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AydinHello, can someone help me I'm experiencing extremely slow internet speed over Ethernet12:34
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xubuntu68iy grub loader is giving error at the ned?14:13
intheryehi everybody! how can I reset .config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml? There's some old information in it (monitors not connected anymore), and I have some problems with display setup chnaged after coming back from blanked screens. So I wanted to reset all stored Xfce display data. Renaming displays.xml did not do the trick. Any ideas?14:28
intheryeI'm using xfconf 4.14.4 on Xubuntu 20.0414:45
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GDorn_I'm having a problem where adjust volume (both globally and within an app like VLC or even youtube) is causing all video to freeze up for a while.  The length of the freeze correlates with how long it has been since my last reboot, so if I reboot the problem goes away for a day or three.  Any ideas which subsystem is to blame, here?19:54
tomreyncheck wwhat is logged (run vlc from a terminal, run "journalctl -f" in another terminal)19:56
GDorn_yeah, I started there.  nada.19:56

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