Bashing-omUWN: Gdoc caught up - minor edits completed and moved Laura Czajkowski's article up (summarized).00:56
Bashing-omUWN: Issue 660 up for review and final edits: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue660 :D22:53
krytenBashing-om: You've got funky formatting on the very first summary.23:06
Bashing-omkryten: Lemme go look - that kinda day here.23:09
Bashing-omkryten: Fixed ^ silly little space :(23:14
krytenBashing-om: And not sure Laura's runs two headers for her post, but "FOSDEM Community Devroom 2021 CFP" is the actual one (also note the scaled back all-caps).23:14
Bashing-omkryten: ack will exchange :)23:15
kryten"OpenStack" needs de-camelcasing.23:15
kryten"She provides key dates. suggested topics" - and while I rarely look at the actual summary texts, the period rather than comma I've noticed in this case.23:17
krytenAnd shouldn't "Ubuntu +1 Maintenance Reports" link to Dezember now?23:19
Bashing-omkryten: Edits caught up to 1 Maintenance - In December there is but one report from Robert Ancell. Last of November with several people reporting, Pick up December next issue ?23:24
krytenOk, your call then - being 7th of Dec now, it just seemed more appropriate.. >_>23:26
krytenAnd don't forget to change Laura's post title in the issue summary too btw.23:28
Bashing-omkryten: Does not bother my sense of proper - to include both months for the "Ubuntu +1 Maintenance Report(s)"; Novemeber and Decemebr. What do you think ?23:29
Bashing-omkryten: I did recall to change the issue summary contents. do not recall now If I have saved where we currently are :(23:30
krytenWell yeah, could link to both months too I guess.23:31
Bashing-omkryten: Doiunds good to have both. Will do and "save".23:31
krytenEh, I thought you'd just put both links after one "Ubuntu +1 Maintenance Reports", and not add an extra item for it.23:38
Bashing-omgood way too - I will make it so :D23:39
kryten"Desktop Team: Tue, December 8, 2:30pm – 3:30pm (per IRC topic advisory)" - and since we've been fiddling with the calendar as of late anyway, shouldn't we just change that event in it too?23:40
Bashing-omkryten: Well - As the Fridge still list the incorrect times - and yes I have tried to get someone from the channel to correct - Would it not be confusing to one reading the calendar and we have an inconsistent date ?23:46
Bashing-omOr rather the times  do not correspond :(23:47
krytenI mean yeah, if the two places differ, stating that is fine - was just thinking we could fix the other (calendar) by now instead..23:48
Bashing-omkryten: All I know to do to "Fix" is again ping on someone in the meeting to correct the Fridge listing.23:49
krytenWell, people on this channel (ping: jose, pleia2) of course have got access to the various calendars too - and since we've already get told so by someone previously, I think we could just change it ourselves now.23:52
krytenAnd speaking of which, unless there are actually two DMB meetings at the same time, we should also drop the one that doesn't have the meeting details.23:55
Bashing-omkryten: jose had passed on making that change himself :( - I do not know why the DMB notice is duplicated. That also has been brough up for attention and has not been addressed.23:57

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