lordievaderGood morning07:22
RoyKlordievader: morning10:19
lordievaderHey RoyK how are you doing?10:19
eoli3nwhere could i find differences between desktop and server isos ?13:30
lotuspsychjeeoli3n: downloading the right link13:31
eoli3nread my question13:31
lotuspsychjeyou mean inside the iso?13:31
eoli3nwhat differs from a server install to desktop install ?13:31
UssatSeveral things, what packages are installed mainly. Desktop has a GUI by default, server doies not13:42
UssatYou can put a GUI on a server, but meh....I see no reason to13:43
Ussatmainly what packages are installed by default13:43
Ussatif you really want ALL the differences, feel free to download them and compare package lists13:44
Ussatthe "back end" is pretty much the same, its Linux13:44
eoli3nUssat i install a desktop with server iso13:52
eoli3ni'm migrating from legacy deployment to uefi13:52
eoli3nwith legacy i use netboot13:52
eoli3nbut in uefi, i only can choose beetween ubuntu-server-live (900M) or ubunt-desktop-live (2.6G)13:53
eoli3ni use ubuntu server with autoinstall, at the end in late_command i run ansible in a chroot to finish configuration13:53
eoli3n(400 tasks, a big playbook, 400 packages)13:53
Ussatyes, and ?13:55
eoli3nthen i wanted to know if my choice is ok, if i would use desktop iso instead13:55
Ussatit depends whaty you want. You can use either.13:55
eoli3nthe lighest one is server, it seems to13:55
Ussatboth will work13:55
eoli3ni want the lighest one, i just want to deboostrap the minimal system, ansible will install all needed packages13:56
UssatCorrect, server is lightest because it does not ahve all the desktop stuff baked in13:56
Ussatso, do that13:56
UssatThats exactly how I install my systems13:56
eoli3nsecond question is the reverted one13:56
Ussatboth Ubuntu server and RHEL13:56
eoli3nwill ubuntu server add some "stange" packages for a desktop ?13:56
Ussatwhat do you mean strange packages. it only installs what you tell it to13:57
UssatThe "back end" of server and desktop are almost exactly the same13:57
eoli3nlegacy netboot is minimal, but ubuntu-server might come with some extra tool, that i would remove with ansible13:57
UssatSo, I would do a test install, see whjats all installed and then yank out what you dont want13:58
eoli3nyep i will diff dpkg -l13:58
eoli3ni'm waiting for new install to finish13:58
UssatJust be sure you know what yopure yanking out13:58
eoli3nyanking ?13:59
eoli3nwhat does that mean ?13:59
Ussatpulling out, removing13:59
Ussatsame idea13:59
eoli3navahi-daemon for exemple :)13:59
UssatI like netplan, a LOT13:59
eoli3nbut i don't need it14:00
Ussatwell, you kinda do for networking14:00
eoli3nnot really14:00
eoli3nif i remember well i do not use any network manager14:00
eoli3ni just set dhcp for my main interface in /etc/network/interfaces14:00
UssatiF Yok, IF YOU WANT14:01
Ussatif you want.14:01
eoli3ntouret ?14:01
eoli3nwhy would you use netplan ?14:02
eoli3nfor the yaml syntax ?14:02
Ussatbecauyse for a server, netplan is very flexible.14:11
ograalso /etc/network/interfaces is dead and gone since years ...14:29
ogra(in debian as well as ubuntu)14:30
eoli3nlets use netplan then14:35
UssatI think I said that...14:38
UssatThat server iso is pretty minimal14:39
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quadrathoch2ogra idk where you got it but debian still uses ifupdown by default15:23
ograquadrathoch2, oh ? i thought they dropped it along with ifconfig ?16:06
ogra(like we did too)16:07
quadrathoch2nope, still haning on tight :)  (they dropped ifconfig)16:11
quadrathoch2or rather net-tools16:11
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eoli3nhow do you configure netplan with unpredictible network interface name ?19:07
eoli3nfor systemd-netword backend19:07
ogradid you check https://netplan.io/examples/ yet ?19:08
tewardyou'd use a relevant match section eoli3n to match a component of the network device's config like MAC address, etc.19:32
tewardreview the examples19:32

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