jrwrenawe yeah... pvmove, vgreduce, pvremove, and unplug the drive and remove it. don't let anyone tell ya that SATA isn't hotswapable ;)19:58
jrwrenno need to reboot19:58
cmaloneySATA always struck me as designed better for quick change20:56
Scary_GuyI mean it is, but the board has to support it or you're going to have a bad time.23:00
jrwrenScary_Guy: yeah? have you done it much to find out about the bad time?23:42
jrwrenI haven't.23:44
jrwrenmy only experience is just rolling with it. unplugging has lead to no stability problems for me.23:44
Scary_Guy I have not.  But that is what I've read.  Maybe newer hardware has built in support already.  I'm running a potato from ten years ago.23:52
Scary_GuyI even have fancy hot-swap caddyless bays.  Still not going to try it.23:53
Scary_GuyCaddyless isn't the correct word but the name escapes me at the moment.  I do like not having to take apart and unscrew drives just to get them out though.23:54
Scary_GuyI have an external 3.0 reader so I don't have to shut the system down to swap them.  This might be the equivalent of a Korean 30 minute shut off timer on an oscillating fan, but at least I'm comfy with it.23:56

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