:41
IrcsomeBot<X> Yeah, but you didn't provide the details. That it was working before and with one specific kernel version it broke. So I had to guess15:29
Mamarok-31 being the newest kernel for 20.10...15:45
RikMillssanta_: thanks19:19
sheytanHi! Any news about plasma 5.20.x packages release date?19:54
RikMillssheytan: if you mean backported, then no.20:01
RikMills5.20.4 is in the hippo though :)20:02
sheytanRikMills: there will be no backports?20:17
sheytanfor 20.1020:17
RikMillsI think we explained before that this requires Qt 5.15, which 20.10 does not have, and can't go in backports PPA20:19
RikMillsmight at some point be a build somewhere else, but it is huge amount of work, and at the moment active 21.04 development is priority20:19
santa_good night everybody22:20
santa_RikMills: have you pushed the _hirsute_archive branches for plasma?22:21
santa_I'm doing a test rebuild of plasma atm so it would be fantastic to have the branches in sync22:21
RikMillssanta_: seems not. doing now22:22
santa_RikMills: thank you very very much, if you can give me a ping when done that would be great too :)22:22
RikMillssanta_: all pushed22:30
santa_RikMills: thanks a lot, tomorrow we could discuss the status of apps, they seem to need work last time I checked22:32
RikMillssanta_: I have been going through issues with them today. now just some orange things on non PIM22:34
santa_RikMills: ack, I will see that tomorrow with the test rebuilds of apps22:43
* santa_ dissapears in the darkness of the night22:44

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