guivercwxl, any comments welcome; I won't provide link. (you can comment on where placed too on phab)01:12
wxlguiverc: LGTM! maybe next we should put together a FAQ!01:15
guiverc:)  FAQ aimed at what?01:16
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akemHey, so i upgraded my Lubuntu 20.04, and i noticed the Libreoffice "print/pdf export" bug is still not fixed :X It's really a bad bug that will annoy anyone wanting to do some office job, and pretty easy to fix...12:19
akemAdding "SAL_VCL_QT5_USE_CAIRO=true; export SAL_VCL_QT5_USE_CAIRO=true" at the top of the launching script /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice fix it system wide for me. (so i can double click my doc files normally to open them)12:20
akem"SAL_VCL_QT5_USE_CAIRO=true" and "export SAL_VCL_QT5_USE_CAIRO" ...actually export is maybe not mandatory...anyway it would be nice to modify that launching script to that it works out of the box.12:24
akemSo as i was saying it looks like when you install Lubuntu last LTS, it's not possible to print from Libreoffice out of the box and can't export to .pdf either. It really sux. I hope you'll be able to fix that, that's the only major problem i see there.14:28
LimeOni remember that the day you reported it they said that in 20.10 was fixed14:40
LimeOnbut 20.10 is not LTS14:40
akemThey gotta backport the fix for the LTS :x14:51
saladhey all do any of you guys admin lubuntu.net? the link for the newest version is outdated :)21:18
saladshould be http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/20.10/release/lubuntu-20.10-desktop-amd64.iso21:18
guivercsalad, lubuntu.net isn't a Ubuntu, nor a Lubuntu wet site21:18
saladoh I see21:18
guivercdon't rely on google unless you can parse result sfor accuracy. if you go to ubuntu.com it'll send you to correct web sites, eg. https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours will send you to lubuntu.me21:19
guivercalong with other flavor sites, not to fan or fake sites21:19
saladthanks man21:19
guivercyou'll have to take up issues with the 'fan' site with it's owner, given unaffiliated with lubuntu/ubuntu it's out of our control21:20
saladlol I won't even bother cant find an email for the admin of that site anyway21:21
saladthanks for the link enjoy the rest of your day21:21
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