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cool_skeleton_95I got a ubuntu flavor on a virtual machine in VirtualBox but the resolution is tiny, is there any way to increase it?  I have tried doing some internet searches but they have not worked (probably because I'm quite new to this)19:11
tewardcool_skeleton_95: install the vbox guest additions in the vm19:21
tewardit'll provide drivers, etc. to use almost any other resolution you can configure in there19:21
tewardmost of the ones that're better than the tiny ones too ;)19:21
cool_skeleton_95I think I have successfully installed box guest additions, run the code, and restarted, do I simply change the resolution from the display settings?19:22
lubot<teward001> yup19:24
cool_skeleton_95when I do that, it simply resets to the default resolution19:25
cool_skeleton_95Wait, I got it to work. Thanks so much for your help!19:30
lubot<teward001> yup19:31
arl90pittanyone know where I can download a clean sources.list file for Bionic Beaver? Mine seems to be corrupted or something, returns an error using sudo apt update21:25
kc2bezarl90pitt: Take a look at this AskUbuntu post https://askubuntu.com/questions/443036/what-is-the-correct-output-of-cat-etc-apt-sources-list21:30
kc2bezI think that will get you what you need.21:31
kc2beznp, happy to help.21:31
likeafoxHi. In the file manager when I click connect to remote server, why does it not give the option for samba connection type?23:34
likeafoxeither after I installed smbclient or cifs-utils, I was able to type a smb:// url in the location bar to access a server, but still not seeing it in connect to server dialog, hm.23:41
likeafoxI guess I solved my original problem but I might forget this is how I access samba shares since there's no interface for it23:42
kc2bezYou can select network from the shortcuts on the left as well.23:42
kc2bezIt is also possible to create bookmarks.23:43
likeafoxI noticed that one but I think it's only for the local subnet and not neighboring subnets23:43
likeafoxbookmark is a good idea23:43

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