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liyenHow should I install kubuntu on AMD64 processor/GPU with RTL wifi?07:17
liyenIt always crashes after installation and unable to boot again07:19
diogenes_liyen, what exactly crashes07:20
liyenit seemed complain about OS crash right after installation, but still allow me to reboot, never came back up again07:21
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awebornHi there. This is my first time using kubuntu c:08:50
aweborni want to start hacking and coding :3 have a wonderful day guys08:51
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @aweborn, what will you hack ?08:53
aweborneverything i can08:54
awebornsee you <308:55
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BluesKajHi folks14:12
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KonDoes Kubuntu have a Pi-optimized 20.10 build like Ubuntu?17:11
KonI don't seem to be finding one, unfortunately17:12
maxrezKon, I've never seen one17:29
KonIt would be nice to have. Canonical has made a big deal of supporting the Pi 40017:30
KonAnd if Neon can work reasonably well on Pinebook, it would be nice to see what Kubuntu can do on stronger hardware17:31
KonWith the Ubuntu build already available, I'm not sure what more work would need to be done for a Kubuntu version17:31
maxrezcan't you just install the KDE packages?17:34
Konmaxrez: Well, that's the thing. The Ubuntu "Pi Desktop" image is not a generic arm64 image. So I'm not actually sure what changes they've made, or if it is as simple as installing kubuntu-desktop18:35
KonI was wondering if someone around here had looked into it more18:35
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RazathornAfter a fresh install of ubuntu server (20.10 and 20.04), if I install kubuntu-desktop, or just sddm, it will start, log no errors, and just never start X.  X starts fine manually, and installing GDM3 or XDM will start X just fine.  SDDM just... does nothing useful.  I can load the entire kde plasma env by logging in via GDM3, and installing ubuntu desktop 20.10 and THEN installing kde and switching to SDDM works.  It's the21:52
Razathornstrangest thing.  Has anyone heard of SDDM simply refusing to load X on a vt when every other DM works?  Is Desktop install doing something magic that "wakes up" sddm?  This is on a raspberry pi 4 fwiw.21:52
RazathornFWIW, found out why SDDM didn't load on raspberry pi 4 on server.  Desktop firmware included the pi 4 config to enable FKMS 3d capabilities and without that, SDDM refuses to load.  Coppied 20.10 desktop firmware config settings over to mine and 20.04 server now loads SDDM.23:30

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