kaiserhello! I am using ubuntu 20.04 on a Thinkpad P43s, I have been experiencing very odd overheating issues00:15
kaiserat boot up, doing nothing at all, the cpu goes from 70 to 79 degrees in 10 minutes00:15
kaiserafter prolonged use, even doing light tasks (~4 tabs open in firefox, 1 terminal, slack) the cpu temps will quickly reach the 90's and often shuts itself off at the 100 degree threshold00:16
kaiserI cannot see any particular program or process thats killing my laptop, all my cores are only at about 5 - 25% usage00:17
deltabchecked the hardware? heatsink full of dust, loose heatsink?00:18
rfmkaiser, how old is this thing? after a couple of years often the thermal compound dries out and stops working00:19
kaiseri cannot open this laptop (corporate policy). I received it from IT after the last thinkpad they gave me randomly had its disk wiped. as far as i know this thing is super clean and honestly feelsl ike it hasnt been used before me00:20
kaiserBut i do see a proc taking 47% cpu according to htop00:20
kaiser /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/share/debconf/frontend /sbin/update-secureboot-policy --enroll-ley00:20
kaiseris the proc command thats taking 47% cpu and only 0.1% of my ram00:21
kaiserrunning as root, been apprently running for 12 hours despite my uptime only being 27 minutes...00:21
kaiseroh that is minutes nevermind00:21
kaiseruptime is 12 minutes for that proc00:21
kaiserafter killing that process all cpu cores are down to just 2 - 7% usage00:24
kaiserkilling that proc made my temps drop by 19 degrees00:25
kaiserits still toast as fuck, but at least its not gonna shut off00:26
kaiserits stil dropping, 22 degrees now00:26
gordonjcpthat sounds pretty warm00:27
kaiserye its running at 58c instead of 90c though00:27
kaiser54c now, nice00:28
kaisermy amazing freebsd laptop always ran at like high 30s, low 40s degrees so i guess for a ubuntu machine with 2 gpu's in it, thats not bad00:29
ddubya90c isn't unusual for a laptop, they prioritize fan noise over cooling. the cpus are rated to 100c or so and (should) thermal throttle to hold the temperature around 90-100c00:33
EriC^^guaje: go to advanced options in grub, then choose the latest kernel that says recovery in it00:55
EriC^^then go to 'drop to root shell' at the bottom, hit enter to get a shell, and type "mount -o remount,rw /" then you can free space as usual00:57
guajeI don't seem to get anything back00:57
EriC^^after you type mount -o remount... ?00:58
Kisamasup guys00:58
EriC^^guaje: yes that's normal, it only remounts the filesystem in read-write mode, then you can delete files00:58
EriC^^guaje: which filesystem is full? try "df -h"00:59
guajeI don't see the disc there EriC^^01:02
EriC^^guaje: is anything there very full?01:03
EriC^^guaje: look at the usage next to "/"01:05
guajeno, the name of my rpool disk instead of 256 appears as 13 g and 5.6 used, I don't understand anything01:05
guajethe faults I have been able to note are : Initramfs unpacking failed: Decoding failed & system[847] : /usr/lib/system-generators/zfs-mount-generator failed with exit status 101:06
EriC^^this seems related https://github.com/ubuntu/zsys/issues/9801:09
EriC^^guaje: initially you said that the hdd got full, the OS froze then it wouldn't boot anymore, correct? just refreshing my memory01:10
EriC^^guaje: try "zpool import -a"01:11
guajecant not import bpool ...01:12
EriC^^are you able now to see the disk and free space etc?01:12
guajepool was prev in use for other.. last acc unknown <hostid=0 teh pool can be imported01:13
guajeuse zpool impoert -f01:13
guajesaid me01:13
guajeno, I don't see anything, the error message was that01:14
guajetest -f ?01:15
EriC^^no idea guaje, the manual says it forces to import even if it appears to be potentially active, i'd not run it til somebody can confirm what to do, i dont know much about zfs myself01:16
EriC^^guaje: i have to get to bed, it's pretty late here, somebody here might know how to fix the issue, you can try asking in ##linux and also #zfs01:18
guajewith the f now appears to me bpool online, what will follow ?01:18
guajeohhhh ok thank you very much01:18
guajegood night01:18
EriC^^guaje: ah great, i guess you have to free space then, if space isn't the issue of starting, then have a look at the /var/log/syslog to see what's happening when booting or boot without "quiet splash" in the kernel line of grub, and use instead "ignore_loglevel debug"01:19
EriC^^guaje: no problem, thanks you too01:21
guajeDon't worry, at the rate I'm going, I'll be there tomorrow with the problem, it has to be the language, I don't understand your message well, I'm in the terminal and I don't know how to delete any rpool file01:24
guajebut I'm going to read the link you passed me because my problem is with pools01:25
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nshireonly getting about 100-400 kBps from archive.ubuntu.com... is that normal?01:34
nshireI have 100/100Mbps internet01:34
nshireI am using WSL if that matters01:35
Psi-JackWSL is not Linux.01:39
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nshire..yes it is01:40
nshirethat is not the problem, regardless01:40
nshireGet:38 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/main amd6401:41
nshirestill gets packages from the same source, which is my problem01:41
Psi-JackWSL no, is not.01:42
Psi-JackWSL2 actually involves a Linux kernel, WSL does not.01:42
nshireI'm running wsl201:42
nshire444MB somehow finished in a few minutes of downloading, I guess it's fine01:44
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guajein zfs list appears in field name : rpool/USERDATA and as mount point /home/myuser when I go there nothing there.02:38
sarnoldguaje: this may help you see the state of the mounts: zfs list -ocanmount,mounted,name,mountpoint02:46
guajeI see the mounting points but when I go there is no data, I have been all day with the zfs and the pools02:48
sarnoldit's of course possible that a new, empty, directory has been mounted over your dataset, and it's possible there's just plain no files inthe dataset02:50
guajeand something could be done?02:51
guajei ran out of space in ubuntu 20 bye bye my info, i just have to be aware, i lost a lot02:55
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sarnoldguaje: well, it depends what happened; do you have snapshots? have you send the dataset to another pool for backups? what actually did happen to your data? there's just a lot of open questions still03:03
guajeexcuse me, i've been trying to access a personal pc for 24 hours because it has run out of space in the hd, after hours of fighting with zfs and rpools i can't manage to mount that part of the disk to delete some document sarnold03:05
sarnoldguaje: ohhhhhhh. *that* sounds like bad news. :(03:06
sarnoldguaje: so, your pool is FULL?03:06
guajeI don't really know how to respond,03:07
guajeyes and no, or , I don't know03:07
guajeI am a "rookie"03:08
guajeone site tells me that there is 7% left but my user, although I don't see it in the info rpool, I know that it is full to the last byte03:09
guajenow I'm trying again from the live usb03:10
sarnoldguaje: what does zpool list show?03:10
guajeHow can I pass it on to you so you can see it?03:11
guajemy disc and its mounting points03:11
sarnoldguaje: you can paste it into https://paste.ubuntu.com/ -- or use the pastebinit package to do the same thing03:17
guaje17from a live usb zfs list shows me : no datasets available, I can only do it from grub recovery terminal and from there I don't know how to do it03:23
guajeit's me, I'm logged in as when eric helped me before to send information03:24
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guajenow I can't think of anything else but taking pictures03:25
sarnoldguaje: ah, try zpool import then ?03:28
sarnoldguaje: okay, something like mkdir /old ; zpool import -R /old bpool ; zpool import -R /old rpool03:32
sarnoldguaje: I'm confused why they both say ONLINE though03:32
abhijitHi All. How to install Secret Maryo Chronicles on Ubuntu 20.0403:36
sarnoldguaje: a bunchof the commands are missing the -R to tell it to use an alternate root; and I'm very scared of the -f use ..03:40
guajehttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ByZJbgGNfx/ zfs list sarnold03:48
sarnoldoh wow, those are interesting dataset names, were those chosen by the installer or smoething else?03:50
guajesolved sarnold EriC^^03:51
sarnoldguaje: yay?03:51
guajeI am inside, I see my documents, there is only one rm left to some file and I hope that will fix everything03:52
sarnoldguaje: nice :)03:53
guajelet me thank you for your help and that of the others throughout the day, before trying, I have been at it for 24 hours, if I manage to fix it it would be wonderful sarnold03:53
sarnoldguaje: this does say AVAIL 7.42G on all of them though, I'd expect things to mostly work fine..03:54
sarnoldwhat does zpool list report for capacity?03:54
guaje17Right now I am with a smile copying the important files to a pen, then I will save the system if I can sarnold04:01
guaje17thank you billions04:02
sarnoldguaje: yes! good idea ;) I'm glad it's working out :D04:05
sarnoldguaje: have fun :)04:05
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lotuspsychje!cookie | sarnold04:08
ubottusarnold: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!04:08
sarnoldyay! cookies! :D04:08
lotuspsychje: )04:09
guaje17today i am helped by many people i am eternally grateful to this channel04:11
lotuspsychjethe magic of the ubuntu community guaje1704:12
guaje17regarding the system, it still doesn't start, it's in the splash, the Initrams error doesn't appear anymore but it still shows a system[847] : /usr/lib/system-generators/zfs-mount-generator failed with exit status 104:21
alazyAbout hibernation & swap... I have 6 GB RAM. I will have a swap partition for its usual purpose, but want to hibernate as well. To hibernate, RAM -> SWAP. But what if RAM + Swap used for paging > Unused swap? Should I have a second swap partition just for hibernation that's > RAM + Paging swap? How to set up?04:57
HashWhy would swap be hibernated?04:57
HashIt's retains its contents unless you destroy the file afaik04:57
HashJust make your swap partition at least the same size as ram or larger04:58
Hashyou may also find ZRAM helpful04:59
alazyHash: Suppose I have 6 GB RAM & am paging an extra 4 GB because I should really have at least 10 GB for what I'm doing, but don't. My Swap partition is 9 GB, so 4 GB used up acting as slow RAM. That leaves 5 GB, which is less than the 6 GB of real RAM I have. I think that if I try to hibernate in that situation ->> ?? bad ??05:02
HashI think perhaps you may have misunderstood the function of swap05:02
HashGive me sec to type up05:03
Hashhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/6769/hibernate-and-resume-from-a-swap-file check this out in the meantime05:04
alazyHash: How so? Thanks for explaining.05:05
Hashalazy: yes, for hibernation you need to have as much disk space at least as much ram05:05
Hashso if you have 5gb swap, and 6gb ram, you will have an issue05:06
HashI don't make partitions but instead use swap files05:06
Hashsame function05:06
Hashalazy: what is the output of your swapon -s05:09
alazyHash: I'll use a swap partition, although I don't think that'll matter much. Suppose my swap partition is 9 GB and RAM is 6. If the system isn't using swap or maybe even if it's using 3 GB of swap, there is enough unused swap to hold the contents of RAM and hibernate. If I hibernate with 6 GB RAM and 4 GB swap used and a 9 GB swap partition, where will the OS keep the 6 GB of RAM safe while powered05:11
Hashalazy: if your swap size is greater than 6gb, you can hibernate. You have 9gb SWAP, and you have 6gb ram. For hibernatio you need 6GB swap. If you are paging 4gb, and that 4gb is in swap, you won't have enough room to hibernate. I dont know what linux does in that situation05:11
HashWill linux chuc out some part of your swap to make room to hibernate?05:11
HashI don't know what the kernel will do in this situation05:11
alazyHash: no swapon output to share. I'm about to set up a system, not installed yet.05:11
alazyHash: Ok, well my question was about that situation. Thanks anyway.05:12
HashJust get 6gb to match your ram, and extra 4gb for your swap to page out the extra 4gb05:12
HashIf you are low on disk space, and can't do 10gb swap, then I don't know what the kernel will do05:12
guaje17I updated some packages before the problem, searching I realize that /usr/lib/system-generators doesn't exist so zfs-mount-generator gives error and doesn't start the system05:12
HashYou can try to ask in #kernel05:12
guaje17is ubuntu 20.0405:13
alazyHash: I'll can't know with certainty how much swap I'll actually need and want to ensure I'll be able to hibernate.05:13
HashI use a huge swap.05:13
Hash/home/.swapfile              file   2G 1.8G   -305:14
Hash/home/stoned/kalel/.swapfile file  16G   0B   -405:14
alazySo I thought maybe one swap for paging, at 4 GB, and another exclusively for hibernation at 10 GB, but I don't know how to configure that.05:14
HashThat's my swap on ssd05:14
HashI use about 18gb swap file05:14
Hashand I tell my swappiness to swap a lot.05:14
Hashalazy: doyou mean swap files? easy05:15
HashDo you have enough disk space?05:15
guaje17it seems that after a small update it interrupts the start looking for /usr/lib/system-generators but now it is called zfs-linux, how can I rebuild the iniframs and the zfs-mount-generator ?05:15
Hashhttps://bpa.st/2JCA alazy05:16
HashThat's two zram devices, it may help if you're low on ram.05:17
HashI can uusally squeeze out another gb of ram cuz it usually offer 2:1 compression05:17
Hashsay I ahve 8gb ram. I take 1 gb and make 2x 512mb block devices in ram, so when it needs to page, intead of disk, it pages to a ramdisk in ram which is also compressed05:18
Hashusing lza05:18
HashSince ram is faster access, this technique using the zram makes it so you can get a bit of extra ram out of your machine05:18
HashWhen zram devices in ram get full, it pages normally out to disk05:19
HashRight now I have a 18gb swap space. 15% is used. So you can imagine05:19
Hash/dev/zram0                   partition 512M   0B  10005:20
HashSince I just started the zram devices, there's nothing in them. Which also I don't know what happens to RAM if you create zram devices05:20
HashDoes it take ram, page it out, then make room for zram? I imagine. Otherwise it's probalby destroying the contents05:21
Hash\o/ Anyway05:21
alazyHash: I'll look into zram. I inherited what was a high-end pc c.2010 except very little RAM. That might help. Thanks05:25
HashI have a pc form that era05:25
Hashmy desktop is from 2010, core 2, 8gb05:26
HashI use zram05:26
CharlesAHiya, does anyone have a recommendation for a USB 3 PCIe card that'll work with Ubuntu? I've got one that's running the VIA chipset (VL805) and I keep running into frequent disconnects and other weird behavior.05:36
lotuspsychje!hardware | CharlesA06:11
ubottuCharlesA: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection06:11
lotuspsychjeCharlesA: another good idea when some hardware doesnt play out of the box on ubuntu, is filing a new !bug or affect an existing bug, so the devs know about06:12
BUSYany idea why my screenshot trigger off of print screen is slow?06:57
Jari--morning *07:00
* Jari-- is running latest Ubuntu 20 .. Windows 10 failed to install on this PC (HP G6 255)07:01
alazyHash: about zram... does it work for swap partitions too? memory compression in RAM helps, but since a CPU can only (de)compress so fast, wouldn't it allow for a greater proportional speedup on swap? I/O is the bottleneck so if zram's compression reduced the amount that needs to be read/written to disk, that would speed up swap by more than the compression slows it down, no? Am I correct that ZRAM07:01
alazyon RAM -> slightly slower, but more RAM, while ZRAM on SWAP -> faster and more SWAP?07:01
Jari--alazy: compression is a CPU overhead07:03
Jari--loads it a great deal07:03
alazyJari--: yes, but if the CPU is mostly idle while it waits for memory to be swapped in from disk, then using compression with zram on hdd swap should speed things up, I think.07:05
alazyJust found zswap I'll read about it...07:07
Jari--alazy: are you low on RAM?07:07
Jari--8 gigs here, and Ubuntu almost never uses it all07:07
alazyJari--: 6GB, and I'll certainly use it all. I'm thinking of all I can do to mitigate that short of spending money on a new machine. zram, zswap, network swap over NBD & gigabit ethernet...07:08
funnybunny2Does anyone know if there is a shortcut key for switching between Japanese and English input? I can't find it08:05
funnybunny2I think I'm using Mozc08:06
funnybunny2If I go to Tools -> Properties it shows settings, but the UI doesn't adapt to high screen resolutions and everything is smooshed together such that I can't read it08:07
lambdaguy101ddubya i am back08:24
lambdaguy101i still have the same problems as yesterday (no animations, low performance, driver not loaded, etc/)08:29
ledenilambdaguy101: try to blacklist nouvea driver if you install nvidia driver ---> http://ix.io/2GHd09:01
mertgorledeni: Yes I guess it is a solution09:02
lambdaguy101ledeni give me a sec09:02
lambdaguy101now i reboot?09:03
ledenilambdaguy101: yes09:03
mertgorlambdaguy101: Do you have a critical application running ?09:03
lambdaguy101i'm just listening to some music and typing on discord09:03
mertgorSo reboot is better09:03
lambdaguy101hold on i am having a conflict with someone09:07
lambdaguy101ok i'll restart09:07
lambdaguy101Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/d05598b465681579a9a4ffaf7c505a47/Screenshot%20from%202020-12-05%2011-07-48.png09:08
lambdaguy101what is this?09:08
mertgorYou need to pass your credentials like password for authentication09:08
mertgorlambdaguy101: ^09:09
lambdaguy101yeah, but why does it say that09:09
lambdaguy101it never did for me09:09
mertgorWhat was the last action that you did ?09:09
lambdaguy101talk on discord?09:09
mertgorLike system update upgrade ?09:09
mertgorSo please try to write your pass there09:10
lambdaguy101i'm back09:11
lambdaguy101still same problem09:11
ledeni lambdaguy101 lspci -v |& curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io09:12
lambdaguy101for whatever reason, i did not have curl installed. now i had a problem with dpkg09:13
lambdaguy101let me install curl real quick09:13
lambdaguy101this is what it outputted09:14
mertgorledeni: That is mine http://ix.io/2GHj09:14
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lambdaguy101ledeni are you there?09:19
ledeni lambdaguy101 yes09:19
ledenilambdaguy101➡ try to run 'sudo update-initramfs -u'09:22
ledenilambdaguy101➡after that reboot again09:22
lambdaguy101restarted, resolution is now again stuck at 800x60009:24
ledeni lambdaguy101 lspci -v |& curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io09:25
ledeni lambdaguy101 do you know to access boot menu of kernel ?09:30
lambdaguy101you mean gnu grub?09:30
ledeni lambdaguy101 yes09:30
lambdaguy101i am not sure09:30
lambdaguy101let  me prepare my laptop09:30
lambdaguy101it boots up slowly09:32
ledenican you add on end of this line 'modprobe.blacklest=nouveau'--> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash modprobe.blacklist=nouveau"09:34
lambdaguy101can you explain a bit better?09:37
ledenilambdaguy101➡once you enter grub you will see kernels to boot select first one and edit with 'e'09:39
lambdaguy101hold on let me move to my laptop09:39
lambdaguy101laptop too slow09:42
lambdaguy101ledeni can you send that again?09:43
ledeni lambdaguy101 if is too complicated for you we will pass09:43
lambdaguy101the thing is09:44
lambdaguy101i cannot see the message you sent before09:44
lambdaguy101i switched to my laptop to use irc09:44
ledeniadd on end of this line 'modprobe.blacklest=nouveau'--> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash modprobe.blacklist=nouveau"09:45
ledenilambdaguy101➡once you enter grub you will see kernels to boot select first one and edit with 'e'09:45
lambdaguy101so to open grub i hold down esc or shift?09:45
lambdaguy101it just booted normally09:46
lambdaguy101let me try again09:46
lambdaguy101i did that09:46
lambdaguy101it just boots normally09:47
ledenitry esc09:47
lambdaguy101hold on09:47
lambdaguy101nope. still booting normally09:48
lambdaguy101at least the resolution is back at 1920x108009:48
ledenilambdaguy101 wait can you give lspci -v |& curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io09:50
lambdaguy101update: instead of opening gnu grub, it asks me which device do i want to boot from09:50
lambdaguy101let me restart09:50
ledenilambdaguy101➡ can you run 'nvidia-settings'09:53
lambdaguy101hold on09:54
lambdaguy101i treid going in grub again but to no success09:54
lambdaguy101https://juicepaste.herokuapp.com/QziDT81dSj ledeni09:56
ledenilambdaguy101:ok we don't have install nvidia properly09:57
lambdaguy101i could not get into grub09:58
ledenilambdaguy101: can you do  'sudo apt install nvidia-driver-455'10:00
lambdaguy101i did that. numerous times10:00
lambdaguy101nvidia-driver-455 is already the newest version10:01
ledenilambdaguy101: ok first  do  'sudo apt remove nvidia-driver-*'10:03
ledenilambdaguy101: end after that  do  'sudo apt install nvidia-driver-455'10:03
lambdaguy101sudo apt remove nvidia-driver-* said unable to locate package nvidia-driver-*. i did sudo apt remove nvidia-driver-455. is that ok?10:04
ledenilambdaguy101: yes10:05
lambdaguy101let me see10:05
lambdaguy101same thing10:05
lambdaguy101still not loading the drivers10:05
ledenilambdaguy101: try 'apt purge nvidia*' and after that apt install nvidia-driver-45510:13
lambdaguy101'apt purge nvidia* does not work10:14
lambdaguy101yes i tried putting sudo before it10:14
ledenilambdaguy101: 'apt purge nvidia-*'10:15
lambdaguy101E: Unable to locate package nvidia-*10:15
ledenilambdaguy101: sudo apt purge '^nvidia-.*'10:17
lambdaguy101hold on10:18
lambdaguy101ledeni what now? do i install the driver again and reboot? or just reboot10:22
ledenilambdaguy101: end after that  do  'sudo apt install nvidia-driver-455'10:22
ledenilambdaguy101: you can now reboot10:23
lambdaguy101and resolution is back at 800x600. nice10:25
ledenilambdaguy101: reboot again10:25
lambdaguy101resolution is now 1920x1080, but still driver is not loaded10:26
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lambdaguy101ledeni i feel like i've made no progress trying to fix this problem10:38
ledenilambdaguy101➡ sorry i don't think that i could be more hehelpful i really don't get why not loads module10:39
reactDev843hello! Are there any distributions with non-free drivers like for example for Debian?10:44
lambdaguy101uhh... this channel is for ubuntu support10:45
reactDev843like here https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware/10:45
reactDev843lambdaguy101 yes, I mean are there any for Ubuntu?10:45
reactDev843as you can see although they are unoficcial but hey are in official Debian repo10:45
lambdaguy101doesn't ubuntu allow you to install 3rd party software during installation?10:45
lambdaguy101and drivers. and after installation from the terminal or the snap store10:46
reactDev843idk, never tried it, just checking before installation so I don't waste time reinstalling10:46
reactDev843reinstalling and trying to make devices work you know10:47
reactDev843I like Debian, but it requires so much fine tuning, I am tired to start my day fixing stuff and making it work10:47
lambdaguy101you can use ubuntu. it's basically debian but better10:48
lambdaguy101almost better*10:48
reactDev843and very often - you fix one thing another brakes10:48
lambdaguy101i managed to get ubuntu working but then nvidia video drivers don't load10:49
reactDev843did you try modeset 0?10:50
lambdaguy101how can i do that10:50
reactDev843you need to add nouveau.modeset=0 in a grub options for linux image10:51
reactDev843but first you need to install nvidia drivers, check their website10:52
lambdaguy101i did10:52
lambdaguy101i have nvidia-driver-45510:52
reactDev843so now you need to disable nouveau driver10:52
reactDev843since it's loading on boot you need to alter grub flags10:53
reactDev843try this https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-disable-blacklist-nouveau-nvidia-driver-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-linux10:54
lambdaguy101rebooting my pc10:59
lambdaguy101so resolution is 1920x1080, let me see anything else10:59
lambdaguy101still not loaded10:59
reactDev843try this in terminal nvidia-settings --version11:00
reactDev843`btw does code works here?`11:00
lambdaguy101version 440.8211:00
lambdaguy101yeah code works11:00
lambdaguy101on kiwiirc it works fien11:00
reactDev843give me the full output plz11:01
reactDev843`lspci | grep VGA` also try this as well11:01
lambdaguy101the website is safe in case you're wondering11:02
lambdaguy101`01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP107 [GeForce GTX 1050] (rev a1)`11:03
reactDev843did you try just launching nvidia-settings ?11:03
reactDev843how does it look?11:04
lambdaguy101i'll just give you the log11:04
lambdaguy101it's an empty window with 2 buttons for short11:04
reactDev843https://www.linuxbabe.com/desktop-linux/switch-intel-nvidia-graphics-card-ubuntu try step 3 here11:05
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lambdaguy101step 3 is just what i did11:07
lambdaguy101i already had the recommended driver selected11:07
reactDev843recommended but you want 455 right?11:07
lambdaguy101455 is the recommended one11:08
reactDev843and it's chosen there?11:08
reactDev843sudo apt-get install nvidia-455 ?11:09
lambdaguy101there is no such package. maybe nvidia-driver-45511:09
lambdaguy101yeah i did that before11:10
lambdaguy101already installed11:10
reactDev843can you give me a screenshot of sudo nvidia-settings ?11:11
lambdaguy101one sec11:12
reactDev843I don't know honestly how to help you here, but googling the error message gives a lot of discussions for example https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/error-nvidia-driver-is-not-loaded-ubuntu-19-10-nvidia-430-14/7582111:18
reactDev843try googling error message and try to apply fixes from there11:19
lambdaguy101all the answers i found in that thread were not working11:22
reactDev843this is why I am asking about non-free distro lambdaguy101 :D   because a lot of problems could already be solved during installation using tuned distro11:23
reactDev843There is one more fix I saw about disabling  secure boot, did you try it lambdaguy101 ?11:24
reactDev843wait I din't share the link11:24
lambdaguy101please do11:24
reactDev843https://askubuntu.com/questions/1153023/error-nvidia-driver-is-not-loaded lambdaguy10111:24
reactDev843https://askubuntu.com/a/1238272 the answer in that thread11:25
lambdaguy101yeah but how do you do that11:25
lambdaguy101this might be my problem11:26
reactDev843depends on a computer11:27
reactDev843what's your computer manufacturer?11:28
reactDev843is it a laptop?11:28
lambdaguy101Desktop PC11:28
reactDev843asus is motherboard?11:28
lambdaguy101pc manufacturer11:28
reactDev843do you know what is BIOS?11:28
reactDev843do you know how to access BIOS settings?11:29
lambdaguy101i think so. sometimes it opens, sometimes it doesn't11:29
lambdaguy101hold on11:29
reactDev843can you give me exact model of your asus comouter?11:29
lambdaguy101i have no clue hold on11:30
reactDev843don't do anything if you are not sure, ok?11:30
lambdaguy101just hold on11:31
lambdaguy101reactDev843 pc is ASUS TUF FX10CP FX10CP 1.011:32
lambdaguy101ok so i disabled Secure Boot Control from the bios. but how do i disable secure boot?11:33
EriC^^lambdaguy101: you have to disable it from the bios11:35
lambdaguy101it's locked11:35
jeremy31Might have to use mokutil --disable-validation11:37
reactDev843try following these steps, but please first read the whole artile ok?11:37
lambdaguy101so i had to disable secure boot control11:40
lambdaguy101i can see that the os animations are back11:40
lambdaguy101thank you reactDev84311:40
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FrancimanI'd like to download the source of this package: https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic-updates/linux-image-4.18.0-25-generic how can I do it?11:43
reactDev843lambdaguy101 no problem11:44
deltabFranciman: apt source11:46
Francimandeltab, the problem is that I get: selected linux-hwe package, substuting it with linux-modules-5.3.011:46
Francimanbut I _really_ want 4.1811:46
Francimanhow can I avoid substitution?11:46
deltabah, I don't know11:49
MaikFranciman: you really want a kernel that is actuall EOL?11:51
FrancimanMaik, yes11:52
FrancimanI need to compare sources and do diffing11:52
FrancimanI don't have to use it11:52
=== megoix7 is now known as megoix
EriC^^Franciman: apt-get source linux-image-4.18.0-25-generic  doesn't work?11:54
Francimanthe problem is that I get: selected linux-hwe package, substuting it with linux-modules-5.3.011:54
deltabseems to be the same thing with https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic-updates/linux-image-4.18.0-25-generic11:57
sevuMaybe you can substitute it yourself, by xplicitely installing linux-modules-4.x.y.11:58
Francimanis there a way to manually download the sources?11:59
Francimanis there a repo for the sources?11:59
deltabhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/source/bionic-updates/linux-signed-hwe lists lots of binary packages built from that source12:00
deltabvarying versions12:00
deltabthe package just has scripts to download the source12:02
guivercFranciman, `apt source`will use the source repo, but you said it didn't exist (as it's EOL)12:03
guivercsorry, you could try launchpad ; it's where I'd look next12:04
Francimanbut I don't understand, the fact that it's EOL, doesn't mean I can't access the code anymore12:06
FrancimanI could really sue canonical for this, so I'm sure there is a place where they hide this stuff12:06
deltabthere's a different server12:07
Francimanlet me try on launchpad12:07
guivercFranciman, it's a 18.10 kernel; years past EOL12:07
Francimanit's still my right to access the source code12:07
EriC^^Franciman: perhaps here? https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/cosmic12:08
reactDev843here is the source https://mirrors.edge.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v4.x/linux-4.18.tar.gz12:08
guivercit'll be in old-releases ; but unless you paid for access to it (to Canonical), you can't sue them; please don't be stupid12:08
reactDev843is it what you need?12:08
FrancimanreactDev843, I think that one is without ubuntu patches12:08
Franciman<guiverc> it'll be in old-releases ; but unless you paid for access to it (to Canonical), you can't sue them; please don't be stupid <- ah I need to pay?12:09
Francimanwhere can I pay?12:09
EriC^^Franciman: look here https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/cosmic12:09
FrancimanEriC^^, is there an easy way to check whether it's the same code as what I'm running?12:10
Francimanor I need to first ocmpile it and then compare the debs?12:10
Franciman(it's not a problem, just asking :P)12:10
Francimanalso guiverc I think you missed the fact that linux kernel is GPLv2, so if canonical distributes its binaries, it IS FORCED TO ALLOW ME TO ACCESS THE CODE WITHOUT PAYING12:11
Francimanit's the whole point12:11
Francimanof free software12:11
FrancimanI can only pay for cd roms or other expedition stuff if they are particularly bastard12:11
guivercthe source code is made available.. but you cannot sue under my local law unless you've a contract/agreement & suffered damage.. if you didn't pay for it, you won't have damages.. the original author however could sue for copyright breach due GPL12:13
Francimanwait, of course I'd ask foss to sue for me12:13
Francimanbecause they are the right holders IIRC or the linux foundation12:13
Francimanbut ok, I guess there is a way12:13
Francimanotherwise there could be a real reason for suing12:13
EriC^^what's your actual problem Franciman ? why do you want the source12:14
FrancimanI want to perform a diff against 4.15 kernel version of a particular driver, ath10k12:15
Maikmind your language and don't scream please, thanks in advance12:15
Franciman4.18 is the earliest version of the driver I could find which makes my wireless crash12:15
Francimanso it's the one with the smallest amount of diffing to go trough12:15
deltabFranciman: using git bisect?12:17
Francimandeltab, for that I'd need a git repo, I guess12:17
Francimanbut I'm not 100% sure the code in +git/cosmic is the same code as I'm running now12:18
EriC^^checksum the drivers?12:19
deltabwhat are you aiming to find out?12:19
Francimana change that makes my wifi unstable12:19
deltabare you looking through changelogs, or source code?12:22
Francimanthrough diffs12:23
Francimanchangelog is not extremely helpful12:23
FrancimanI also check that to see comments in the driver's mailing list to the change12:23
FrancimanEriC^^, cool let me try12:23
DarkTrick`apt purge docker.io` does not remove docker's file directory `/var/lib/docker`. Therefore previously used images will be left on the system. This would be expected using `apt remove`, but `apt purge` should remove "config files" as well, shouldn't it? Is this intended purpose or a bug?12:33
=== pikapika_lunar_a is now known as pikapika
deltabDarkTrick: those aren't config files though, are they?12:38
TJ-Franciman: to 'diff' the driver code you need to clone the mainline kernel repo, then add the Ubuntu kernel repos for each release as additional remotes, then you can create branches based on the various releases and review the git logs, do git-bisects, and so on12:38
DarkTrickdeltab, not per-se, but if they were user files, they should be located within the home dir so the user can find them?12:39
DarkTrickIf feel they are kind of hidden and therefore might be a secret cause for filled disks12:39
deltabthey're something like user data, but system-wide12:40
FrancimanTJ-, urg this seems hard12:42
DarkTrickdeltab, Then, shouldn't the root get at least a message during the purging process?12:42
FrancimanI just wanted to diff a version that I know it works against a successive (not too far) version that I know it doesn't work12:42
DarkTrickHow would and average user who just tried out a couple of docker images and the removed docker know about this directory?12:42
TJ-Franciman: it is hard; software development is hard! kernel is hard, it is millions of lines of code12:48
TJ-Franciman: here's an example of how to get started with git for what you want: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5MNrTnrdmB/12:48
Francimanoh! thank you very much12:49
TJ-Franciman: gah! typo in that, here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/q72w3ZRrXs/12:49
TJ-Franciman: you might not need the 'bionic' steps12:49
TJ-Franciman: that'll give you local access to the ubuntu kernel trees as local branches "cosmic" and "disco" so you can review them. "git checkout <branchname>" allows you to switch between them and upstream "master" branch12:50
ennozddwhat is the difference between add-apt-repository ppa:xxx and add-apt-repository 'deb xxx.com/ubuntu focal main' (the latter also requires apt-key add)?12:52
Francimanit's extremely great TJ- thanks!12:52
TJ-ennozdd: "ppa" 'knows' how to find and build the actual URL used by the "deb:" entry in sources.list, "deb" allows you to set the line exactly12:54
TJ-ennozdd: adding repository entries is orthogonal to adding trusted keys that sign those repositories12:54
punkgeekI want to install kde on ubuntu in android 11 without root. I've got this error, How can I solve it? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mzGNfGbk59/12:58
Gh0staHey all12:59
ennozddpunkgeek: kde-plasma-desktop is already the newest version (5:104ubuntu4).13:00
ennozddpunkgeek: Failed to scan devices: Permission denied13:00
Gh0staquick question, I have completed a fresh installation on a SSD. I just want to transfer some of my apps data over to a new installation?13:00
punkgeekennozdd: I don't wanna root my android device. Is there anyway to solve it?13:01
EriC^^Gh0sta: same version of ubuntu?13:01
parabytei am a bit of a old hat with linux, been using x for years with remote desktops etc etc.13:01
Gh0staEriC^^: Yeah :)13:01
parabytewhat i was wondering is, what new tech is out there to allow me to have a central powerful server at my apartment and use my old laptops as thin clients on them with sound13:02
EriC^^Gh0sta: your app configs should be in your home dir as hidden files13:02
parabytesound is very important,13:02
parabyteanyone got any ideas?13:02
Gh0staEriC^^: Oh great! may I ask which dir?13:02
ennozddpunkgeek: how come you have ubuntu installed but you don't have root permissions is that even possible?13:02
parabytei have tried remote x and remote pulse audio and it does not sync and is generally a bad idea13:02
EriC^^Gh0sta: you could copy all hidden dirs to the new installation after making sure both installed versions are up to date13:02
EriC^^Gh0sta: probably in ~/.config but there might be others, copying all the hidden files should be good13:03
punkgeekennozdd: Thats the issue avtually! I'm in the root access but doesn't have enough access!13:03
Gh0staEriC^^: so if I get it right, all hidden files start with . ?13:04
EriC^^Gh0sta: correct13:04
Gh0staEriC^^: Excellent! let me a quick look13:04
Gh0staThanks for your quick respose13:04
EriC^^Gh0sta: no problem13:04
Gh0staEriC^^: would it matter if the usernames are different?13:06
punkgeekeven when I enter whoami, It shows me root13:06
Gh0staEriC^^: for some reason, I went for a different username :s now regretting13:07
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FrancimanTJ-, I tried running git fetch ubuntu-bionic, but I get unable to connect to launchpad.net13:29
TJ-Franciman: hmmm did I mistype ?13:30
Francimanoh ok, let me check13:30
TJ-Franciman: i did, I missed a git in the URIs here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VSK42Jjx5P/13:32
TJ-Franciman: had to type the paste rather than copy/paste - my eyes skipped13:32
TJ-Franciman: URIs should start git://git.launchpad.net/13:33
Francimanoh I se13:34
BluesKajHi folks14:12
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garttWhy is ubuntu asking to restart after updates so much? I've used Slackware and FBSD in the past and would have months of uptimes. Is rebooting really necessary? I assume most updates are for security, but what would really require restarts every few weeks or so?14:56
garttOr is it a "just in case for safety" thing that just nags for you to restart but isn't really necessary?15:00
ikoniagartt: why don't you look at what the updates are15:01
ikoniasome will need a restart, others will need a process restart, others will need nothing15:01
k4rt0ff3lch33t4hgartt: Most of the time kernel updates cause this. Or probably some specific package you have.15:02
ikoniaand just because other distro's are not asking you to reboot is a pointless comparision, they could be using different versions with different bugs, they may be sloppy at patching, they may not enforce a reboot which means the update is pointlesss15:02
garttikonia: I did and I do, but don't remember well enough now after days later what exactly they were - I believe they were core updates15:02
garttk4rt0ff3lch33t4h: Not too many packages installed, so I assume it'd be kernel updates15:02
ikoniagartt: 'core' updates means nothing15:03
garttikonia: True, understood. I just wonder how often it's actually necessary to reboot rather than a "it's safer and easier to reboot rather than required" thing15:03
ikoniagartt: it will depend on the packages, hence why I'm saying check, but I'd not expect a professional distro to push a reboot unless it was actually nessasary15:04
garttikonia: I'll record what the next one is that tells me to reboot. Why doesn't it tell me to reboot if I update via apt rather than the desktop environment's GUI update mechanism?15:04
=== _ikke_ is now known as ikke
ikoniagartt: again, it will depend on what the packages are, and if the packager puts any notice in15:05
ikoniaapt just blindly executes the package update15:05
k4rt0ff3lch33t4hgartt: you need to reboot when there is a package called /var/run/reboot-required15:06
garttikonia: Newbish question since I'm fairly new to Ubuntu, but is using apt-get update and apt-get upgrade the shell the same thing that the desktop environment's GUI updater does behind the scenes?15:07
garttk4rt0ff3lch33t4h: Thanks15:07
garttfrom* the shell15:08
ikoniagartt: same packages, but the gui has a lot more friendly messages and also (I think) has some evaluation checks in eg: if package=linux-image* echo 'you should reboot'15:08
ikoniaI'm not %100 on that though, I know in earlier versions there was attempt to make it more human friendly (as a desktop app should be)15:08
garttANd if there is a package called /var/run/reboot-required and apt-get update and apt-get upgrade is run, will I be prompted on the command line to reboot? I ask because I don't ever recall seeing a message to reboot if done via the shell, though like I said I'm new to ubuntu15:09
k4rt0ff3lch33t4hgartt: I dont think so there is such a message after apt upgrade. Or it's too hard to notice.15:13
garttikonia, k4rt0ff3lch33t4h: Thanks a lot. I've been wondering about that stuff for weeks but never had the time to find out why15:22
garttikonia, k4rt0ff3lch33t4h: Thanks a lot. I've been wondering about that stuff for weeks but never had the time to find out why15:22
k4rt0ff3lch33t4hgartt: you could check manually  if the file exists after an upgrade, or probably could make some script and a cronjob15:23
k4rt0ff3lch33t4hgartt: or if you use byobu there is a reboot-required warning in it15:24
k4rt0ff3lch33t4hgartt: i personally use i3wm with i3status and configured i3status to show a warning if the file exists15:25
k4rt0ff3lch33t4hgartt: welcome15:26
garttI use fluxbox on my other machines, but that box uses the default desktop environment - though since I SSH in most often and it acts headless most of the time, I'll go with your earlier advice I think15:28
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Kurozenis it possible to make the PAUSE BREAK key to work so that it pauses the boot process so I can see the output text?15:59
leftyfbKurozen: just looks at dmesg after it boots16:03
rjwiiiKurozen: use dmesg16:03
rjwiiithat has all the boot messages16:03
leftyfbKurozen: also, "journalctl -b"  for non-kernel messages16:04
rjwiiiThat, too :)(16:05
KurozenSure, but I feel like during boot is more handy16:11
leftyfbKurozen: not really16:19
chef_triphello, greetings to all. i've been struggling for a while to get nvidia graphics working on ubuntu 20.04 on an old macbook pro 4,1 (2008) is this channel appropriate to try to get some support to get it working again?16:43
pavlosKurozen: ctrl+s to pause screen, ctrl+q to un-pause16:43
promilleHi. I can't see a specific Wi-Fi. It's 5Ghz, but I can see other 5Ghz networks, so that is probably not it. Currently connected to it on my phone, so it should be working. Any ideas? Ubuntu 20.04.16:55
tomreynchef_trip: it's the right place for volunteer Ubuntu support. But not everyone will want to support Nvidia graphics since it can be troublesome: the proprietary drivers are not always easy to get to work, and the reengineered open source drivers are incomplete and error prone.16:55
TJ-!info needrestart | gartt this packages checks for and reports if restarts are needed after all apt operations16:55
ubottugartt this packages checks for and reports if restarts are needed after all apt operations: needrestart (source: needrestart): check which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.4-6 (focal), package size 41 kB, installed size 266 kB16:55
garttubottu: Thank you - I wrote that down for reference17:02
ubottugartt: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:02
garttTJ-: Oops, sorry :) Didn't read enough17:02
TJ-promille: it is possible the frequency the AP is on is not available to the client due to regulatory region-specific limitations (check which region the AP and the client are set to and check they should both do the active frequency) and also, for 802.11a frequencies, some require the client to listen in and not enable a frequency if it hears something important on the channel17:05
TJ-promille: many frequencies have a "NO-IR" (no initiate radio transmission) requirement17:05
promilleThanks TJ! Any suggestion how I can check it. FYI, I can see other 5Ghz networks17:05
chef_triptomreyn, yea, in the past in previous releases the additional drivers tool was able to install the nvidia drivers and it worked well, but lately no. at this point, the best solution i can think of on ym own is to just install an older release,like maybe 18.04, install the drivers, and then do-release-upgrade, although, i would prefer to avoid it if it17:07
chef_tripif it's not too difficult17:07
TJ-promille: on the client use "iw phy | list" which collects and displays the radio info. Using 'less' means you can page through the info. First navigate down to the "Band X" that lists the 5GHz frequences, then in the freq. list you'll see entries with notes like "No IR, radar detection"17:08
TJ-promille: I hope you have access to the AP's config either via web-page or terminal to gather similar info on what channel/frequency/bandwidth it is using so you can compare - if they're not compatible that'd explain why the client doesn't 'see' the AP17:09
SazpaimonI have an old ATAPI zip drive I'm trying to read on an ubuntu 20.04 machine, since I lack any IDE support on this machine, I've been trying several IDE to SATA and IDE to USB converters and none of them seem to get ubuntu to recognize a drive. Is there some kernel-level feature I need to enable to get this to work?17:10
TJ-promille: On 5GHz band channel widths can be 20/40/80/160+ MHz wide - if the AP were set to use a larger value than the client can, that'd also be a problem17:10
tomreynchef_trip: a do-release-upgrade from an older release should get you the same as directly installing the latest release, at least in terms of nvidia drivers (if any, there should be minor differences only).17:11
promilleThanks again TJ. I'll check the web interface of the router. Heres the output of iw phy btw: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/f3RfdSHMMH/17:14
chef_triphmmm, well, from my experience, with this same laptop, i had done a do-release-upgrade, and i was on 20.10 and working fine with proprietary graphics, but, i had to do a fresh install after many years/releases of simply doing upgrades, because i had my system partitioned out for separate partitions for /, /boot, /var, /usr, /home, and i forget what else, and /boot /var and /usr were always full, especially after snaps, and it17:16
chef_tripeventually broke, so now i deleted the partitions and now just using swap, / and /home17:16
punkgeekI have problem on installing any kinds of GUI in the ubuntu 20.04 on ARM64 device. here is the problem https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FgbTQTBxDC/17:17
Deano59punkgeek:  what "arm" device?17:17
chef_tripand not having a problem with running out of space on the various individual partitions, but boots to black screen, or use nouveau which i wish worked well, but is so slow it's really unusuable, at least on this machine17:18
punkgeekDeano59: yes arm6417:21
Deano59punkgeek:  "what arm64 device" ?17:21
punkgeekDeano59: it's an android phone, But the issue is, it's ok on ubuntu 18.0417:22
Deano59yeah we can't support that here.17:22
punkgeekDeano59: Is there any IRC channel about this case?17:24
chef_trippunkgeek, there is an ubuntu arm channel, u should seek support there17:26
Deano59punkgeek: /join #ubuntu-arm17:26
amazoniantoadIs there any way to stream an audio file to twitch or youtube? I don't want to use something like OBS. More like ffmpeg17:42
cxlHi, why is it that `sudo -u someone systemctl --user` fails but `su - someone systemctl --user` works? What's different between these two ways of running the systemctl command?17:48
Sazpaimondoes the kernel that ships with ubuntu still support legacy PCI devices?17:54
Sazpaimonthe card shows up in my bios, but I don't see it listed in ubuntu with lcpci or lshw18:00
punkgeekIs there any way to connect to the linux GUI rather than VNC? Becuase even in the localhost, It's is so slow18:10
reagawhen using displayport, my monitor wont display anything when I try using it at  1440p (its totally black. it works fine when i set it at 1080p. when using HDMI 1440p works fine. any ideas? im using the nvidia drivers btw18:15
TJ-Sazpaimon: it should do. Can you show us "pastebinit <( journalctl -k)" from the affected system?18:16
TJ-reaga: I had a similar issue recently and had to reduce the refresh rate (this for a 4K external display that offers 60, 50, 30 Hz and has to be set to 30Hz)18:17
SazpaimonI _think_ I may have resolved it by re-seating the card. It's now showing in the bios as a VIA RAID controller18:18
Sazpaimonwhereas previously it just said "controller"18:18
TJ-reaga: check what rates are on offer with "xrandr -q"18:18
TJ-Sazpaimon: hardware glitch - reseating is so simple :)18:18
Sazpaimonnow to figure out if the kernel ships with via ata support18:19
TJ-Sazpaimon: should do, Ubuntu doesn't disable much, most is shipped as dynmically loadable modules18:19
Sazpaimonlsmod |grep via doesn't seem to show anything18:20
TJ-Sazpaimon: it probably uses a standard driver. use "lspci -nnk"18:20
TJ-Sazpaimon: the 'k' will report both all possible drivers and the currently used driver, if there is one18:20
Sazpaimonnope, it doesn't show any kernel driver in use18:21
TJ-Sazpaimon:  but it does show up now?18:21
Sazpaimonit does18:21
SazpaimonI have a device hooked up to it via PATA but it isn't showing up18:21
TJ-Sazpaimon: tell us the [vendor:product] ID from the end of the line that identifies the device18:21
TJ-Sazpaimon: give me a mo18:22
Sazpaimonthis is the usb installer btw18:22
TJ-Sazpaimon: that's fine, no different to an installed system. The device doesn't have a specific driver so I suspect it should use a class driver, can you show us "pastebinit <( sudo lspci -vvvnnk -d 1106:1041 )"18:23
Sazpaimonthat's weird, it doesnt even show up in the pci database18:24
TJ-Sazpaimon: many controllers are 'standard' ATA and therefore they're recognised by the PCI class they declare18:24
Sazpaimoni'll need to get this plugged in to the network to get your pastebin18:26
TJ-Sazpaimon: ahhh, OK, or if it is easier capture the output to a file on a USB device and transfer it via sneakernet :)18:26
bumblefuzzso, I'm trying to write a cli script that starts steam but every time I do I keep getting output on the cli after steam is started18:27
bumblefuzzI've tried backgrounding it with & and it doesn't work18:27
bumblefuzzI can't figure out how to just do 'steam' and then go right back to the cli18:27
TJ-bumblefuzz: start it via a .desktop file (so it appears as a launcher in the GUI) or use 'nohup' and similar tools18:29
bumblefuzz'nohup steam' doesn't return to a command prompt18:30
bumblefuzzall of these options don't return to a command prompt18:30
SazpaimonTJ-, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/X24qDCkWdP/18:31
bumblefuzzI don't care as much about it generating output on the cli as much as, when it's done, that it returns to the command prompt18:31
TJ-bumblefuzz: you'd need to put the entire command into the background: "nohup XXXXX &" another way would be to create a systemd user service so you could start/stop via 'systemctl --user start steam'18:34
bumblefuzzI did 'nohup steam &' and steam is open and my terminal window still has no usable command prompt18:36
bumblefuzzand I don't need a service18:37
bumblefuzzI just need to start steam18:37
bumblefuzzthis is so simple18:37
bumblefuzzyou know how if you run 'sudo apt update' you can type commands into the cli after it runs?18:37
bumblefuzzthat's what I need this to do18:37
bumblefuzzstart steam, then give me back the command line18:38
chosigadd an & at the end18:39
chosigsteam &18:39
bumblefuzzthat's the first thing I tried18:39
bumblefuzzcommand prompt doesn't return18:39
punkgeekIs there any way to connect to the linux GUI in android phone rather than VNC? Becuase even in the localhost, It's is so slow18:40
TJ-Sazpaimon: it's a difficult one - is it a PATA or SATA controller?18:40
chosigsteam -silent maybe?18:40
bumblefuzzchosig, doesn't work either18:41
* chosig ponders.18:41
bumblefuzznohup will suppress output18:41
bumblefuzzbut I still have no command prompt that I can type into18:41
bumblefuzzI've google the shit outta this and nothing works18:42
SazpaimonTJ-, both18:42
Sazpaimonthe chip is a VT6421A RAID controller18:43
bumblefuzzI even tried 'steam & disown steam' and it never gets to the disown command18:43
chosigbumblefuzz, what are you trying to do?18:43
bumblefuzzstart steam18:43
bumblefuzzthat's it18:43
bumblefuzzjust start steam and give me back the command line18:43
SazpaimonVIA describes it as a serial ATA controller but with PATA support18:43
chosigWhy from the command line?18:43
Sazpaimonthe PATA support is what I need18:43
bumblefuzzit's a script for when a game I play crashes18:44
bumblefuzzI need to retstart it18:44
TJ-Sazpaimon: ok, because kernel has sata_via and pata_via modules and I'm trying to figure out which one, if either, would be the one. Try this: "sudo modprobe sata_via vt6420_hotplug=1"18:44
bumblefuzzrather than go through all the steps, I'm making an alias for this script that just runs it all18:44
bumblefuzzso when the game crashes I can just type 'game' and it will restart steam, start the game, and exit18:45
bumblefuzzbut when I issue the 'steam' command, it never returns18:45
bumblefuzzit just stays outputting stuff (even if that output is supressed) and the command line never returns18:45
TJ-Sazpaimon:I doubt it'll handle that device though since neither of those modules declares that device ID, and doesn't claim an alias for the 0104 (RAID controller) class18:45
Sazpaimonso uh, I reseated the card, again, and now it changed the device ID to 224918:46
Sazpaimonas well as a subsystem device of 1106:324918:47
chosigbumblefuzz, do you have steam-native?18:47
Sazpaimonhttps://pci-ids.ucw.cz/read/PC/1106/3249 this one _does_ show up in the pci DB18:47
bumblefuzzI installed it from the package manager, so, probably?18:47
Sazpaimonso i guess it just needed a little more physical love18:47
TJ-Sazpaimon: I was about to suggest another reseat!18:48
TJ-Sazpaimon: i think you should take it out and clean the contacts with IPA (alcohol)18:48
TJ-Sazpaimon: sata_via declares an alias for the 3249 device18:49
Sazpaimonyeah, I did that, and removed the front clip because it was bent and possibly moving the device around18:49
TJ-Sazpaimon: I think you're finally sorted!18:49
Sazpaimonso I loaded sata_via, but it still doesnt show it in use in lspci18:50
TJ-Sazpaimon: check that the module supports that alias with "modinfo -F alias sata_via"18:50
chosigbumblefuzz, try it steam-native &18:50
* chosig don't have steam installed18:51
TJ-Sazpaimon: I see there one line with v00001106d00003249....18:51
Sazpaimonit supports 1106:3249, yeah18:51
Sazpaimonthat's the subsystem ID, but parent ID is 1106:224918:51
Sazpaimonim not sure if that's another hardware fault18:51
bumblefuzzchosig, command not found18:51
bumblefuzzchosig, steam launches steam it just doesn't give back the command line18:52
bumblefuzzthe terminal window has to stay open or steam itself closes18:52
SazpaimonI think it might be, now that I look at it18:52
TJ-Sazpaimon: I think there might still be problems reading the device ID, I suspect the device ID should not be 2249 but 3249 - looks like a 'sticky' bit that isn't set18:53
Sazpaimoni'll try reseating it again18:53
TJ-Sazpaimon: :D18:53
chosigbumblefuzz, try hitting ctrl+z when it's running18:53
Sazpaimoni'll also clean out the port itself18:53
TJ-Sazpaimon: in, out, in, out, shake it all about, do the okey-cokey and turn around, that's what it's all about!18:53
TJ-Sazpaimon: could be weak spring-tabs in the PCI socket so yes18:54
TJ-Sazpaimon: I've fixed those in the past with careful application of a needle18:54
bumblefuzzchosig, that's progress, I get the command line back but if I close the terminal window steam closes18:54
chosigbumblefuzz of-course, it's bound to that terminal. My recommendation would be to bind a shortcut key to steam -applaunch <the appid> then it'll launch the game when it starts18:56
TJ-bumblefuzz: if steam is continuing to run as a child of the shell, it can't return to the shell so you have a prompt until it terminates, or if you put it into the background then it'll be killed when you exit the shell18:56
TJ-bumblefuzz: hence either a custom .desktop file (in ~/.local/share/applications/ ) or create a simple systemd unit file to start it (which doesn't require a shell to remain )18:57
bumblefuzzI don't understand18:58
bumblefuzzthe steam icon in my menu has this command '/usr/games/steam %U' listed under properties18:59
bumblefuzzwhen I click that icon, that is the command that is given and steam opens18:59
Sazpaimonokay, there we go, it's loading the right kernel module now18:59
Sazpaimonnow the meat and potatoes issue, getting the zip drive to be recognized19:00
bumblefuzzwhy doesn't 'steam & disown' work?19:02
Sazpaimonhm, how do I even debug this19:04
Sazpaimonthe zip drive has a master jumper setting, its on the primary PATA port on the cable, and ubuntu recognizes the PATA PCI card19:05
TJ-Sazpaimon: "journalctl -k" will show the kernel log; press 'G' to jump to end and use the regular navigation keys to work backwards to where the ZIP device is detected19:05
TJ-Sazpaimon: or if that PC now has network, pastebinit the log so we can look19:05
Sazpaimonthat's the problem, it doesnt look like its connected19:06
TJ-Sazpaimon: journalctl will use the 'less' pager - 'q' will quit/terminate it19:06
TJ-Sazpaimon: in your earlier lspci, which may be different now, I noticed it showed all IP ports disabled. Check that again now with "sudo lspci -vvvnnk"19:06
bumblefuzzok, I found the sequence19:06
bumblefuzzsteam + ^z + bg + disown + exit19:07
TJ-Sazpaimon: those I/O ports are for each device connected so if they are disabled (by firmware/BIOS I'd assume) then you won't be able to detect devices connected19:07
TJ-Sazpaimon: or possibly even jumpers on the controller19:08
SazpaimonTJ-, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FV3pjTG7Xs/ here's my lspci output now19:11
TJ-Sazpaimon: that looks more sane, so the ports are now scannable19:12
Sazpaimonhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rw2pJB5hq6/ and my kernel output for good measure19:12
droid3I am wondering when creating your own .deb package how do you make a custom icon and screenshot show up in the software center when you click on your .deb file?19:13
Sazpaimonlet me try the cable select jumper setting just in case19:13
droid3before you install the package19:13
Sazpaimongod i hate pata19:13
TJ-Sazpaimon: line 739 onwards19:13
bumblefuzzok, I figured out how to launch steam from the terminal cleanly but I don't know how to put this into a script19:14
bumblefuzzthe sequence is:19:14
bumblefuzzctrl + z19:14
TJ-Sazpaimon: looks like ata1 ata2 ata5 are the PATA -- does the device have 3 PATA ports?19:14
bumblefuzzhow do I put those 4 commands into a chell script19:15
SazpaimonTJ-, no, just 1 port, but it'll support a master+slave device19:15
Sazpaimonit also has an sata and esata port19:15
bumblefuzzhow do I issue ctrl+z in a shell script?19:18
TJ-Sazpaimon: ah, I notice ata1 and ata2 belong to the other controller; only ata5 is part of the VIA (line 758 "ata5: PATA max UDMA/133 port i16@0xe130")19:18
Sazpaimonthats funny because this motherboard has no PATA ports19:19
TJ-Sazpaimon: so is there only one device connected to the PATA cable and is it's jumper set to master ?19:19
TJ-Sazpaimon: the controller probably does have them, but they're not exposed19:19
TJ-Sazpaimon: does the ZIP device spin up or otherwise make a physical reaction as the kernel is starting (to indicate it being probed) ?19:20
TJ-Sazpaimon: also, is there media in the ZIP drive?19:20
Sazpaimonah here we go19:20
Sazpaimoni switched the jumper to cable select from master19:21
Sazpaimonand now the raid controller bios sees it19:21
TJ-Sazpaimon: aha! so there's a 'twist' in the cable you're using19:21
Sazpaimonlets see if that translates to the OS seeing it19:21
davido_When I use my ThinkPad thunderbolt 3 dock with my 6th gen x1 carbon /var/log/syslog begins filling with 46151.955969] r8152 6-1:1.0 enx0050b6a7622b: Tx timeout...  after awhile19:22
davido_And bringing it out of keyboard lock takes about three minutes.19:22
TJ-Sazpaimon: I have ZIP drives in my forensics systems and generally not had a problem with them19:22
davido_This started with 20.10.19:22
TJ-davido_: that'll be the external NIC19:22
SazpaimonTJ-, I assume those are at least usb or parallel drives and not internal ide ones though19:23
TJ-Sazpaimon: you assume wrong :)19:23
TJ-Sazpaimon: I have older hardware so forensics/data recovery is possible19:23
davido_TJ- Correct. The NIC seems to become unavailable. However, with a 20.04 laptop plugged in, no problem. And with the exact same model laptop plugged in but running Centos 7, also no problem.19:24
TJ-Sazpaimon: 5¼ single-sided floppies even19:24
Sazpaimonokay, cool, so now the disk shows up as sda19:24
TJ-davido_: definitely a kernel module issue, and r8152 so should be easy to review the changelog to figure out what commit may cause the issue - however, do you need to use that Ethernet port? if not, and the PC doesn't need the r8152 driver for an onboard port, you could simply blacklist it19:25
davido_I prefer it, as it is my hard-wired port vs wifi.19:26
davido_The thing is, if I reboot, it comes back to life again and will work for a few hours.19:26
TJ-davido_: there are a lot of commits to that driver in the groovy kernel so it'll be difficult to figure out whih is responsible, unless you can find other bug reports about that issue - you should create an ubuntu bug report though with "ubuntu-bug linux"19:29
davido_Will do, thanks. Any thoughts on the long timings to get out of keyboard lock? Also when using the dock; on the order of two or three minutes to get from lock screen to password entry screen.19:30
TJ-davido_: looks like it may already be fixed Bug #190289619:30
ubottubug 1902896 in linux (Ubuntu) "Thunderbolt dock no longer works" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190289619:30
TJ-davido_: shows as Fix Committed so should be a newer kernel out soon and that'll move to Fix Released19:31
davido_This is regarding the nic?19:31
TJ-davido_: It looks related "Thunderbolt"19:31
davido_I suspect that could resolve both issues.19:32
davido_I see approximately the unlock time I have a bunch of "gnome-shell[6721]: Can't update stage views actor StLabel is on because it needs an allocation."19:33
TJ-davido_: actually, I think I spoke too soon! that looks like a broken device. This one looks much closer: Bug #187196219:33
ubottubug 1871962 in linux (Ubuntu) "NETDEV WATCHDOG: enx106530060c6c (r8152): transmit queue 0 timed out" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/187196219:33
davido_The dock broken? It works flawlessly with another Ubuntu laptop on 20.04, and with the same exact model laptop running an older centos kernel.19:34
bumblefuzzI am so closer19:34
TJ-davido_: not yours! the bug reporter's device caused that bug report, not a kernel issue19:34
bumblefuzzfrom the command line if I do 'steam & xdotool key ctrl+z && sleep 3 && bg && disown && exit'19:35
bumblefuzzit does exactly what I want19:35
davido_Oh, I see.19:35
bumblefuzzhowever, if steam is open and I want to restart it19:35
davido_I've submitted bug reports on other issues in the past, but I'm not quite sure what to report on this one since I never seem to be around the moment it fails.19:36
bumblefuzzso, 'pkill steam & sleep 3 && steam & xdotool key ctrl+z && sleep 3 && bg && disown && exit'19:36
bumblefuzzit doesn't launch steam19:36
TJ-davido_: I'd recommend you add your report to Bug #1871962 adding the Ubuntu release, current kernel version, and an extract from the kernel log showing the error messages ("journalctl -k -p warning" should help extract them)19:46
ubottubug 1871962 in linux (Ubuntu) "NETDEV WATCHDOG: enx106530060c6c (r8152): transmit queue 0 timed out" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/187196219:46
TJ-davido_: I'll alter the bug title so it is specific to the r815219:47
TJ-davido_: if you do that, next week try tp ping attention from a kernel dev with that bug # reference in #ubuntu-kernel19:48
chef_tripi have a macbook pro 4,1(2008 haha, but still a powerful computer actually), it has worked well with various distros over the years, but now, cannot get the proprietary nvida drivers installed and to boot. can anyone help me troubleshoot? i've installed at least half a dozen ubuntus and derivatives in the past few weeks trying to sort this out19:50
BlueEaglechef_trip:  which version nvidia drivers are you installing, and have you checked if they are compatible?19:55
bumblefuzzit doesn't launch steam19:56
davido_TJ- I've added a comment to that bug with a sample from the /var/log/syslog dump.20:03
TJ-davido_: great... main thing is to ping kernel devs with that bug #XXXX in #ubuntu-kernel next week when they're at work20:04
=== watkinsr383 is now known as watkinsr38
davido_I've been kind of waiting to see if it just gets fixed, but 20.10 is what, a couple months out now? It's been long enough. I'd revert to 20.04 LTS but rolling back, I don't think, is all that trivial.20:05
davido_Problem is it's my personal LT. I have my work (centos) Thinkpad plugged into the dock during work hours during the week.20:06
chef_tripBlueEagle, hey sorry i have been trying to figure this out here. i've been trying to install 340.108, the last released proprietary nvidia drivers, i have now installed 133, still boots to a black screen. i am on a virtual terminal alt ctrl f2 and tried sudo qpt remove nvidia-* which has worked in the past, but now it's not working20:18
iffraffHi, I just got an external monitor for my laptop which has the intel on board vidwo card as well as the nvidia ge 150 video card.  I have pluged in the monitor via hdmi, but it says no signal.  can anyone help me?20:23
chef_tripBlueEagle, compatibility, these drivers have been the one's that have worked with ubuntu and this laptop for the past decade. they even worked with 20.04 and 20.10 when this laptop was on that system via do-release-upgrade, but since my individual partitions for /boot /var and /usr would get so full, especially after snaps, i had to delete those partitions and just install everything to a swap / and /home partitions. since20:23
chef_tripthen, now i have space for the system, but can't get the graphics drivers to work, besides nouveau, which is almost useless, unfortunately20:23
chef_tripBlueEagle, sudo apt remove nvidia-* results in unable to locate package nvidia-*20:24
CaptainEdgeLordyo my wireless dont work20:25
chef_tripBlueEagle, well, remove nvidia-331 did work, and i'm expecting it will now boot to a graphical desktop, although at like, an estimated 2% of what i know the machine is capable of. this MBP has 2 graphics cards actually, one is 256 and a 'discrete' 512mb20:26
iffraffHi can anyone help me get my second monitor to work? ubuntu sees is, althought the description is wrong, but the monitory says no input20:53
CaptainEdgeLorddid make dkms_install for rtl8812au driver. still nothing. ifconfig doesn't even show a wlan interface. I feel like the install instructions are assuming I have some other service already installed/running thats not present. ifconfig didnt even work at first for me as i had to install net-tools. so i don't know what else might be missing that i need for wireless to work. I can see the usb21:03
CaptainEdgeLordwireless device fine with lsusb.21:03
CaptainEdgeLordgot my wifi working. although at this point im convinced im just talking to a channel of about 1200 bots.21:28
RazathornAfter a fresh install of ubuntu server (20.10 and 20.04), if I install sddm, it will start, log no errors, and just never start X.  X starts fine manually, and installing GDM3 or XDM will start X just fine.  SDDM just... does nothing useful.  I can load the entire kde plasma env by logging in via GDM3, and installing ubuntu desktop 20.10 and THEN installing kde and switching to SDDM works.  It's the strangest thing.  Has anyone21:41
Razathornheard of SDDM simply refusing to load X on a vt when every other DM works?  Is Desktop install doing something magic that "wakes up" sddm?  This is on a raspberry pi 4 fwiw.21:41
iffraffHi, I have 20.04 laptop with intel 620 gpu driving my external monitory.  ubuntu and xrandr say the monitor is connected but the monitor says no signal detected\22:27
iffraffcrap rebooting but brb22:28
=== watkinsr3831 is now known as watkinsr383
iffraffactually didn't need to reboot.  so I have an external gpu and that works, but I'd rather just have my internal gpu drive the monitoryu22:30
Bluekinghum ubuntu says root / are at 100% (df -h)  and not enough storage to do apt update  how to free up space ?22:49
jeremy31Blueking: try>  sudo apt autoclean and sudo apt autoremove22:51
Bluekingdoesn't help22:52
Bluekingnothing to clean/remove22:52
Bluekinghow to free up 'used' space on ssd ?22:53
Bluekingmight be reason22:53
jeremy31Blueking: Might want to look at SMART data in the Disks program22:54
Bluekinghave to enter bios ?22:56
RazathornWhy not just clean up the filesystem from unneeded files?  Go through and du -shc on each directory and hunt for the offenders.22:58
RazathornFWIW, found out why SDDM didn't load on raspberry pi 4 on server.  Desktop firmware included the pi 4 config to enable FKMS 3d capabilities and without that, SDDM refuses to load.23:29
RazathornI copied some config from 20.10 desktop firmware settings and now it works on 20.04 server too.23:30
doug16kwhen I try to start an isolated network in virtual machine manager, it says it fails to run /usr/bin/dnsmasq, so I apt install dnsmasq and that errors, so I systemctl stop systemd-resolved and reinstall dnsmasq, and still dnsmasq is no such file23:51
doug16kdo I have to do something to change the way the network is managed to enable virtual machine manager to work right?23:51
doug16koh wait, this is apparmor thing I bet23:52
compdocis apparmor enabled? I thought the default was to do nothing23:56

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