lotuspsychjegood morning02:41
lotuspsychjestart a topic here plujon03:16
plujonI just asked in #ubuntu: Why is chromium a snap in the first place?03:17
lotuspsychjeevolution chosen for devs liking the snap way03:17
lotuspsychjea LOT of snaps are coming our way03:18
plujonIf a lot of snaps come our way, won't that require a lot more physical memory?03:19
lotuspsychjeplujon: the start of chromium snap had some rough ways, but it actually improved a lot on 20.04 now03:20
lotuspsychjerocketfast on my side, cant say it lags my system memory-wise03:20
plujonI'm using 20.04, first time using chromium as a snap, and it is broken in a few ways for me.  That's why I started asking.  I'm considering leaving ubuntu over it.03:21
lotuspsychjebroken how03:21
plujonBroken like I can no longer sign extensions.  Broken like native messaging no longer works.03:22
lotuspsychjeplujon: did you browse the latest bugs on chromium?03:22
plujonbugs on chromium?  Do you mean ubuntu bugs?03:23
lotuspsychjeplujon: if you use ubuntu, yeah chromium bugs are ubuntu related03:24
plujonThe only ubuntu/chromium/snap bug I looked at indicated there was no resolution planned for the breakage; just a number of people complaining about it.  It was reported quite a long time ago.03:24
lotuspsychjecheck if you affect relevant bugs for your cases before complaining please03:24
plujonCheck if I affect relevant bugs?03:25
lotuspsychjeplujon: yes, you just said you have 'broken' issues on chromium03:25
plujonhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/1741074 is one of the breakages03:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1741074 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "[snap] chrome-gnome-shell extension fails to detect native host connector" [Medium,Triaged]03:26
lotuspsychjeplujon: ok, then help the community, and 'affect' to the bug in the left upper corner03:26
lotuspsychjeas part of the community you can influence/help03:27
plujonHow is a snap different from or better than static linking?03:44
plujonWell, obviously, it is different in a number of technical ways, but big picture, why not just statically link most of the problematic dependencies?03:45
lotuspsychjeplujon: you would have to discuss with some devs about that03:53
plujonApparently brave-browser, OTOH, is not a snap.  I guess I'll be using that.04:13
lotuspsychjebrave was a snap before, but they seemed to remove it04:15
lordievaderGood morning07:22
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