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thunderguyHey, I'm on a raspberri pi and 30 seconds after loadup... my video acceleration lags ( window movements scroll movements etc., ) Im trying to delete all settings for xfce and start from scratch, so I deleted ~/.config/xfce4 yet it still remembers stuff03:06
Z3r0Hi I want to report a bug that enable you capture the keyboard tiping03:38
MaikZ3r0: use launchpad for reporting bugs03:38
Z3r0launchpad??? ok a lot of thanks03:39
Bashing-om!bug | Z3r003:39
ubottuZ3r0: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:39
Z3r0Very lot of thanks03:40
Z3r0Ok is the firs time that I report a bug, this is a problem with a binary and setting by default the permisses of use, how I do the report????03:46
Z3r0Because isn't a crash03:46
Z3r0Cool done03:53
psych094[m]Anyone know how I can have xfce4-screenshooter automatically save screenshots into a specific directory? Or do I have to install some other screenshot utility  for that? Running 'apt-cache search screenshot | less' and then making a search I see the options: gnome-screenshot, deepin-screenshot, flameshot, gtk-vector-screenshot, kazam (also provides screenshots, didn't know that before), kde-spectacle, maim, screenie-qt06:53
psych094[m](not sure what a screenshot composer is), shutter and the like.06:53
psych094[m]There are more, but I see no point in listing them all. But I don't want to keep installing one thing after another and test them all out for chances of breaking my system when I do run 'apt-get purge <screenshot application name>'.06:54
diogenes_psych094[m], xfce4-screenshooter -f -s $HOME/Desktop06:57
psych094[m]Looks like I forgot to mention it. I want to skip that save dialogue box altogether. Tried using the commands. It doesn't automatically save the screenshots. It still brings up the save dialog box for the screenshot.07:01
psych094[m]The help page and man page doesn't have anything about it :/07:02
diogenes_psych094[m], gnome-screenshot -f $HOME/Desktop/pic07:18
diogenes_didn't work with Debian's xfce4-screenshooter version.07:19
psych094[m]Wait, what didn't work?07:21
psych094[m]diogenes_: Saving in the directory or didn't even take the screenshot?07:22
diogenes_i tried to retrieve it from clipboard using xfce4-screenshooter -f -c07:22
psych094[m]I'm actually getting a VM ready for testing all the ones that are available in the repository :v07:22
psych094[m]diogenes_: Retrieve from the clipboard? Doesn't '-c' actually copy to the clipboard?07:34
psych094[m]Yeah. I just pasted the image into LibreOffice Writer but that isn't what I am trying to do :v07:35
psych094[m]Unless I want to save all the screenshots into a document file.07:36
diogenes_you can try to dump it from clipboard to a file.png with xclip or xsel but i have no time to test it.07:36
diogenes_something like xsel -b > file.png07:36
psych094[m]Right. I forgot there were command line tools for accessing clipboards and such. That's better than trying out all the various utilities.07:40
psych094[m]If the xclip works out, I could just add that into the keyboard shortcut to save it to a specific directory.07:42
psych094[m]diogenes_: xclip and xsel only seem to work with strings.08:56
psych094[m]diogenes_, the previous command you sent: gnome-screenshot -f $HOME/Desktop/pic.08:57
psych094[m]Not sure if you meant the 'pic' part to be a folder or the name of the output file. But the '-f' option works.08:58
psych094[m]diogenes_, thanks!08:59
enzyme100Hello to all, I have two questions for you.12:32
enzyme100Can you help?12:34
xubuntu64iWhich paravirtualization interface is the fastest for launching linux vm from linux?12:35
enzyme100Can you help me? I can talk in french if you want.12:35
xubuntu64ienzyme100 what?12:36
xu-help56wIs kernel updating same as Ubuntu?13:18
enzyme47Hello to all, I have some problem. I have no more the software center installed. Can you help me?13:59
gnrpenzyme47: What do you mean with "software center"? Which application?14:01
diogenes_enzyme47, after upgrade?14:01
gnrpenzyme47: This one? https://media-cdn.ubuntu-de.org/wiki/attachments/57/36/Software-Center.png14:02
enzyme47After update.14:02
enzyme47Yes, this one.14:02
diogenes_enzyme47, it was replaced with snap-store.14:02
enzyme47Ok, is there a GUI for snap-store or a shortcut?14:03
enzyme47I found it. Thank you very much. Another question, how to add an openvpn connection with a setting file?14:06
diogenes_type in terminal: nm-connection-editor14:15
enzyme47I installed open-vpn and the connection manager from Gnome. Is it good?14:27
coconutenzyme47, if you are in luck of having an vpn account with privateinternetaccess.com provider, you are in luck to just use a shell script from their website to configure the nm-applet. Make it all a lot easier.14:36
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