Otanauthey everyone, when using the ssh-import-id feature, do i just need to set the ssh-import-id in the specific user entry, or is further configuration required?12:42
Otanauti am asking, as it does not seem to work for me12:43
Otanautit says "no authorized ssh keyzs fingerprints found for userxxx" albeit when i call the github api i see my keys13:00
Otanauthm besides that i noticed that from time to time it seems that the initial run seems to fail to set the correct system time and causes to follow up commands to error, as they are not able to verify the certificates used13:04
Otanautweird the system thinks its 2019-02-1413:18
Dus10Hello, I am trying to use autoinstall to automate an Ubuntu 20.04 install with Packer and I am using `ds=nocloud;s=file://...`  The file would be on a floppy... anyone know the way I can inform it to use the floppy since it wouldn't be mounted?13:24
Dus10kickstart had a way where  it would be fd0:/anaconda-ks.cfg13:25
meenaDus10: you can use cloud-localds from https://github.com/canonical/cloud-utils to create such a… floppy14:43
Dus10I have a file, I just need to reference the file14:43
Dus10The kickstart method was `ks=hd:fd0:/filename.cfg`14:44
Dus10this is a generated floppy image that is mounted a virtual machine14:45
Dus10I have tried `ds=nocloud;s=file://fd0:/autoinstall.yaml`14:46
meenathat can't work14:49
meenaat least not with the NoCloud i know14:49
meenawhich documentation are you following?14:49
ptseliosCan someone help me solve a puzzle with my cloud-init configuration for the network?16:48
ptseliosBG info:16:48
ptseliosI use the centos cloud image (with the cloud-init) from the official repos.16:48
ptseliosMy "cloud" is my local libvirtd environment and I pass cloud-init configuration via an ISO file.16:49
ptseliosThe ISO file contains the following files: meta-data,user-data,network-config16:49
ptseliosThe network-config is read. Ana parsed. And I don't see any error!16:50
ptseliosBUT, I don't get static IP!!!16:50
ptseliosThe actual ifcfg-eth0 file specifically says "BOOTPROTO=DHCP"!16:53
ptseliosThe files and logs can be found here:16:53
ptseliosSo, what on earth is wrong with my configuration and it's not assigning the static IP?16:55
ptselios(Sorry, code is here: https://dpaste.org/PV0Q)16:57
ptseliosI found the solution here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/61568960/1303925817:22
ptseliosSeems like a bug.17:23
Dus10meena: there were no examples provided, it just indicated that seedfrom (or s) should start with file:// or /17:24
meenaptselios: that seems odd. which version of cloud-init is that?17:43
ptseliosmeena: cloud-init-18.5-6.el7.centos.x86_6417:47
meenathat sounds awfully old17:47
meenawell, two years, but still17:47
ptseliosYeap, it's very old.17:48
ptseliosChecking for updates gives me 19.4-7.el7.centos.217:48
ptseliosThe image is the CentOS-7-x86_64-GenericCloud.qcow2 and in theory the latest one (I downloaded it a few days ago).17:49
ptselios(Which basically is CentOS 7.8)17:51
ptseliosI will try with 7.9 too.17:51
Dus10meena: https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/datasources/nocloud.html - I want to use a local file  rather than an http source17:56
Dus10it was possible to do this with anaconda where you could reference fd0 and pull the cfg from it17:57
Dus10rather problematic it can't work with subiquity17:57
Dus10adds a ton of friction to the process if one can't just provide a local file easily17:58
Dus10I am trying to make some reusable images with Packer for Hyper-V (but for VMware vSphere, later)18:00
meenaokay, but, cloud-init isn't kick-start18:04
Dus10yes, I know, that is why I am asking about it18:05
Dus10is there a way to do that?18:05
Dus10or maybe a way I could say to mount fd0 somewhere during install?18:05
meenafirst of all, i have no idea about autoinstall and autoinstall.yaml18:05
Dus10mkay, autoinstall is part of subiquitity and it uses cloud-init18:06
meenaif you provide cloud-init a NoCloud source, that has to come in the form of a FAT or ISO source18:06
Dus10and the floppy is FAT18:07
Dus10Packer is making the floppy image on the fly18:07
Dus10I really don't want to run HTTP server just for this purpose18:08
meenai would've thought packer provides that too18:09
Dus10not that I've seen18:10
Dus10I normally only use it with Azure and AWS18:10
Dus10so I use existing images they host and modify them18:10
Dus10I guess it does18:16

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