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rolandoanybody know how [to connect pi zero03:46
rolandoto laptop display i have hdmi for it03:46
Maikrolando: raspberry pi support is in #raspberrypi03:53
zensterj_I hid the menu bar, how to bring it back?04:41
zensterj_Quassel IRC client.04:42
kc2bezzensterj_: Do you still have the channel list?04:45
zensterj_I have the toolbar; Connect, Disconnect, #Join, #Part04:48
zensterj_I hid the menubar but don't know how to get it back.04:48
kc2bezIf you right click on the chat box border you should be able to select it to bring it back.04:49
zensterj_It worked! Thanks kc2bez.04:50
kc2beznp. Happy to help!04:50
lubot<Emanuele65> Hi to everybody. I'm Emanuel from Northern Italy. I have two copies of Lubuntu 18.04.5 installed on my Asus K50C. Since latest update,  a few days ago, the two USB ports of the default copy doesn't work. No such a problem on the second Lubuntu. I really don't know how to resolve this issue.11:57
lubot<Emanuele65> Sorry, don't work.12:01
lubot<Emanuele65> Buon lavoro Cocca.12:45
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