sunrunner20is there a way to enable root on ZFS for Ubuntu Server?00:04
sunrunner20at install time00:04
sunrunner20rather than building it00:05
sarnoldsunrunner20: the ubuntu server installer doesn't offer that yet00:06
sarnoldsunrunner20: there's guides for how to do an ubuntu root on zfs install yourself00:06
sarnoldsunrunner20: https://openzfs.github.io/openzfs-docs/Getting%20Started/Ubuntu/Ubuntu%2020.04%20Root%20on%20ZFS.html00:06
sarnoldsunrunner20: I followed the 18.04 instructions when I did my laptop install with 19.10; it wasn't super fun but it worked :) these should probably do the trick00:07
sarnoldoh man I should rewatch that :)00:10
sunrunner20lol it is good00:30
PeGaSuSso, seems that netplan has some `test` command to migrate from ifupdown. I've used `ENABLE_TEST_COMMANDS=1 netplan migrate` and it did the job :)00:32
sarnoldPeGaSuS: oh sweet! thanks for reporting back :D00:36
PeGaSuSsarnold: no problem! seems it is able to convert the ifupdown configuration after a fresh install. not sure if it will work if you've already edited the ifupdown interfaces. I've found out the tip here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netplan.io/+bug/177289300:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1772893 in netplan.io (Ubuntu) "netplan has no migrate command" [Undecided,Won't fix]00:38
sarnoldvery cool00:39
sarnoldgiven the fact that ifupdown pretty much lets you just run arbitrary commands, it's a bit hard to automate a conversion00:40
sarnoldbut I'd expect most folks to have simpler files, and *something* is better than nothing00:40
PeGaSuSindeed. and, IMHO, netplan is easier to configure. I've seen some `weird` setups using bridges and whatnot and all seems pretty intuitive00:43
sarnoldwhere I find netplan difficult is that it 'just' prepares configs for systemd-network, and networkctl isn't the most obvious thing ever.. it feels like there's a missing "just show me what you're doing when you do it" sort of mode00:45
PeGaSuSwell, for people like me, that only needs to add/remove some IPv6, it's quite easy00:46
sarnoldI think some of my complaints comes from my first 'real' use of it on an rpi3b+, which was super-cranky to get up and running in the first place00:48
sarnoldthe nic(s?) required firmware and those didn't load..00:48
evrtHi! I recently installed Ubuntu 20.10 on my new laptop, and decided to give ZFS a try for the first time. Unfortunately the experience hasn't been very good. The 'zed' process often goes into loops and i'm getting countless messages in my syslog00:50
evrtI wanted to ask here if, despite the ubuntu team making it an installer option, it's really not that stable, or if people with experience with ZFS feel that it's more likely that my experience is unique and perhaps something hardware related00:51
compdocevrt, sounds like zed isnt configured. I have mine set to only tell me when scrubs start and end00:53
evrthmm, my understanding from reseaching is that zed goes into some kind of garbage collection loop, and only systemctl restart zsysd  causes it to get back into a normal state..00:54
evrtbut is configuring zed something that is expected to be required after a fresh install?00:55
evrti just accepted all the defaults00:55
compdocso what do the messages warn about?00:55
evrtDec  2 00:00:18 evertbook6 zed: eid=133321 class=history_event pool_guid=0x67317F56DC5FF3C1Dec  2 00:00:18 evertbook6 zed[3438]: Missed 1 events00:56
evrtover and over again. I usually notice when I start feeling the heat coming from my laptop :P00:56
compdocIt seems that each time a dataset that also uses =zfs-auto-snapshot= is replicated, a =history_event= for the =com.sun:auto-snapshot-desc= property in each snapshot is logged. This easily spams the logs with thousands of redundant, and rather useless messages as described in #6886, so adding a facility to trim down the noise without disabling the syslog feature altogether seems to be in order.01:06
compdocThis is properly handled in /etc/zed.d/all-syslog.sh by filtering01:07
compdocagainst ZEVENT_SUBCLASS==history_event01:07
evrtah ok. The syslog is not my main concern though, it's the zed going into a loop that I can only interrupt my restarting the service. The logs are actually kind of helpful because it's an easy way to confirm it's happening (other than high CPU usage)01:07
plujonI upgraded to 20.04 LTS, and I need a non-snap version of chromium.  How can I do that most easily?01:08
evrtbut either way it all feels like I'm on new grounds and maybe I shouldn't have opted for something that's a bit more experimental than my tolerance level. It's the filesystem after all, so pretty important :P01:09
compdocyeah. i use zfs for large arrays and mirrors, but I have never used it for the OS01:10
compdocI like simple01:10
compdocis it hdd or ssd?01:11
evrtyeahh.. same. I was just excited for the snapshot features and stuff =)01:11
evrtit's ssd01:11
evrtgot a xps13 9310, but everything feels a tad unstable.01:12
compdochow old is the ssd?01:12
evrti got the computer about a month ago01:12
evrtmy understanding is that they're fresh out the factory.01:13
compdocI expect to install an OS a couple times to get it right01:13
evrthah yeah same :P01:13
compdocI upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 and its been very smooth01:14
evrti also think things should be a bit better with the 5.9 kernel for my chipset, but I'll have to wait till ubuntu 21.04. Don't wanna run non-standard kernels01:14
compdocon my servers too01:14
evrtmy prime motivator for 20.10 was a new Thunderbird version of all things =)01:14
evrtanyway, thank you for the chat! have a good evening01:15
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claude_berserkeAfter an update, Opera was updated, much to my dismay.01:29
claude_berserkeAttempted to remove the current version by;01:29
claude_berserkesudo apt-get remove opera-stable01:29
claude_berserkeresponse was "not installed"01:29
claude_berserkedpkg --list shows the following;01:29
claude_berserkerc  opera-stable   70.0.3728.95  amd6401:29
claude_berserkeMost of the installed apps have "ii" where this output has "rc"01:29
claude_berserkewhat is this? file characteristics? what do they mean?01:29
claude_berserkeI am annoyed by my error in updating Opera by accident as the current versions are crap and do not work. I would like to remove what has been installed and revert to a historical version that is fully operational.01:29
Bashing-omclaude_berserke: "rc" == (r)emoved but (c)onfig files remain. as to opera: not an ubuntu repo package. What is in the PPA ?01:33
claude_berserkeI do not have an opera ppa so I am assuming it was updated through an ubuntu repository01:35
Bashing-om!info opera | claude_berserke01:36
ubottuclaude_berserke: Package opera does not exist in focal01:36
Bashing-om!info opera | bionic01:36
ubottubionic: Package opera does not exist in focal01:36
Bashing-om!info opera bionic01:37
ubottuPackage opera does not exist in bionic01:37
sarnoldI don't see any opera debs in my local ubuntu archive mirror, wehich covers precise through hirsuite01:39
Bashing-omclaude_berserke: I would expect the opera PPA to be in the 3rd party directory ' tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ' to see.01:41
claude_berserkeBashing-om: I had the same problem befor (removing installed version) and attempted overwriting with an archived version. It did work and the version installed did work. I am just looking to remove the current (non working) version completely.01:44
claude_berserkeBashing-om: so I need to look into removing ther config files, thank you.01:46
Bashing-omclaude_berserke: Consult then the PPA docs for opera. I imigine the PPA maintains older versions - but do make sure that the version is compatible with the installed libs on the system.01:46
DarkTrickI'm trying to install docker.io, but apt fails at `Get`ing "http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu groovy/main amd64 runc amd64 1.0.0~rc10-0ubuntu2"01:47
DarkTrickOpening the website itself seems to be no problem01:48
claude_berserkeBashing-om: Thank you I will. I actually did not install through ppa but downloaded a historical version and installd with package installer. Probably why there wwere errors with the package.01:50
DarkTricksolved: apt update --fix-missing solved it01:50
soft_concreteIs there anything I need to know before I update from 20.04 to 20.10? Besides "make a backup first"01:52
soft_concreteThis is my first time upgrading Ubuntu. I've only used Ubuntu for a couple of months01:52
Bashing-omclaude_berserke: Same same here with an install of "slimjet". I also installed the browser via a .deb file.01:52
KisamaAre you using laptop or pc?01:53
Bashing-omsoft_concrete: Make sure you have fully updated and PPAs reverted ( includes any proprietary grahic's drivers). You are aware that 20.10 only has 9 months of support ?01:54
Kisamabe careful with your network01:55
sarnoldsoft_concrete: it's always worth checking the release notes before an upgrade https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/groovy-gorilla-release-notes/1553301:56
soft_concreteBashing-om: I used to run Arch, so non-LTS releases are hardly bleeding edge to me.. but yes I'm aware :)01:56
soft_concretesarnold: thanks, I'll check that out01:56
claude_berserkeBashing-om: I figured the errors were because I did not completely remove the entire app and left over files were not completely compatible with earlier versions.01:56
Bashing-omclaude_berserke: Good call :P01:59
claude_berserkeBashing-om: good news all gone.  sudo dpkg  --purge opera-stable02:08
claude_berserkeBashing-om: Thank You.02:08
KisamaGnight everyone02:08
Bashing-omclaude_berserke: You did all the work :P Glad ya got it all sorted out :)02:09
claude_berserkeBashing-om: Have a good night. Stay away from sick people.02:10
KisamaThank you02:10
soft_concreteDoes using Wayland rather than X11 improve screen tearing with fractional display scaling (I use 125%)?02:15
sarnoldit feels ever so slightly possible; I've heard wayland can remove one frame of latency anyway02:19
* soft_concrete sends the channel a glass of egg nog02:24
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HashWhat kind of X is in 20.04?02:48
HashWayland or Xorg?02:49
HashI dunno this.02:49
mozzarellaHash: wayland isn't a "kind of X"02:50
mozzarellayou'd call X a display server, not sure if wayland calls itself that, they're kind of different in design02:52
sarnoldHash: both are available, xorg is default02:54
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HashI would like to a package I rebuild from source after patching and I want to make it pinned02:58
HashI forgot how to pin a package version of package you made yorueslf02:58
Bashing-om!pin | Hash03:00
ubottuHash: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto03:00
HashThis is the current policy.03:00
HashI did apt-get source plasma-framework, patched it, built it, installed it. I would like to make sure any future updates don't overinstall this package03:01
Hash*** 5.68.0-0ubuntu1.1 so I'm guessing the policy states priority 100 is my package the .1 and the repo package is not .1 with 500 priority03:01
HashSo I'm thinking I should change the priorities? Make mine higher than repo? Does that sound right?03:01
sarnoldHash: I think a hold might be easier than pinning03:02
Hash$  sudo apt-mark hold plasma-framework03:03
Hashplasma-framework set on hold.03:03
HashI guess that's it03:03
sarnoldit can cause some pretty confusing do-release-upgrade errors -- so when it's time to upgrade to an entirely new release, remember this moment :)03:03
HashOh yeah, I'm sure I'll find out03:03
HashIf not, ... actually I should just create a patch for it. But then my concern is, if package source chagnes, patch might fail03:03
HashI had to revert dialog.cpp two functions reltated to panels, so now KDE works with Xmonad again. Yay03:04
Hashpackage policy doesn't tell me if it's held.03:05
Hashhi  plasma-framework                              5.68.0-0ubuntu1.1                                            amd64        Plasma Runtime components03:05
HashFound it in dpkg -l. Hmm. Ok thanks that was helpful.03:06
sarnoldHash: apt-mark showhold or dpkg --get-selections also report it03:06
Kisama.graph1h btc03:06
sarnoldfunny, though, I *so* often look for installed things with dpkg -l 'foo*' | grep ^ii ... and this breaks that. I wonder who else makes the same mistake.03:06
HashI used to use aptitude and flags.03:08
HashI wonder why they discontinued it in favor of apt03:08
HashI used to be a maint and dev and then I left the project circia 201003:08
plujonIs there a common way to get a non-snap version of chromium on Ubuntu?03:08
Bashing-omHash: Like this: https://etbe.coker.com.au/2020/12/04/kde-icons-disappearing-unstable/ ?03:08
HashI have no idea what's going on with Debian. I switched to Ubuntu in '1603:08
HashOne sec03:08
sarnoldplujon: maybe google offers a build? there may also be a flatpak, not sure03:09
plujonsarnold: Thanks, But I suspect a flatpak has the same drawbacks as a snap.03:09
Bashing-omplujon: No, however there are some 3rd party spins that have chromium as the base.03:09
Hashhttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=396177 for Bashing-om03:09
ubottuKDE bug 396177 in libplasmaquick "Plasmashell dialog regression when KDE is used with Xmonad introduced by fix for 381242" [Normal,Confirmed]03:09
lotuspsychje18.04 has also still the apt chromium i think?03:09
Hashhttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=381242 Bashing-om03:09
ubottuKDE bug 381242 in Panel "Application Launcher stops working when "Minimize All Windows" widgets is clicked" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]03:09
plujonBashing-om: third party "spins"?03:10
HashIt's because Qt 5.10 changed some stuff and they had to do a fix, and that fix breaks Xmoand functionality03:10
Bashing-omplujon: Well - I run "slimjet" as my chromium replacement. YMMV!03:11
Hashhttps://github.com/xmonad/xmonad/issues/174#issuecomment-406886552 Bashing-om03:11
HashThat's the proposed fix, to just revert two functions to before KDE introduced this fix03:11
Bashing-omHash: KDE works hard on thier desktop :D03:11
plujonWhy is chromium a snap in the first place?03:12
mefistofelesplujon: spy software!03:12
HashThese days everything is a snap03:12
lotuspsychjemefistofeles: dont please03:13
HashI use chrome. I like google knowing what I do. It makes my life easier.03:13
sarnoldplujon: probably to simplify building it, as backporting compilers / libraries / etc to older releases takes time, but bundling up a snap doesn't require rebuilding for every release. that's my guess anyway.03:13
HashThat's one of the reasons snap is good and also endorsed by Linus T.03:14
HashOne of the biggest problems in linux is software packaging03:14
matsamansnap is a clusterfsck03:14
HashTons of distros, package mangers, abi/api/lib version dependencies, it's a real mess.03:14
matsamanit's really not03:14
HashNot as bad as the foss ecosystem.03:14
matsamanthe whole point of a distro is to have its own package manager03:14
matsamanso to say distros aren't interoperable is pointless03:14
HashI've never understood that. It's like everyone and their cousin thinks they know how to do things in the 'best way'. So that's their way. The way of their distro.03:15
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!03:15
lotuspsychjeplease stick to ubuntu support issues03:15
mefistofelessnap was tailor made to be able to package and run closed source software in Linux, imho. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.03:16
matsamanHash: it's not really, there are precious few distros that aren't just a wholesale copy of an actual, non-derivative distro03:16
HashThe only reason I used Ubuntu was out of laziness.03:16
HashThings are easily setup, less manual work than debian.03:16
HashBut then you have to deal with the community of mostly non so much techy people.03:17
lotuspsychjemefistofeles: matsaman Hash use the discuss channel please03:17
HashMore gui ways of doing things. It's a hassle. Anyway03:17
HashGood day!03:17
lotuspsychjeleave the channel free for users that need help03:17
mefistofeleslotuspsychje: ok03:17
HashI looked at the bug report you posted Bashing-om03:19
mefistofelesQt 5.10 did change some crucial things, I heard there were issues with multiple external displays as well, for laptops03:20
HashBashing-om: if that is reported by you, I might try disabling compositing or gl acceleration and test the icons agian03:20
Bashing-omHash: Naw - just a case I was aware of that I thought might be of interet to you also.03:21
Hash*nod* ty03:21
HashI use multihead, but I use Xmonad primarily and not KDE workspaces03:22
HashNo idea there. My multi head setup works fine. I use noveau driver and xrandr does it automatically03:23
HashOne thing someone might know about: When I use noveau driver in Ubuntu, when I do alt+f2 or use tty2 without logging into Xorg, my console is high resolution, nice fonts, huge desktop03:23
HashWhen I use the nvidia 340 legaacy driver in ubuntu for my gpu, the tty2 and other consoles have really large fonts, and not a high resolution tty anymore.03:24
HashDoes anyone know why this happens?03:24
HashI cannot take a screenshot, but I'd have to reboot and take a picture with phone, and have to switch to nvidia to show you03:24
mefistofelesyeah, i think this is because of lack of dkms support03:24
HashI dunno what that is or does. Can you tell me more?03:25
mefistofelesbut you could force GRUB (if that's the boot loader you are using) to use a better resolution03:25
sarnoldHash: how quickly does that high-res console thing scroll?03:25
sarnoldHash: I used fbdev console ~20 years ago for fun and left when I got tired of the glacial scrolling03:25
Hashsarnold: a bit slower than the big font one, you know the big fonts you see when you do bios post? stuff like that, basic 12x8 ro somethign I can't rmember03:25
HashWell I mean it has to render colors in high resolution with fonts so a bit slower yeah03:26
sarnoldHash: yeah, that's the one I wind up seeing often now :) heh03:26
HashThe bigger font stuff tty in the nvidia driver, scrolls normally fast03:26
sarnoldHash: https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/fb/fbcon.html03:26
mefistofelesit may be an illusion, seems faster because there's less space, not sure03:27
sarnoldHash: *probably* this is what you're seeing when you're using noveau03:27
HashI don't need to. I do fine without nvidia. Gaming works fine with noveau driver on my gtx 27503:27
HashYeah, with nvidia driver, I dont get anything but a normal bit font DOS looklike screen.03:28
HashAlso,is it possible to do dual head without xorg?03:28
Hashsay in cli, both monitor display the same terminal.03:28
HashI want each mojnitor to be on a diff tty03:28
HashIf you guys know anything :)03:28
sarnoldHash: I've never seen dual-seat without X03:29
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HashNeither have I. :/ I mean with a KVM switch and two pcs, sure.03:29
sarnoldI've seen blog posts / articles etc about dual-seat with X, but it always felt like a killer feature that I'm surprised we haven't seen more of03:30
sarnold"share one computer among four students" kind of thing feels like something schools would like, or libraries, etc..03:31
sarnoldalright, time to go, have fun Hash :)03:32
matsamanthey're too busy teaching people software that only works on one computer at a time with a license for each installation03:32
HashGood night folks03:32
Hashty sarnold03:32
Kisamagood night  Hash03:32
hohosamanyone is using amd ryzen7 4000series cpu laptop?for example,R7-4800U03:46
Kisamamaybe someone but what's your question?03:49
hohosamthere is nosound in my laptop while using 20.04/20.10 gnome edition,try some methods in google/stackoverflow,but it works when configured,and still back to no sound when reboot.it seems cannot find the correct sound card03:51
KisamaWhy not trying with another distro? check if the problem is on the distro or yor your laptop03:53
hohosami have ever used mint20,it based on ubuntu20.04 but sounds work fine.so i go to mate-edition to ask if someone is using the same hardware,but no answerd,so i go here to see if someone do use it,but it seems not:)03:56
Kisamayep, sorry03:59
Guest20how to check the environment variables used by a process?04:05
rurt91Guest20: https://www.google.com/search?q=check+environment+variables+of+process+unix&hl=en04:29
rurt91Guest20: found it on google on first try04:29
Rexodusrurt91: TnX :)04:42
reagamy ubuntu wont work with displayport when i have nvidia drivers05:05
reagaits totally black, but ubuntu thinks its working fully05:05
reagaso i can drag windows etc to the monitor but it wont display anything05:05
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lambdaguy101i'm having some problems with ubuntu 20.10. everytime i try to install it, it says that the installer has crashed. when i try again, it says that ubi-partman exited with code 10. i'm asking here because nothing online helped me so far08:02
lambdaguy101guess i am not going to get any help here08:06
lambdaguy101i'm going to rephrase this: ubuntu 20.10 tells me that the installer has crashed at the end of the installation process, and when trying to install again, it says ubi-partman exited with code 10. when booting into the drive i installed ubuntu on, it works, but not how it should. i searched on the internet an answer to this problem, but no success.08:13
lambdaguy101what can i do about this?08:13
lotuspsychjelambdaguy101: if you want volunteers to be able to help, try to catch your logs and put them into a pastebin to gather more details08:23
lambdaguy101lotuspsychje i can't seem to be able to get the installation logs. what can i do about this?08:24
lotuspsychjelambdaguy101: if you install ubuntu from a liveusb, you can start ubiquity from terminal and catch more logs on journal08:24
lambdaguy101lotuspsychje give me 1 sec08:25
lambdaguy101lotuspsychje launching ubiquity from the terminal just says that the imp module is deprecated in favour of importlib. nothing else.08:31
lambdaguy101and the installer crashed08:38
lotuspsychjelambdaguy101: try to open a journalctl -f too08:40
lotuspsychjeuse a pastebin to show your errors08:40
lambdaguy101it just keeps saying about my mouse that it's lagging by a few ms08:41
lambdaguy101let me try restarting my pc and attempting to do this again. i'll give you the logs in a few mins08:49
locsmif_workI have a link to a script in ~/.config/autostart. The script starts another script in the background and then disowns it. This works fine from the commandline, but when started this way, Unity complains that a "xxx is causing a problem". Why?09:02
lotuspsychje!pm | lambdaguy101 here please so other volunteers can also think along09:04
ubottulambdaguy101 here please so other volunteers can also think along: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.09:04
lambdaguy101https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BBC6J9Y3mg the logs09:07
deki_01Hi 2all!09:15
deki_01what does this mean, I can not install wine 5.22 on Ubuntu 20.0409:20
deki_01dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/winehq-stable_5.0.3~focal_amd64.deb (--unpack):  trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/function_grep.pl', which is also in package wine64-development-tools 5.5-3ubuntu1 Errors were encountered while processing:  /var/cache/apt/archives/winehq-stable_5.0.3~focal_amd64.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:20
lotuspsychjedeki_01: the packages on the ubuntu repos are divided for your ubuntu release version, that means you have to install wine from your release09:22
lotuspsychjedeki_01: aka wine Version 5.0-3ubuntu109:22
deki_01and is it possible to install the wine 5.2209:24
lotuspsychjedeki_01: its possible, but we dont support external debs/ppa's in the support channel here, you will have to contact wines website/support09:27
lambdaguy101i still have the problems i have with ubuntu 20.10.09:29
locsmif_worklotuspsychje: we don't?09:30
locsmif_workMeaning you will forbid people to have a discussion about how to install them?09:30
lotuspsychjelocsmif_work: we only support the packages from the official ubuntu repos09:31
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deki_01hm I will try wine-development09:31
lotuspsychjeand reccomend to use the packages meant for the ubuntu release09:32
locsmif_worklotuspsychje: who's we?09:33
locsmif_workThere a 1000 people in this channel09:33
locsmif_workCould be a maintainer is present, who knows09:33
locsmif_workSo would you kick such a maintainer if they offered advice?09:33
locsmif_workSeems a bit overblown imo09:34
lotuspsychjelocsmif_work: lets discuss this in #ubuntu-discuss09:35
lambdaguy101guess i'll have to go back to windows 1009:37
lambdaguy101so when ubiquity crashes, i can boot from the drive i installed ubuntu on, but it defaults to the nouveau video driver, which should not happen, as when installing the os before, it defaulted to nvidia-driver-450. switching to the proprietary drivers while it defaults to nouveau results in decreased performance. what can i do?09:44
deki_01I try to install mono-complete now and get this: The following packages have unmet dependencies:09:49
deki_01and shows a list of the Depends:09:49
deki_01 Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.09:49
lambdaguy101does it show some packages that can replace the dependencies that are missing?09:50
lambdaguy101download those packages. it might work09:51
deki_01i did sudo apt install mono-runtime and get already the newest version but if I run sudo apt install mono-complete is shows Depends: ... it to be installed09:53
ikoniadeki_01: what repo is it coming from09:56
deki_01ikonia: ubuntu 20.0410:00
ikoniano, what repo is the mono packages coming from10:00
deki_01 mono-runtime (= but is to be installe10:01
ikoniawhat repo is it coming from10:01
deki_01you mean this one │deb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ focal main restricted10:03
ikoniais your metadata out of date10:15
ikoniaapt update10:15
ikoniais it that simmple10:15
deki_01yes tried evrything now I am deleting the Depents: pakages10:16
ikoniadeki_01: are you sure the packages are coming from the ubuntu repo10:36
ikoniadeki_01: it's very unusual to have broken dependencies in packages that are designed to be used on the same ubuntu version as you are running and are official packages from the official repo10:37
ikoniadeki_01: what is the name of the package you're installing that first has a broken dependnecy10:37
lambdaguy101how can i prevent ubiquity from crashing at the end of the setup?10:38
EriC^^lambdaguy101: any idea why it's crashing? there's a terminal you can drop down that shows what its doing10:39
lambdaguy101i have no idea why it's crashing10:39
lambdaguy101the terminal dropdown shows regular stuff, no errors10:39
EriC^^deki_01: removing the depends on that might not be a good idea if it needs that version10:40
EriC^^better to resolve the issue differently10:40
deki_01Eric: how I have already deleted some Depends now I have just 3 left but I can delete those mono-devl and monodoc-manual and libmono-2.0-110:42
EriC^^deki_01: probably there's a problem with one of the ppa's10:43
EriC^^ mono-runtime (= but is to be installe10:43
deki_01i used the source.list https://gist.github.com/ishad0w/788555191c7037e249a439542c53e17010:43
deki_01yes that one10:43
EriC^^it means that some repo is providing the 6.12 one10:43
EriC^^if you dont need that repo you can purge it to get back the repo default packages so it all balances out, or maybe some repo that uses the updated version for mono-runtime10:44
deki_01you mean from the source.list10:45
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html10:45
ikoniayeah, just changing sources.list won't save it10:47
EriC^^deki_01:you have to run ppa-purge so it removes the ppa and uninstalls the stuff it downloaded and reverts to the repo packages versions10:47
lambdaguy101ubiquity keeps crashing after it says "Downloading packages (0:XX)" and "Installing system"10:57
lambdaguy101I have no logs sadly10:57
lotuspsychjelambdaguy101: you gave a pastebin of your logs earlier10:59
lambdaguy101i know10:59
lambdaguy101but for what happened now, i don't10:59
lambdaguy101is it a bug in ubiquity?10:59
deki_01Finaly I get removed mono, thants for that11:00
lambdaguy101So apparently it's a bug when installing 3rd party drivers and when using an nVidia card11:04
locsmif_workI have a link to a script in ~/.config/autostart. The script starts another script in the background and then disowns it. This works fine from the commandline, but when started this way, Unity complains that a "xxx is causing a problem". Why?11:15
EriC^^locsmif_work: do you have a show more or details button?11:35
LordDoskiashello i'd like to have the following udev rule executed when my wacom tablet is connected:11:42
LordDoskiasCTION=="add", SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="056a", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0374", RUN+="/usr/bin/xsetwacom --set \"Wacom Intuos S Pen stylus\" Mode Relative", RUN+="/usr/bin/xsetwacom --set \"Wacom Intuos S Pen stylus\" MapToOutput DIsplayPort-0"11:43
LordDoskiaslsusb shows: Bus 003 Device 036: ID 056a:0374 Wacom Co., Ltd CTL-4100 [Intuos (S)]11:43
LordDoskiaslooking at the journalctl log i can see this is indeed happening however when i look at the properties of the device the options are not applied, this leads me to believe this is executed way too early in the init process of the device, is there a way to execute this udev rule when the device is already settled?11:43
locsmif_workLordDoskias: write a script11:51
LordDoskiaswhat do you mean ? isn't this what udev is for ?11:51
locsmif_workLordDoskias: the script can sleep for a few seconds11:51
locsmif_workLordDoskias: your udev rule can call the script11:51
LordDoskiasyeah, but that would block udev11:51
locsmif_workLordDoskias: https://askubuntu.com/a/290842 perhaps, but in the end, the device not being ready to accept commands isn't udev's fault11:53
locsmif_workEriC^^: this also seems interesting: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/110476  ..but I have no real idea if/how it will work11:56
locsmif_workEriC^^: your question earlier: my script is non-interactive: it doesn't present any dialog boxes or whatever11:57
locsmif_workThe previous user highlight was for LordDoskias11:57
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guajehello everybody, i have 5 hours trying solutions and i don't get anything, yesterday my nve disk with ubuntu 20 by a mistake was left at 0 bytes in hd and everything was frozen. after starting it doesn't start grub. With a live with 18 I want to mount the disk to delete some file but when a zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/zfs rpool... does not mount12:39
guajeanything. I am a little lost, thank you very much.12:39
EriC^^guaje: i think grub shouldn't be related to the zfs, it should either be in the mbr or the efi partition12:42
EriC^^guaje: can you paste the link you get from 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999' from a live usb?12:43
EriC^^full disclosure i dont know much about zfs at all but can probably help with why grub isnt showing up12:43
guajeI stayed at 0 bytes on the hd12:45
EriC^^guaje: type 'sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com'12:46
EriC^^guaje: also, 'sudo mount /dev/nvme0n1p1 /mnt && ls -lR /mnt | nc termbin.com 9999'12:46
EriC^^no problem12:47
guajewith this sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com appear me information... no link12:48
EriC^^ah sorry12:48
EriC^^sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999912:48
EriC^^forgot the port12:48
guajefor the second https://termbin.com/hb1912:48
guaje1 > https://termbin.com/m5wz12:49
EriC^^guaje: does 'sudo blkid /dev/nvme0n1p1' show the PARTUUID as 94ddefd8-fdcc-46cc-8ecd-644be3675384 ?12:50
ddubyadoes anyone know a support forum for qemu or kvm, #qemu is pretty dead12:51
EriC^^guaje: grub looks fine, there's an entry in the uefi list pointing to the efi partition and a shimx64.efi file that exists12:51
EriC^^guaje: if you hold "shift" when the pc boots do you get grub?12:52
guajedon't try it, you want me to try it first12:53
EriC^^are you not getting anything at all? not even a grub> or grub rescue> shell?12:53
EriC^^yeah try to hold shift after you restart, see if you get the grub menu or anything grub related like a shell12:54
guajeis left carrying a splash of asus...12:54
EriC^^guaje: actually 1 sec before restarting12:55
EriC^^if you havent restarted try 'sudo mkdir -p /mnt/efi/microsoft/boot'12:55
EriC^^still there?12:56
guajeill go to restart12:57
BluesKajHi folks12:58
lambdaguy101i installed focal fossa 20.04, i chose to log in automatically, but i am stuck on the login screen. typing my password just takes me back to the user choosing screen. when i choose to power off my computer, it says that i am logged in but i am not. any solutions?13:11
guajewow, I think we have taken a step, now passes from grub . but stands in the splash, I waited 10 minutes .13:12
lambdaguy101still in the splash screen after 10 minutes? what version?13:13
guajethey were helping me 10 minutes ago, I have waited just in case, but I am without space in the hd13:14
lambdaguy101yeah, but what version of ubuntu guaje?13:15
lambdaguy10120 . what?13:15
lambdaguy10120.04 or 20.10?13:15
guaje20.04 sy13:15
lambdaguy101so what can you see on your screen?13:16
guajethe splash13:16
guajewow as I'm in a live and running I do not remember the name of who was helping me, began with G_ that head mine13:17
EriC^hey guaje13:17
guajeeric thanks13:17
lambdaguy101so it just shows the ubuntu logo or the login screen? or the manufacturer logo alongside the ubuntu logo on the bottom? we need more details13:18
EriC^he has a full hdd, using zfs13:18
EriC^guaje: now it's stalling at the ubuntu splash screen?13:18
guajeyou like details like me, it stays in the nice splash that asus brought for ubuntu 20.04 lambdaguy10113:19
lambdaguy101the thing is we need more details so we know exactly how to help and what problems you have. and it just shows the ubuntu logo at the bottom and the asus logo in the middle, right?13:20
EriC^guaje: what happens if you go in grub to advanced > choose a recovery kernel13:20
EriC^maybe you can drop to a root shell there, remount rw using 'mount -o remount,rw /' and delete some files to make space13:21
guajeattempt it13:23
guajeI don't know how to do it, but I'm going for it13:23
lambdaguy101i think you need to hold shift when booting up your device. at least that's how it was for me13:24
lambdaguy101did you try it?13:25
guajeit has to be the language, I don't speak English well, I sound like a joke lambdaguy10113:28
lambdaguy101and? you can still understand us13:28
lambdaguy101let's get back on track.13:28
lambdaguy101did you try holding shift when booting up your computer?13:28
guajeand the grub appears correctly13:29
lambdaguy101now do as how EriC^ said13:30
EriC^guaje: press on 'advanced' then choose the newest kernel that has 'recovery' in the line13:32
EriC^then drop to root shell, type "mount -o remount,rw /" and delete the files you dont need to make space13:33
guajeok thanks13:34
guajeI don't know what will become of me in the shell... I'm going to try the options, thank you very much to the 2. that before I forgot eric13:34
guajewhenever I enter this chat I leave with a smile, thank you13:36
basenodeyou there deltab?13:42
APIScorcherI'd like some help, I'm on Ubuntu 20.04 and want to connect my laptop to my monitor using HDMI. I can't figure out how to.13:49
ddubyaAPIScorcher, what happens when you connect it13:50
APIScorcherMonitor doesn't detect anything13:51
ddubyamonitor standby blinking or says "no signal" ?13:51
APIScorcherIt scans and then says No Signal13:52
ddubyarun xrandr in the terminal, it lists each video output, like HDMI-0 etc13:53
APIScorcherHDMI-1 disconnected13:53
ddubyatry xrandr --output HDMI-1 --auto13:55
APIScorcherOof, still no signal13:56
APIScorcherxrandr also says its disconnected13:56
ddubyaare you sure the monitor input is set correctly (if it has multiple inputs like dvi, displayport etc)13:58
APIScorcherwell it worked when I had Windows, now it doesn't work with Ubuntu13:58
ddubyaoh ok13:59
APIScorcherYeah input is correct13:59
APIScorcherI got it working14:01
APIScorcherput the hdmi in another port14:01
APIScorcherthanks man14:01
ddubyaso rebooting didn't fix it... I've seen where inputs don't work if they're not hooked up at boot14:01
ddubyathe laptop has more than one port, or the monitor?14:03
APIScorcherI fixed it14:04
APIScorcherjust used another port on the monitor14:05
APIScorcherThanks ddubya14:06
ddubyano problem, I also tried that command and partially crashed my desktop (got it back though lol)14:07
ddubyaI guess nvidia drivers still don't like xrandr14:07
coconutI have not mastered apt well. Any easy way to show the package difference between ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-server?14:09
tieinvapt show14:13
coconuttieinv, is there any diff feature on apt for such thing?14:18
noalternativeI am still unable to get my wired headset mic working on Ubuntu 20.04 64bit14:28
noalternativeI installed pulse audio volumn control and tried different settings, none worked14:29
noalternativeMy ear phones worked, just not my mic.14:29
noalternativeIt is attached to a usb soundcard with green and pink jacks14:30
noalternativeI am not sure my usb soundcard has the right drivers.14:31
pavlosbasenode: what was the issue?14:31
noalternativeI really can't find any coherent documentation on this issue.14:31
ddubyanoalternative, so pulseaudio doesn't show the mic?14:31
pavlosnoalternative: is there a model# for this usb sound thingy?14:32
noalternativeIt says microphone under "usb pnp sound device mono"14:33
noalternativeeven after that the microphone isn't working14:34
pavlosnoalternative: does lsusb list this device?14:34
noalternativeI made a test.wave and the sound is very muffled under some sort of buzz14:34
noalternativebarely audible voice14:34
noalternativepavios I will check these things.14:35
noalternativehere is the output under lsusb https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nnfRGW62Hd/14:37
pavlosnoalternative: it does not list this device14:38
noalternativeI think the unifying reciever is my logitech mouse, and it looks like I have 2 entries form usb hub14:39
pavlosnoalternative: and the genesys is a card reader14:40
noalternativedon't know what the intell stuff would be.14:40
pavlosnoalternative: when plugged in, do you see anything in dmesg ?14:41
ledeninoalternative: check 'pavucontrol' input devices port: should be headset microphone14:42
pavlosnoalternative: paste <( cat /proc/asound/cards )14:43
noalternativeI don't see a model number anywere.  There no cd with this device.  It just said plug and play.  Also not much documentation.14:43
lambdaguy101i was gone for a while. i need help with an issue in ubuntu focal fossa 20.04. i am stuck on the login screen while my user is logged in. i cannot do anything besides suspend, shutdown, or just login but won't work14:45
noalternativeHere is a paste of my dmesg output https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JvP6hNj8Qg/14:47
ledenilambdaguy101: do you have another user set ?14:49
lambdaguy101ledeni no14:49
pavlosnoalternative: I see a usb PnP sound device by C-Media14:49
lambdaguy101it happened after a fresh install of ubuntu14:49
ledenilambdaguy101:that mean you never login properly to your user14:51
lambdaguy101ledeni how14:51
lambdaguy101ledeni what i did was install ubuntu then boot into the drive i installed ubuntu on. nothing else14:51
lambdaguy101and also, i chose to log me in automatically14:52
pavlosnoalternative: not sure if this helps, http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/02/how-to-set-c-media-usb-71-channel-sound.html14:53
ledenilambdaguy101: when you install did you choice thrid party drivers anyway14:55
lambdaguy101yes i chose to install 3rd party software14:55
pavlosnoalternative: also, https://www.alsa-project.org/wiki/Matrix:Vendor-C-Media14:56
ledenilambdaguy101: do you know your gpu is ?14:56
lambdaguy101nvidia geforce gtx 105014:57
noalternativepavlos: cat /proc/asound/cards https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/J59MJf2Bbt/14:57
noalternativepavlos: I also posted my dmesg output upstream.14:57
ledenilambdaguy101: i suggest to reinstall system without 3rd party software14:58
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lambdaguy101ledeni but won't i have the nouveau driver by default? everytime it was default and switched to the nvidia driver, everything just became worse. performance worsened, animations were gone, resolution locked, etc.14:59
pavlosnoalternative: paste <( cat /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base )15:00
ledenilambdaguy101: i know but something not set properly nvidia driver and you need to check and install after you install ubuntu15:01
noalternativepavlos: cat /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base says no such file or directory15:02
pavlosnoalternative: add the .conf part ... paste <( cat /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf )15:02
ledenilambdaguy101: at least i will try that way15:03
lambdaguy101i'll try in a few minutes. i got homework to do15:03
noalternativepavlos: cat /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yxVRnNb5sv/15:05
pavlosnoalternative: can you comment line 49? (add # in front of it)15:06
noalternativepavlos ok than reboot?15:06
pavlosnoalternative: sure15:07
noalternativeI am using nano and I don't see any line numbers15:08
noalternativethat was to pavlos15:09
noalternativepavlos: I don't have line numbers could you be specific about what you wan't commented out.15:10
noalternativePavlos: I found it in the paste so I am ok now15:11
noalternativepavlos: I am rebooting15:12
pavlosnoalternative: press ctrl-C in nao, it will display line numbers15:12
noalternativegood to know15:12
pavlosnoalternative: actually, alt-C not ctrl-C sorry15:13
pavlosnoalternative: if you try, "sudo nano -l alsa-base.conf", it will show line numbers (that's lowercase el)15:19
Kisamagood morning guys15:23
Kisamahi guys15:28
Kisamasomeone there?15:30
noalternativepavlos: I rebooted and did a test recording again.  Again, my voice was barely audible under a loud hum15:39
hggdhKisama: hi, your best bet to to simply go ahead and ask your question. And, yes, there are about 1,200 persons in this channel :-)15:40
lambdaguy101ledeni i am back and i'll try reinstalling focal fossa now15:40
lambdaguy101i have access to the bios thankfully, give me a few mins15:41
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noalternativepavlos: Are you there?15:47
noalternativeI rebooted and did another test and again, I have barely audible voice with a loud hum.15:48
pavlosnoalternative: can you adjust control panel settings audio to increase mic ?15:48
noalternativeyes, it made the hum louder15:48
pavlosnoalternative: at lease before, mic was not working but I dont know what else to try15:48
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HashHow would you set your ubutnu 20 desktop swappiness15:52
Hashvm.swappiness = 1015:52
Hashvm.dirty_ratio = 6015:52
Hashvm.dirty_background_ratio = 215:52
HashI am using the above settings for sysctl.conf and I find myself swapping a lot still, 8gb ram.15:52
ledeninoalternative: check level of mic volume should be about 15 % or you will have microphony hum from speakers15:52
HashMost of the RAM is taken up by google chrome.15:52
HashI need a more lightweight browser15:53
lambdaguy101ledeni it worked. thanks15:53
HashAnd also, what can do for swapping less?15:53
ledenilambdaguy101: you're welcome15:53
HashAnd also, I was told not to put swap on ssd, but if I put swap on hdd, it takes a fwe seconds to read back, ssd is faster15:53
Hashnet.core.somaxconn = 65535 that too helps15:54
noalternativeledini: Still muffled with hum, though my voice and the hum are less lound15:59
ledeninoalternative do you have external speakers on or that is lappy16:01
noalternativeledeni: It is a compute stick, and I only have headphones for it on a usb sound card.16:01
ledeninoalternative:ok for pc or laptop16:02
noalternativeOther than that it wants to send sound to an hdmi monitor. I have no sound on my hdmi monitor so I suspect it just creates conflict.16:02
noalternativeI am no sure how to clasify a compute stick.  It hasn't got native speakers though16:03
treahI am using Ubuntu 20.10 and I have noticed that snap programs are rediculously slower then there deb counterparts. I have a Ryzen 3 system with over 16gb of memory and 12 cores so I would think that my system qualifies as "Modern". Has anyone else noticed that snaps are just really really slow to launch?16:06
noalternativeledeni:  Here is the specs on compute stick https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/86612/intel-compute-stick-stck1a32wfc.html16:09
noalternativeledeni: pavlos: I have to go for now, but I will be back either later today or tomarrow.  If you can find someone who can help, please pm me.16:11
coconuttreah, yeah i do not like snap either... already considered to change to debian, they do not enforce snap packages. :)16:11
noalternativethanks for trying though16:11
treahI do not like or dislike them really. I was just curious if its normal for them to be really slow to start. They also tend to go unresponsive sometimes too16:12
lambdaguy101so i restarted my pc, but the resolution is stuck at 800x600 after switching to the nvidia video driver 45516:12
lambdaguy101oh yeah and animations are gone16:12
=== treah is now known as Treah
TreahI assume your refering to the closed source driver?16:15
lambdaguy101Treah yeah16:16
TreahAre you changing things via the built in ubuntu screen management thing or the nvidia one? I would use the nvidia one16:17
TreahAt least thats my experiance the last time I had a nvidia card16:17
RoseBushi, i can't figure out what happened to this .tar.gz after my `mv` command... please help me locate this file16:18
TreahUhhh use find16:18
lambdaguy101Treah i changed the driver from the software and updates app, but haven't checked if i can change the res from the nvidia app16:18
lambdaguy101update: can't16:18
TreahHmmm odd16:19
TreahIt used to make changes directly to the .X11 files16:19
lambdaguy101also, can't change page in the show applications menu with the driver selected16:19
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TreahI would check your xorg log files to see if anything hinky is going on because I bet something is failing to load16:21
RoseBusTreah, i used find, could not find it16:25
RoseBuswhops my real name is in there haha, removing and re-pasting16:27
ioriaandoid-dev != android-dev16:29
ioriayou created an 'andoid-dev' file in your home16:30
RoseBusi found it ty16:30
DeyaaDoes squid proxy support socks517:06
ddubyaDeyaa, apparently yes, if you compile it yourself17:16
isemenovgood evening17:25
isemenovI've installed the package "paraview" on ubuntu 20.0417:25
isemenovversion "5.7.0-4ubuntu9"17:26
isemenovalso I've installed "paraview-dev" version "5.7.0-4ubuntu9"17:26
isemenovin order to build a plugin for paraview, located at github17:26
Kisamagood evening isemenov17:27
isemenovbut, cmake configuration for the plugin source fails, because it cannot find files such as17:27
isemenov /usr/bin/smTestDriver-pv5.717:27
isemenovbut, this file is a part of the paraview build.17:27
isemenovubuntu does not provide the file, as well as a few other "imported targets" required to build paraview plugins.17:28
isemenovwhat can I do about this and why does the packaging team delete the files?17:28
isemenovthank you.17:28
lambdaguy101nvidia driver makes my resolution get stuck at 800x600, can't open nvidia x server settings for whatever reason, idk why17:32
ledenilambdaguy101: what nvidia driver you install latest one or 39017:49
lambdaguy101latest one17:49
ledenilambdaguy101: and your nvidia card model are17:50
lambdaguy101geforce gtx 105017:50
lambdaguy101hold on i gotta go eat17:51
Deyaaddubya: I been searching for days I didn't come across such a reference17:54
ddubyaDeyaa, https://wiki.squid-cache.org/Features/Socks17:56
swenssonAnyone know how to make my mailserver not send mail to everyones junkbox and instead primary inbox? What defines this??17:58
ddubyaswensson, you need a domain name for the server and other things. If the IP address is in a block list nothing will work18:00
swenssonddubya, I have a domain with SSL from letsencrypt, but still... Junkbox18:00
swenssonWell, the domain is from loopia, but SSL from letsencrypt18:01
ddubyathere are sites that will validate your mail server configuration18:01
ddubyait is tricky to get right18:01
lambdaguy101ledeni i am back18:02
lambdaguy101what is it18:02
ledenilambdaguy101: look like your card is not supported with your card anymore18:03
lambdaguy101uhh what?18:03
lambdaguy101what do you mean my card is not supported with my card18:03
ledenilambdaguy101: sorry newest driver18:03
ledenilambdaguy101➡ try 440 or 390 driver for nvidia18:04
lambdaguy101what do you mean? i just checked, it is supported18:04
ddubyait think it is supported, it worked for me with 1050ti18:05
lambdaguy101i checked and 1050 is supported https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/166177/en-us18:05
lambdaguy101i will, however, try nvidia-driver-45018:06
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ddubyaI would try the nuke and reinstall method... apt-get autoremove nvidia-*; reboot; apt-get install nvidia-xyz18:06
lambdaguy101let me first try the other versions18:08
lambdaguy101then i'll try the nuke and reinstall method18:08
lambdaguy101i'm back18:15
lambdaguy101nothing changed18:15
lambdaguy101tried 455, 450, and 39018:15
ddubyathe nvidia driver probably isn't loaded18:16
lambdaguy101i don't understand. why wouldn't it be? why is it doing this?18:16
ddubyalsmod | grep nvidia18:16
lambdaguy101pasted that, nothing.18:17
ddubyathere used to be a problem where opensource driver would load ahead of nvidia, its been a while18:17
lambdaguy101guess that means it is not loaded18:17
lambdaguy101any way to fix it?18:17
ddubyaif you have an xorg.conf, delete/rename it18:17
lambdaguy101i had the same problem on 20.1018:17
ddubyaand reboot18:18
lambdaguy101i don't know if i have an xorg.conf18:18
lambdaguy101file is empty18:18
lambdaguy101there is no xorg.conf ddubya18:19
ddubyayeah I got that18:19
ddubyaI'm not sure what to advise just yet.. either you make your own xorg.conf with the nvidia tool (nvidia-xconfig) or disable the driver that is in the way18:20
ddubyawhat does  lsmod | grep nouveau say?18:21
ddubyadid you try nuke method yet?18:22
lambdaguy101send it. i cannot see it after restarting my pc18:22
ddubyaapt-get autoremove nvidia-*   , then reboot, then apt-get install nvidia-driver-xyz18:23
lambdaguy101alright i'll be back in a second18:25
ddubyathat was fast18:26
lambdaguy101good pc :)18:26
ddubyaoh you need to reboot after the last step too18:27
lambdaguy101why does it always keep asking for uefi aduifhgh password?18:28
lambdaguy101when i already defined it?18:28
lambdaguy101alright restarting18:28
lambdaguy101resolution is back at 800x60018:30
lambdaguy101i know that i now ran `sudo nvidia-xconfig`. do i need to restart?18:30
ddubyaprobably, or at least a logout18:31
lambdaguy101better restart18:31
lambdaguy101alright resolution is at 1920x1080, but no animations18:32
ddubyalsmod | grep nvidia18:32
lambdaguy101no output18:33
lambdaguy101nvidia x server settings window is just empty18:33
ddubyayeah, because driver isn't loaded18:33
lambdaguy101why is it doing this?18:33
lambdaguy101oh god dammit'18:33
lambdaguy101i think i found something https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/nvidia-driver-is-not-loaded-ubuntu-18-10/7049518:34
ggzhello, i can't login on my tty, when i try to enter password, it automatically hit enter before i have time to type it, for a few minutes then reset the tty18:35
lambdaguy101gonna install chromium and restart18:37
ddubyayeah there are some things to try there18:37
ddubyabut first need to look at logs18:37
ddubyawhat ubuntu version is this18:37
lambdaguy101i restarted my pc, same thing18:40
ddubyawhat does lspci | grep vga say18:41
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lambdaguy101ddubya nothing18:42
ddubyaoops its VGA18:42
Deyaaddubya: thany18:51
ddubyaDeyaa, :-)18:52
lambdaguy101ddubya you have any clue how to help with the problem i have?18:53
lambdaguy101once i reinstalled the drivers after nuking them just made things the same as before18:53
lambdaguy101and i also ran nvidia-xconfig18:53
ddubyadoes lspci | grep VGA say anything?18:54
lambdaguy10101:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP107 [GeForce GTX 1050] (rev a1)18:54
lambdaguy101this is what it says18:54
Deyaaddubya: it seems like a hard mission18:56
ddubyaDeyaa, yep18:56
DeyaaI've just read about shadowsocka and I installed it but I can't disable password18:57
ddubyalambda, you can pastebin the system journal (journalctl -b 0) that might have clues18:58
ddubyasquid isn't that hard to compile, from what I can tell18:58
lambdaguy101ddubya one sec18:58
lambdaguy101i'm just getting more confused19:00
DeyaaI'm looking for something maintainable19:00
ddubyasquid is more of a caching proxy, does caching socks5 make any sense?19:02
Deyaaddubya: so what is my opinions?19:05
ddubyaDeyaa, https://catonmat.net/linux-socks5-proxy19:08
[J]ouleswhat might prevent the switch user from working on ubuntu 18.04 flashback desktop?19:08
lambdaguy101i still have problems19:12
entourageI would like to use a newer version of VLC than the version that's in the Ubuntu repo how do I do that?19:13
ddubyaentourage, maybe there is a snap package19:13
entouragethe latest version of VLC on www.vidolan.org is 3.0.1119:14
ddubyalambda, I can't say much without seeing logs19:14
lambdaguy101there's too much text19:15
entourageI don't want to use a snap packe19:15
lambdaguy101hold on let me restart19:15
ddubyaentourage, the  edge version on snap is 4.0.019:15
ddubyaentourage, then you have to find a PPA19:15
entourageI want to use the latest stable version 3.0.1119:16
ddubyaok, there is a snap for that too19:16
entourageddubya, please tell me that using a snap isn't the only alternative19:17
ddubyaentourage, you can use a PPA (if you can find one), or compile it from source yourself19:18
ddubyado you have some philisophical objection to snap?19:18
ddubyaok lol19:18
ddubyawell PPA is more of a PITA but the next best thing19:19
Deyaaddubya: very cool19:19
DeyaaI like it19:20
ddubyaDeyaa, i didn't realize socks5 was so basic, all you need is an ssh tunnel19:21
lambdaguy101ddubya https://juicepaste.herokuapp.com/JjKIzZvWHW if you're wondering about the website, i just made it now19:21
ddubyalamda, ok, but there is a link in the irc banner19:21
Deyaaddubya: me neither19:22
lambdaguy101yeah, but i already had that open so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯19:22
DeyaaIs it safe??19:22
entourageif only the Ubuntu repo was kept up to date (one can only dream)19:22
DeyaaI've just started the proxy but SSH asked about root password19:23
ddubyaDeyaa, hmm maybe use a higher port number19:24
ddubyalambda, I can't see the kernel boot log, maybe you didn't get it all, use this command: journalctl -b 1 > log.txt19:28
lambdaguy101i used that command and nothing happened. i just see lambda@lambda:~$ again19:29
ddubyaopen the text file19:29
lambdaguy101ddubya hold on19:31
ddubyaDeyaa, also IIRC ssh may need special permission to bind to non-local address19:32
lambdaguy101ddubya https://hatebin.com/ekyqwrartk paste.ubuntu.com gave me 502 bad gateway19:37
okamisHi, im trying to learn about handling secrets better, rsa-keys and password/secrets. And came across secret-tools, sadly it gives me an error msg when using it. Im using ubuntu server.19:37
okamissecret-tools store --label=test attr value -> ** Message: 20:27:45.229: Remote error from secret service: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such interface 'org.freedesktop.Secret.Collection' on object at path /org/freedesktop/secrets/collection/loginsecret-tool: No such interface 'org.freedesktop.Secret.Collection' on object at path19:37
ddubyalambda, only 1s of logging there, you didn't get it all copied or hit the limit of the site19:43
lambdaguy101ddubya most likely the limit19:46
ddubyahttps://paste.ubuntu.com/ seems to be working19:47
lambdaguy101i still get bad gateway19:48
entourageddubya, do you think it's safe to use this unofficial PPA? https://launchpad.net/~savoury1/+archive/ubuntu/vlc319:52
sarnoldentourage: note that packages in a ppa run their maintainer scripts with unconfined root privileges. be sure you trust whoever maintains that ppa with root on your computer19:55
entourageomg thanks for telling me that!19:55
thitherRecently distro hopped back to Ubuntu after many years. I have to say it's much better than before19:57
thitherReally enjoying it19:57
entourageI'm using ubuntu right now but arch based distros have many advantages over debian based distros imo19:58
Deyaaddubya: thanks for help20:02
lambdaguy101i guess i cannot share the logs20:03
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ddubyaentourage, videolan.org has ppa, but only v4.0.020:09
entourageddubya, I can't find it would you please link to it?20:11
ddubyaentourage, https://launchpad.net/~videolan/+archive/ubuntu/master-daily20:13
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craigbass76Besides snap (which appears to have a permissions problem if the pdf isn't in ~/), is there an easy way to get pdftk installed in 18.04?20:25
lambdaguy101i've been waiting for quite a while20:32
compdocdid you grab a ticket?20:34
lambdaguy101ddubya i cannot post the full logs on any site i can find20:36
Rateldf -h20:46
Rateloops, sorry20:46
gordonjcpRatel: /dev/etherd/e1.4  16T   7.6T  7.9T  49% /mnt/store20:49
gordonjcpRatel: :-D20:49
gordonjcpcan't hear you over all the disks, like20:49
lambdaguy101ddubya what can i do about this? i cannot share the logs20:54
lambdaguy101they are too big20:54
gordonjcplambdaguy101: full logs for what?20:57
lambdaguy101too much text20:58
gordonjcpyeah, journalctl is cancer20:58
lambdaguy101i still cannot figure out why the nvidia driver is not getting loaded20:58
sarnoldtry a fresh boot, then journalctl -b0  to limit it to just 'this boot' messages20:59
lambdaguy101it big21:00
lambdaguy101welp i have to go to sleep. it's 23:0121:01
Kisamasup guys21:24
zmc_Is there a way to use another init system other than systemd on ubuntu 20.04 and later?21:25
luceneraIs there any way to encrypt disk formatted in zfs?21:26
sarnoldzmc_: it's probably not worth the effort, but you could probably do it21:26
sarnoldlucenera: yes, you can either use luks underneath zfs, or you could use native zfs encryption21:27
lucenerahow can i use the native encryption?21:28
zmc_sarnold: Ok, I think that answers my question.  I was looking more for a 'install these pacakges' way rather than a 'Write your own distro' way. Thanks anyways!21:29
leftyfbzmc_: may be best to ask for help with what you're actually trying to accomplish21:30
zmc_leftyfb: I'm looking for a way to run ubuntu without using systemd. I tried it a few years ago and it was unsupported to use any other init system.  I'm wondering if that's changed.21:32
leftyfbzmc_: why?21:33
zmc_leftyfb: I'm tired of systemd breaking things, especially across updates on production machines.21:33
leftyfbzmc_: I run about 3500 production machines all with ubuntu and systemd. Zero issues with systemd.21:34
leftyfbzmc_: is there a particular breakage you need support for?21:35
sarnoldzmc_: yeah, it's not entirely in write-your-own-distro territory, since debian still kinda supports other init systems, and I don't think we've gone to any effort to *drop* whatever support is in other packages for other inits21:35
sarnoldzmc_: but certainly something like devuan or adelie or void will work better with non-systemd21:36
zmc_leftyfb: I've been able to work around just about everything so far, worst ones have been fixed (systemd broke my auth system across an update, systemd broke lvm as boot volume, systemd broke dns resolution)21:37
zmc_sarnold: Ok, that's what I thought.  I just check back every few years to see if anything has changed.21:37
sarnoldlucenera: this looks useful https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ZFS#Native_encryption -- it's not a great guide, but it covers the mechanics, anyway21:38
lucenerasarnold thanks21:38
sarnoldzmc_: hehe :) have fun :)21:38
zmc_sarnold: Thanks, you too!21:38
FrancimanI'm on ubuntu 18.04, I uncommented all the deb-src directives, I want to download linux-modules-4.18-25-generic 's source21:47
Francimanbut apt source says that the hwe package is selected21:47
Francimanhow do I disable this automatic choice?21:48
FrancimanI want linux-modules-4.18-2521:48
sarnoldFranciman: I can't find any packages or files named linux-modules-4.18-25-generic on my archive mirror; are you sure you've spelled it correctly?21:50
Francimanuhm sorry 4.18.0-2521:51
Francimani missed a 021:51
jeremy31Franciman: That kernel isn't supported anymore21:51
FrancimanI want to download its sources21:52
Francimanit's important because with that kernel , my wifi works21:52
Francimanwith 5.4 it does not21:52
jeremy31Franciman: What wifi?21:52
Francimanqualcomm atheros qca6174. With works I mean it doesn't crash21:52
jeremy31Franciman: Have you disabled wifi power management?21:52
Francimanyes, I tried anything21:52
Francimanyou mean doing sudo iw wlp2s0 set power_save off21:53
jeremy31Franciman: I usually do> sudo iwconfig wlp2s0 power off21:53
Francimanok yes21:53
Francimanjeremy31, the problem is that when I connect a specific huawei device to the same 5GHz wifi network21:53
Francimanmy wifi card gets stuck21:53
Francimanand doesn't send packets nor receives anything21:54
Francimanbut is still connected to the AP21:54
jeremy31Franciman: But Network Manager can enable power save also21:54
Francimanbut it does not send any interrupt to the driver21:54
Francimanwhile with the 4.15 kernel it works fine, now I want to try all kernels until one fails21:54
Francimanso that I can diff21:54
Francimanand see what changed21:55
Ratellinux and wifi is always a pain in the neck21:55
Francimanand write a patch for 5.4 or newer kernel21:55
jeremy31Franciman: See http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/21:55
jeremy31Franciman: It might help to open a terminal before connecting running>  tail -f /var/log/syslog21:56
FrancimanI did21:56
FrancimanI also inserted debug messages in the driver21:57
Francimanwhat seems to be happening is that at some time, the interrupt handler is not called anymore21:57
Francimanso I get no answers from the card21:57
Francimanand I can't neither determine whether packets were sent (because this relies on tx completion) neither get received packets21:57
jeremy31Franciman: see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2354328&p=13614520&#post13614520 as the first command will keep Network Manager from enabling wifi power management21:58
jeremy31I know most Atheros chipsets don't work well with power management or TKIP encryption21:59
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Francimansorry jeremy31 I spoke too early22:05
Francimanthe wifi crashed lol22:05
jeremy31Franciman: see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2354328&p=13614520&#post13614520 as the first command will keep Network Manager from enabling wifi power management22:05
Francimanhow can I avoid this shitty behaviour of apt22:15
FrancimanI don't want 5.322:15
FrancimanI want 4.18 kernel22:15
Francimanshould I call the police?22:15
Francimanit's my right to download the source of the kernel I'm using22:15
leftyfbFranciman: I just read up on your issue ...22:24
Francimanhi leftyfb22:25
leftyfbFranciman: try the latest kernel and deleting /lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA6174/hw3.0/firmware-6.bin22:25
leftyfbFranciman: we have issues with that later firmware and have been using the -4 version for a couple years now22:26
Francimanleftyfb, so you don't think it's a driver related problem?22:26
FrancimanI mean with 4.15 driver it works22:27
Francimanand I use the same firmware, firmware-622:27
Francimanas with 4.18 (and 5.4)22:27
leftyfbFranciman: I'm just telling you what worked for us and gives you something else to try22:27
leftyfbFranciman: try -4 with 5.422:27
Francimanoh I see22:27
Francimanthanks, btw22:27
Francimanbut I'd still like to diff the drivers22:28
Francimanif only I could tell apt to apply my rights to view the code22:28
Francimananyways thanks a lot leftyfb are you also on a 5GHz network?22:28
Francimandamn qualcomm22:30
Francimanthanks a lot leftyfb I shall definitely try22:30
FrancimanI'd love for them to make a paux faux and use some free software22:31
FrancimanThen I'd sue the hell out of them22:31
Francimanand their shitty firmwares22:31
Deyaaddubya: what do you think about https://securesocketfunneling.github.io/ssf/#home22:47
MrSassyPantsdiscord wants to update but can't, again22:47
ddubya Deyaa, I like the simplicity of the ssh tunnel method. Used it for years for forwarding databases and other stuff22:50
ddubyaother benefit of ssh is probably more secure as it gets a lot of attention22:54
ddubyassf uses openssl at the end of the day, looks like. so can't be too bad22:57
sarnoldit's very possible to write unsafe stuff using openssl22:57
sarnoldopenssl is practically famous for that property :)22:57
ddubyabut it gets a lot of scrutiny22:58
DeyaaI find SSH really good. And I like it so much. But it keeps asking me for local user password whenever a connection error happen.23:04
Deyaasarnold: all cryptography technologies are backdoored out of the box23:06
chovymy battery won't charge. new charger. it makes a noise when i plug it in. but there's no lightning bolt and it just stays at 96%23:43
chovyanyway to troubleshoot this?23:43
jeremy31chovy: You might need to shut it down, remove power cord and battery, then reconnect the battery and cord23:44
chovyi don't have the tools23:44
FurretUberHi, is the Chromium snap with VAAPI enabled still available?23:54

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