droid3ok got issue when i do a dput ... its asking me for a .changes file00:35
droid3dput ppa:myusername/testing mytest.deb00:36
droid3why cannt i send the .deb up to my launchpad account ???00:36
droid3what is up with this .changes file.00:36
droid3Not this is a new ppa i created for testing purposes00:36
droid3so how can i upload my .deb to it and then test out that i can apt-get from it by adding the repo ppa location00:37
droid3i know how to add repo so the later is not an issue.00:37
droid3its getting the .deb on the ppa ???00:37
droid3ok i bite confused so apparently launchpad does accept .deb files they build the deb on site00:49
droid3but now i am trying to figure out debuild00:49
droid3its not difficult to use existing ppa its just a whole another monkey shit world when it comes to the other way actually building packages for hosting sites ...ppa ..etc01:49
droid3fuck ridiculous01:50
droid3make up your fucking mines launchpad do you want it in source form or do you want the .deb file and if you want the source can you explain better how the fucking get .controls file and how to do debuild , dput for a given ppa you created01:59
droid3back to just hosting my files as a .tar.gz and instructions.02:01
droid3i got tar.gz in binary or source make yourself format02:02
droid3yet its a whole dog shit deal to get it into a deb in a repo like ppa02:02
droid3please i urgue you guys to consider to make a youtube video on how to use dput with your launchpad account03:01
DarxusHaha, I'm not the only one who babbles at this channel while nobody is listening.04:04
Darxusdroid3: What is this software you're packaging?04:08
droid3ok i got it close with dh_make05:45
droid3but now when i do fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage -F05:46
droid3i get this last error failed to sign .dsc file05:46
droid3i dont really want to make a public key and sign05:46
droid3is there away to tell it to just build an unsigned deb package05:47
droid3because i have seen this method also produces the changes file and keeps the source file as well as building the .deb file05:47
droid3in which case all ignore the deb file and just take the .changes file with dput and the source directory and i should beable to upload to my launchpad ppa now05:48
droid3but i need this last issue about gpg and signing stuff i dont really want to create gpg keys just to have this shit work to my launch pad if i dont have to05:49
droid3its a test upload i plan on deleting it just want to see it work before i write better install/uninstall scripts and sign stuff05:49
droid3dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us06:01
droid3 06:01
droid3does it but i still need to figure out how i uses gpg with dpkg-buildpackage to make signed stuff because launchpad wants signed stuff before i can upload to my ppa apparently06:02
droid3for overly secure purpose06:02
droid3because there so many malicous programs running around out there. ridiculous even if there was the ppa are for personal repo not even the main repos anyway wtf06:03
droid3so convoluted i could have decent thousand times better package managers for all the systems because normally your only using a fraction of the features of installing package anyway.06:04
droid3overly complex , to many tools , ...etc ridiculous where as the other side adding ppa , or apt-getting , or software center ,...etc is very easy for the end user to do06:05
droid3its just for the programmer side its made ridiculously complicate06:05
droid3still got to figure out the gpg with the buildpackage command as that yields the changes file i need to dput this into my ppa and end all this shit once and for all06:06
droid3ok i got a changes file but now when i do a dput ppa/URL mychangesfile06:11
droid3i get06:11
droid3gpgme_op_verify: GPGME: No data06:11
droid3so dput really needs a gpg signed key to upload it to launchpad O joy another bundle of shit06:12
droid3ok well if i figure this last aspect out i should people to see it upload to my launchpad account06:12
droid3and then beable to add it to my apt-get as another repo location that be the easy part if i can just get gpg to work with this06:13
droid3ok dput says package has already been upload so where the heck are they i dont see any files on the website going to the testing ppa i created ?07:39
droid3Where on the launchpad site do you go to see these07:39
droid3And going thru all this trouble and bullshit of having getting launchpad to build the .deb stuff and repos... please good tell me the packages are at least made portable enough for all major debian based OS and not something specific to just ubuntu or mint or something07:41
droid3where the heck can i see the dput files i just upload under my test ppa in my launchpad account09:19
droid3i finally was able to get them up with dput to my launchpad account no i cannt see them list under the test ppa i create WTF09:20
droid3they said successfully upload and i went thru installing a gpg key and everything just to see this shit work yet what the heck09:20
RikMillsdroid3: most usual cause is the upload was not signed with a gpg key, or one that is registered to your LP account09:52
Fudgeanyone about11:24
Fudgei have a ppa i want to uplaode a pavckage for focal but the ppa was setup with disco, do i allow focal packages in launchpad or is it when i am using dput11:26
RikMillsFudge: if the 1st changelog line has focal instead of disco when you build the source to upload, launchpad will build it for focal in the ppa12:28
RikMillse.g. https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-misc/+sourcepub/11791989/+listing-archive-extra12:30
cjwatsondroid3: Your upload was rejected (and Launchpad sent you an email about that) because the top entry in debian/changelog targeted it at "unstable"; you need to put the name of an Ubuntu series there, e.g. "focal".13:48
cjwatson(At least, our logs say that Launchpad sent you an email.  Of course email sometimes fails to arrive for whatever reason.)13:49
cjwatsonAlso please note that dh_make just generates very basic template packaging and you're expected to need to edit the result.13:50
droid3ok i dput the source package up on launchpad i dont know where it is from the website20:40
droid3however when i add the ppa to software center i get this error with software center when i reload it.  Failed to download repository information ....20:41
droid3http://ppa.launchpad.net/myaccountname/testing/ubuntu bionic InRelease' is not signed.20:41
droid3i just last night setup gpg and have a key for digital signing on launchpad20:42
droid3so what is this bitching about maybe i have to redo and create another ppa and delete the old one????20:42
droid3I was thinking it was just something i had to wait overnight for to take affect20:42
droid3But now any help to fix it i just want to see my ppa show up in my software center before i delete the ppa and work on make a more robust source package that will be more permanent for everybody to use.20:43
droid3if they want20:43
droid3what this InRelease thing not being signed do i have to sign it some how if so where do i go???20:44
cjwatsonObfuscating the PPA name makes it hard to help you20:44
droid3and where do i even see the repo ppa structure and files that i dput its so convoluted the structure of this launchpad website20:45
cjwatsonWhat is your account name?20:45
cjwatsonSo your upload was rejected as I explained earlier20:45
cjwatsonYou need to fix the reason for the rejection and reupload20:45
cjwatsonThat being "Unable to find distroseries: unstable"20:46
cjwatsonLaunchpad needs to be told what Ubuntu release you want to build the package for20:47
cjwatsonYou do that by putting the release name in debian/changelog where you currently have "unstable"20:47
cjwatsonIf you want to build for multiple different Ubuntu releases, it's usual to append "~ubuntu18.04.1", "~ubuntu20.04.1", etc. to the version and upload to each separate release20:49
droid3can anybody tell me what changelog file i have to change22:17
droid3and what the exact thing i have to put it in to just have a test ppa repo create that i can install stuff from22:17
droid3if unstable not change is the issue thats a far cry from this error22:18
droid3you cannt debug shit because its all over the fucking place with bullshit22:18
droid3you know what i am going to start over from scratch now that i have a gpg key install maybe i had dh_make or dpkg-buildpackage before i had the key screwing shit up22:19
droid3i dont know anymore now i fucking lost22:19
droid3is there any other launchpad like site that support ppa hosting out there because this stuff is shit22:21
droid3at least having any zip examples that will work with dput that i can just edit a few things and dput them to my ppa repo22:22
droid3i mean this is ridiculous22:22

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