cjwatsonsudip: fixed11:19
droid3I am wondering when creating your own .deb package how do you make a custom icon and screenshot show up in the software center when you click on your .deb file?19:15
sudipthanks cjwatson19:25
droid3curious guys is there away if one started hosting some of his software on his lauchpad account if there is away to set a custom icon and screenshot for there  package?21:50
droid3Show that when you open up software center and add the ppa:/urlstring then you see the custom icon and screenshot when you click on more info about the app?21:52
droid3Been trying to find a site that supports a ppa with custom icons and screenshots rather then just the description/field in the .deb files21:53
droid3ok my last step is how do i get a deb package to have a custom icon and screenshot image displayed when a person adds the ppa:/url to there gui software center front end program23:41
droid3because i know i am not going to want to go thru the hassels of trying to add my software into the main repo's for the different linux distro's23:42
droid3So i figure if there is away thru launchpad or another hosting site that gives a url that people can add to there software repo's is the next best thing23:42
droid3however two issue with which hosting site to go with if i go with launchpad do they have a way to upload your custom icon and screenshots that get displayed in the software center applications /gui package manager front ends everybody uses???23:43
droid3And the other important aspect is how to make the ppa:/url or repo location easy and accessible  to anybody23:44
droid3The big problem with not having it in the default main repo's that everybody searches thru by default is its not instantenously there23:45
droid3ANd for some people that are not as skilled in figuring out repo locations or are not aware of add repo to there gui package managers thats a big marketing hit for your software :(23:46
droid3But we cannt all have are cake and eat it to kind of thing23:46
droid3So i settle for a decent ppa:/url  and a site that has the feature of screenshot upload and custom icon upload that displays with there package manager gui app23:47
droid3So i am debating on if launchpad is the way to go ...does it have those features... and if not does anybody know which hosting site for .deb , .rpm , .tar.gz slackware ...etc that have an easy way for there package managers weather it being console based or gui based to add and download your software from there site23:48
droid3Ideally i like to reach people thru a gui based package manager like there using a software center app or such rather then a console but it doesnt matter that much23:49
droid3Only major deal is if there using a gui based package manager i want them to see my custom icon and my custom screenshots show up  as well as the deb description info .23:50
droid3When its just console there nothing visually so doesnt matter23:50
droid3so debating on what site the best for gui based package managers for various linux distro's23:51
droid3like your guys opinions i am on all day trying to figure this stuff out. So i dont have to deal with this stuff again for the next projects23:52

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