douglondevHi all - I've been trying to find out the best way to work on a kernel module; I have followed the debian/ubuntu way of kernel compilation and got myself working .deb packages; how would one normally iterate on compiling and testing just one driver module from that point? are there any available docs on that topic?17:12
jeremy31douglondev: what module?17:14
douglondevhid-sony - I'm trying to find out why a dodgy clone ps3 controller isn't working17:15
jeremy31douglondev: For a single module I will enable source code repos in Software & Updates, download the kernel source, apply patches, then cd into the directory with that module source and run this in terminal>  make -C /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build M=$(pwd) modules17:16
jeremy31If it builds without errors, I rename the original module and copy the new one into that spot17:17
douglondevthanks, I'll try that once my current fresh build is done17:22
jeremy31I usually do it for wifi and bluetooth drivers17:22
douglondevgot it, thanks for the hint, working in my debian build dir: src/linux-5.4.0/debian/build/build-generic17:39

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