Alan21Where can I find a video of the operator day of the KubeCon ?11:08
ChipacaAlan21: let me check11:09
Alan21I've searched for 20 min for videos of Juju at the Operator day but impossible to find any on my side11:11
ChipacaAlan21: I got an email with a recording, not sure if it's from kubecon or just before, i could fwd it to you11:11
ChipacaAlan21: i don't see the kubecon videos up yet11:12
Alan21alan.zanatta@outlook.com please here :)11:12
ChipacaAlan21: by the date i think it was kubecon11:14
Alan21the one of november11:14
ChipacaAlan21: yeah but there was also open infra just before it i think11:15
Chipacabut anyway this is from the 18th11:15
Chipacaso probably kubecon11:15
Chipaca(in any case, fwd'ed)11:15
Chipaca(and it was the same presentation, just more polished)11:16
Alan21Thank you so much !11:17
Chipacano worries. it should be more widely available soon; i don't know why it isn't yet11:19
JoseMassonBuenos días!12:09
ChipacaJoseMasson: 👋❗12:13
* Chipaca remembers most people appreciate a thing called 'lunch'13:20
* Chipaca investigates13:20
cory_fuIs there a reason that the framework eschews controller-based unit storage for non-K8s charms?  If it's available, is there a compelling reason to still prefer a local SQLite DB?17:01
Chipacacory_fu: just performance17:34
cory_fuHrm.  Considering we expect a hook-level transaction anyway, it seems like it would be easy enough for the JujuStorage backend to just store things in memory and only invoke the hook tools during commit.  I do know that the presence of the .unit-state.db file with potentially sensitive info stored in it has been raised as a concern in the past, and having unit stored data centralized in the controller could allow for consistent management17:41
cory_fu of encryption-at-rest.  Anyway, just a thought.17:41

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