SpungeBobi poop a lot00:21
compdoceat less00:25
siwicaIn order to run `btrfs rescue zero-log /var` (I have /var on a separate btrfs fs) I need to unmount /var. What would be the appropriate way of doing so? (Ubuntu 20.04 with systemd).00:26
siwicaI tried switching to runlevel 1 with `systemctl isolate emergency.target` but the device is still busy so I cant unmount...00:26
Squarismim on ubuntu 20.04. CTRL+ALT+UP/DOWN moves between workspaces. Seems to be a default setting that is not reflected in "Settings->Keyboard shortcuts" ?00:41
SquarismThis is what worries me about the whole ubuntu thing. These inconsistencies.00:42
doug16ksiwica, boot from a live usb disk00:47
BlueEagleSquarism: Did you check dconf-editor?00:47
doug16ksiwica, anytime you can't do it because the current system is using it, reboot into live iso00:47
BlueEagleSquarism: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1099107/18-04-change-shortcut-for-switching-workspace00:48
SquarismBlueEagle, yeah. It seems i need to use that. But man, its 2020 - this should not be "ok" for ubuntu.00:48
BlueEagleSquarism: I think it should be OK to not overwhelm users with choices that will in the vast marjority of cases left at default. See also Windows Registry.00:51
doug16kis it really that hard to make a UI binding for each setting though? windows needs these tweak things too, unfortunately00:52
SquarismWell ubuntu "Settings->Keyboard shortcuts" didnt even list this value but the option was there.00:53
BlueEagledoug16k: It is not hard, but overwhelming users with choices that are not going to be changed by 98+% of users is not a good idea either.00:53
Squarismso it was "overwhelm" + inconsistent then00:53
Squarism...and hiding of information00:54
doug16kthat's why you put all those in some "advanced setup" area where you basically warned them that they probably don't need to touch it, by being "advanced" settings00:54
doug16kthen nitpicky people feel happy that they can control everything00:55
SquarismThe problem on linux is that many applications conflict their shortcuts with "OS/window manager" ones00:55
deltabsiwica: any processes still using it? lsof should tell you00:55
Squarismthen its pretty damn important this shit works00:55
BlueEagledoug16k: If you're advanced then dconf editor is the tool for you. Maybe there should be a notification that these settings are available in that tool?00:56
BlueEagleSquarism: If that is the language you are going to use then I will abandon this conversation at this point.00:57
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doug16kI was never 100% sure what tweak too was completely compatible with the desktop I had installed01:04
doug16kso completely disjoint, still don't01:04
doug16k"dconf" matches up with "gnome"? how?01:04
doug16kwhat's "d"01:05
droid3stupid question if i put my deb file on my github account is there a way to add it to the apt-get or software center software like a ppa would be???01:06
doug16kdroid3, like this? https://assafmo.github.io/2019/05/02/ppa-repo-hosted-on-github.html01:07
droid3i have the .deb file made how do i get a ppa like url for it if i push it up to github01:12
doug16kwhat that page says. change /path/to/my/package-a_0.0.1_amd64.deb to your actual deb file01:13
doug16kand replace the placeholders like ${GITHUB_USERNAME} with actual information01:13
doug16kmachines need to be sure it is really the package and not tampered, therefore you must do the gpg thing for authenticity verification01:14
doug16kapt can check and be very certain the package is not tampered01:15
doug16kstep 1 generates keys that it uses to sign the packages01:17
doug16kthis makes it difficult to "infect" deb files with malicious modifications01:18
droid3this shit doesnt work i have https://github.com/myusername/testdeb01:19
droid3and in the software center app i am on others and adding a url it all greyed out to add this url wtf01:20
droid3so i made the github webpage and uploaded the deb wtf01:29
droid3how can you enter the apt line if the fuck add source button is greyed out01:29
droid3do i need more then the .deb file up there ???01:30
droid3can anybody give me way to do it without all the gpg bullshit stuff01:31
droid3i mean you should people to easily create a github webpage or new repo with a github webpage and upload the .deb file to the main/root directory of it01:31
droid3but for some reason the apt lines you cannt add source leave it for package manager simplifying shit01:32
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dustautomatic backup fails and also several manual tries after that with: Invalid data - SHA1 hash mismatch for file:02:15
SpungeBobi haz peeniss02:18
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cholbyi like cheeeeeeeeeeeeese02:33
cholbyI LIKE CHEESE02:33
daxhi cholby02:33
cholbywho are you even?02:34
cholbyare you curzon?02:34
daxezri, actually.02:34
daxcould you take the cheese out of my channels, perhaps?02:34
ComputerTech-bash: wget: command not found02:40
ComputerTechi tried build-essential, installed several packages02:40
ComputerTechstill same02:40
jesshave you installed wget02:41
dax!info wget02:41
ubottuwget (source: wget): retrieves files from the web. In component main, is standard. Version 1.20.3-1ubuntu1 (focal), package size 340 kB, installed size 992 kB02:41
ComputerTechjess, i have did apt install wget02:41
ComputerTechlet me grab the error02:41
R13oseCan I ask about which email provider to go with?02:41
ComputerTechjess, it seems i was incorrect02:42
ComputerTechi installed some packages, and now did apt install wget, and it now works02:42
ComputerTechThanks :)02:42
cholbydax, affirmative.  no more cheezes.02:45
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N3bulaKI am cherry picking some apps to be migrated to fresh installation on SSD03:01
N3bulaKsome apps just work by copying the folders over03:01
N3bulaKbut others won't :S03:01
N3bulaKwondering if someone can put me in the right direction please?03:03
signofzetaNot sure, N3bulaK.  Are they snaps, or installed via apt/apt-get?03:07
N3bulaKsome are snaps03:10
N3bulaKlike Bluemail for example03:10
signofzetawell, all my snaps are stored in ~/snap.  Perhaps you can just move that over.  I'm no snap expert, sadly.  Everything else tends to save everything in a dot-folder in ~.03:11
N3bulaKWhen I try to copy Bluemail folder, the app won't run but if I delete the copied folder then it would open :S03:12
R13oseAny thoughts on my question?03:12
signofzetaR13ose: I just got back to my keyboard. Can you repeat?03:13
R13oseCan I ask about which email provider to go with?03:13
signofzetaI run my own in an Amazon VM.  What are you looking for in an email provider?  Do you want to run your own, or go with someone?03:14
R13oseI don't want to run my own.  I want something similar to riseup.net if I can't figure out a way  to get one of them.03:16
signofzetai don't have a Riseup invite, either. how about Protonmail, Tutanota, StartMail, or one of the other post-Snowden ones?03:17
R13oseWhich is the best alternative to riseup?03:18
signofzetaRiseup is just an IMAP/SMTP service. they offer other services besides email, but if email is all you want, perhaps Startmail is the closest.  It's run by the same guys who run the Startpage search engine.03:19
R13oseOh Startmail is not free :(03:21
signofzetano, it's not, sorry.  they have to make money somehow.  Look into Protonmail.  I hear good things about it.03:21
R13oseHow do I keep email synced between mobile and desktop if I use an email provider that has little space?03:25
signofzetathat's the downside of IMAP, unfortunately. when I was on Windows, I archived my old email into an app called MailStore Home.  you'd have to do something similar, even if it's copying things into (let's say, Thunderbird's) offline folders.03:26
signofzetai still have to get my emails out of that local store.03:27
R13oseI need to think about what to do03:30
signofzetayeah, the only "right" solution is Gmail, but then you're at Google's mercy, which is a deal-breaker for many.03:30
R13oseI have Gmail now but space is running out and for personal reasons, I want to switch.03:31
N3bulaKR13ose: if you have an iPhone then look into iCloud03:33
R13oseUsing Android03:33
OceanGaoDoes this channel supports WSL(Windows Subsystem for Linux)?03:35
Bashing-om!wsl | OceanGao03:36
ubottuOceanGao: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide03:36
OceanGaoDoes this channel supports Anlinux?03:38
R13oseThis channel is for Ubuntu03:42
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guivercNo one remembers an easy tool to convert old wordstar files to plain text (esp. wordstar 2000 which I think is different)... looks easy to convert, but if a tool exists I'd appreciate it04:32
* guiverc sees a linuxquestions solution; just in case anyone remembers something :)04:32
guiverc`joe` does a pretty good job of reading it without conversion :)04:37
cholbyany experienced hackers here?06:33
cholbywe are looking for experts to join us for a special operation being coordinated from ##cunt, join there for details if you have hacking experience06:34
mertgorhi there!07:31
mertgorDrone: hi07:31
mertgorducasse: Good Morning !07:40
Ascavasaiongeorge benson08:12
AscavasaionOops, wrong room, sorry.08:12
gxtHello, I'm inexperienced with Ubuntu but familiar with other distributions, so a friend of me turned to me for help. His /boot was full, so he started deleting files in there and his computer won't boot now. Is booting from a live system and chrooting a viable way of fixing this?08:48
cxlHi, I have a systemd question. If I want to enable a unit for a user, can I `systemctl --user enable myunit.timer` without that user being logged it? It only creates symlinks afaik, right? Will it then be started whenever the user logs in or will the user also need to run `systemctl --user start myunit.timer`?08:54
gxtcxl: From the man page of systemctl: "--user  Talk to the service manager of the calling user, rather than the service manager of the system." So you have to use for example `sudo -U`08:57
cxlgxt: yes that's the problem, it doesn't work well with ansible. So I was thinking maybe I could manually copy the timer and service files to that user's directory, and then add the symlink myself to timers.target.wants but I don't know if that's enough so that when the user logs in, the timers are enabled too or not.09:01
gxtI've researched a bit and I'll try to talk my friend through decrypting with `cryptsetup open --type luks`, then `mount`ing both / and /boot inside of it, then `dpkg -V --instdir=/mnt` to check which required files got deleted.09:32
gxtOr actually just `chroot /mnt` first, as apt doesn't seem to have an option to act on an alternative path. So `chroot /mnt`, then `dpkg -V`, `apt autoremove` and `apt install …` the packages again that dpkg found in the prior step.09:35
alexaHow to change the url in the current tab (chromium) from terminal?10:02
KurozenI want to install what seems like a PPA with Muon Package Manager, because I started off with it and never used command line apt ever so I don't want to spred my installs between package managers too mach if possible10:11
KurozenNode JS provides this line which I have no idea what it does: curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_14.x | sudo -E bash -10:11
KurozenWhich apparently later figured it may be setting up a PPA with APT ?10:12
EriC^^Kurozen: it downloads something and runs feeds it to bash with sudo10:12
EriC^^Kurozen: if you download  curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_14.x  and then open it with gedit it should show you what it does10:12
KurozenAnd to figure out what it actually runs I would need to check that Url ?10:12
EriC^^Kurozen: yeah10:13
EriC^^Kurozen: why not stick with the ubuntu repos? easier and more secure10:13
Kurozennodejs 10.x is way too old10:13
EriC^^!info nodejs focal10:13
ubottunodejs (source: nodejs): evented I/O for V8 javascript - runtime executable. In component universe, is extra. Version 10.19.0~dfsg-3ubuntu1 (focal), package size 59 kB, installed size 154 kB10:14
Kurozenperhaps -way but it's old10:14
Kurozen14.x is the current LTS, wit 15 current10:14
KurozenIt is apparently the official PPA for NODE.JS, however I'm still a bit fresh to linux and I don't know the terminology of groovy, focal, bionic, buster etc10:15
EriC^^i guess you need a ppa then10:15
EriC^^!info nodejs10:15
ubottunodejs (source: nodejs): evented I/O for V8 javascript - runtime executable. In component universe, is extra. Version 10.19.0~dfsg-3ubuntu1 (focal), package size 59 kB, installed size 154 kB10:15
KurozenI found this tho, but it's not giving me the "full APT line" that Muon Package Manager wants https://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/nodejs_14.x10:15
EriC^^Kurozen: focal is the latest LTS of ubuntu, 20.0410:15
KurozenSorry not Muon, but Software Sources (opened throuhg Muon)10:16
EriC^^Kurozen: that link has instructions to add a ppa to the apt system10:16
KurozenI'll show up in the Software Sources GUI if I do it thorugh apt in Terminal ?10:16
EriC^^yeah i think so10:17
KurozenSo basically for Muon to work with it.10:17
EriC^^if anything, running sudo apt-get install nodejs should install the newest version, which would be the ppa one after adding it10:17
EriC^^you have to run sudo apt-get update to add it to the list of available packages after running the 'echo' line10:17
EriC^^then it should be in the system10:17
KurozenI already have one PPA for Git, but I added the PPA line directly, I didn't had to do any "curl or sh" or gpg key commands in that case10:18
EriC^^yeah, if you want to see currently which nodejs it will pull, do 'apt-cache policy nodejs' it will show the candidate version10:19
KurozenIt may have been done automatically, but I'd preferrably do it one way (in this case through the gui)10:20
EriC^^no idea about the gui, i guess you could add the source in software & updates10:20
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KurozenI had to do "deb url focal main"10:36
KurozenAnd also added the GPG key with curl in terminal, seems like the "Import Key.." button in software sources GUI doesn't work10:37
KurozenHow come ARK takes ages to open a zip.xz.tar.gzip file .. whereas WinRAR on Windows is instant ?10:40
Kurozenor perhaps it has to decompress the whole thing to get directory/file listing, what a bad design in the file format then, tar or .xz or whatever10:41
EriC^^Kurozen: i doubt it has to decompress10:47
KurozenThough, I've mostly been opening git repos10:48
KurozenWith ARK10:49
KurozenPerhaps a lot of files, it's extracting now firefox repo for 5 minutes, it feels like it froze, no progress bar.10:51
KurozenIf I could see disk activity ... KSysGuard doesn't have it AFAIK.10:52
spectrezhANyone please help me.. Im really stuck with adopting a new unifi flex switch mini..11:22
spectrezhNever touched them before.. But I am having huge problems.. And Im lost..11:23
spectrezhI have a network with bunch of VLANs .. my unifi key is on another site11:23
KurozenWhat in the hell11:24
KurozenArk is broken, BS11:24
spectrezhThe switch does not turn up for adoption anywhere.. at one point I saw it turned up on the network with the regular unifi .. But my unifi is not on the 192.168.1.x network..11:24
KurozenExtracts a directory tree throwing out all files in same folder11:24
spectrezhWhen I have done this in the past I have SSH in to the switch.. But cant do that now..11:24
OceanGaoEm...Em...I've never seen problems like this... What's more, I'm only using the command line of ubuntu...11:29
OceanGaoAre you using a special wifi? Sometimes the wifi may not on the 192.168.1.x network, like in public or in your office.11:31
OceanGaoOh that's hell11:33
OceanGaoBunch of VLANs?11:34
OceanGaoI'm confused too...11:34
OceanGao@spectrezh, which way do you separate those VLANs?11:42
spectrezhHi OceanGao11:42
spectrezhMay I PM you.. I notice I wrote this question in ubuntu channel and ppl will go mad soon.. I misread it as ubiquity channel..11:43
OceanGaoI may not read the messages, because I don't have much time...11:45
spectrezhOk But quickly then11:45
spectrezhI have a pfsense router. there I have set up different VLANs11:45
spectrezhI created a "default" LAN there for 192.168.0.x network and I notice they get picke dup now as and 101 in my DHCP server11:46
spectrezhthe flex mini switches11:46
spectrezhBut they are not availible for adoption in my controller.. obviously.. the controler is on 192.168.100.x network..11:46
spectrezhI dont know how, without SSH (missing on these flex minis) to get them to adopt to the controller..11:46
OceanGaoSo do I...I've never used a pfsense router before...11:48
spectrezhok so you think this is not anything that can be fixed on the unifi side.. but rather the router side .. ?11:48
OceanGaoI don't know much about these... So I'm just guessing where you can fix it...11:51
OceanGaoYou may have to have a look at the official documents, or ask someone else...11:53
OceanGaoIs it possible for me to leave the channel? I've got something else to do.11:53
OceanGaoI have to leave the channel now...Bye.11:54
_Trullodid you adopt them on the controller?11:55
gxtI'm walking a friend through recovering an Ubuntu install from a live system and after chrooting into it, lots of commands fail with errors about missing shared libs. Among those is apt, dpkg works though. Any advice on how to proceed?11:56
_Trulloset-inform http://ip-of-controller:8080/inform11:56
BluesKajHiyas all12:35
nbusronehi , I forgot what is irc command.How do I check for all channel in the server freenode.net ? http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml page not found.12:43
lotuspsychje!alis | nbusrone12:43
ubottunbusrone: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"12:43
nbusronelotuspsychje : thanks12:44
lotuspsychjegxt: if you want volunteers to help you, please include details and usefull logs in a pastebin so the volunteers can think along with you12:47
doug16kwhat is it doing when you `apt install dnsmasq`? not installing dnsmasq apparently12:59
doug16kthere is no /sbin/dnsmasq like libvirt expects13:00
doug16konly /usr/sbin/dnsmasq-disabled13:01
doug16kI fixed it, I renamed that lol13:04
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Dus10well, I am trying to supply a cloud-init file to 20.04 install and I would like to do it with a local file on a "floppy".  I used to be able to do this with anaconda by supplying something like fd0:/anaconda-ks.cfg... the documentation for autoinstall mentioned that it can be done with ds=nocloud;s=file://...13:42
Dus10it just doesn't have any examples of how I could supply a path to a file on an unmounted floppy13:42
lionrougeDoes anyone have issues with printers with 20.04?14:53
lionrougeI can't get my Epson L4160 working14:53
lionrougeon previous Ubuntu it worked ok with official drivers14:54
lotuspsychjelionrouge: did 'add printer' do something or did you download epson drivers from the site?14:57
lionrougefirst, add printer annoyed me to death automatically adding the printer14:58
lionrouge(it's a network one)14:58
lotuspsychjelionrouge: drivers show here; https://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/search/01/search/searchModule14:58
lionrougeof course I got them there14:58
lionrougeand I even tried previous version (1.7.7) from Ubuntu repo14:58
lionrougeneither works14:58
lionrougeI can add printer it just doesn't print14:58
lionrougeand both GUI and CUPS (I tried to do all this from CUPS web interface)14:59
lionrougeboth of them shows some connection issues14:59
lotuspsychjelionrouge: can you journalctl -f and plug in your printer in and pastebin us the output?14:59
lionrougelotuspsychje, I can't PLUG IT IN, it works over Wi-fi15:00
lionrougeyou mean try to add it in GUI?15:00
lionrougeor just turn it on?15:00
lotuspsychjelionrouge: whatever you try, keep the journalctl -f open, see if you can catch useful errors15:04
elstellinoHappy Sunday! A Kernel question: I saw there is a new kernel available to download, but no change log. After google and NSA tried to sneak in the algorithms in the Linux Kernel (I believe in 4.17 or so) I am very wary and always check. So, the new 5.4.0-54.60 shows "no changelog available" and would like to know what changed. Yes, I can avoid to install it, but following kernel versions will implement the same unknown changes, of course.15:19
lionrougelotuspsychje, well I found something15:20
lionrougewhen I ran `journalctl -f -u cups` I got nothing except messages about missing /etc/securetty15:21
jeremy31elstellino: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux/linux_5.4.0-54.60/changelog15:21
lionrougewhich seems to be a bug - outdated config15:21
lionrougebut when I run full log - `journalctl -f` I got interesting messages that can be related15:22
lotuspsychjeelstellino: current kernel should be 5.4.0-56-generic15:22
elstellinojeremy31, thanks, I’ve been looking for days!15:22
lionrougelotuspsychje, like this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jXDNQtTYX4/15:23
elstellinolotuspsychje, I am actually on mint, but asked here because I suspected you guys knew, which was the case. :)15:23
elstellinoin any case I saved the changelogs link if it happens again, jeremy31 – stellar!15:26
lotuspsychjelionrouge: i dont seem to find relevant existing bugs for your epson model15:35
lotuspsychjelionrouge: maybe you might wanna consider filing a new bug for it15:35
lionrougelotuspsychje, where do I do it?15:35
lionrougebtw, I get this very printer working from Fedora on another PC in this local network15:36
lotuspsychjelionrouge: ubuntu-bug packagename from terminal15:37
lotuspsychjelionrouge: not sure, but your journal logs mention your errors on gnome control centre, so maybe file to that package15:37
lionrougeI tried to add this printer by dnssd and by ipp15:38
lionrougeare there any other ways to consider?15:38
lotuspsychjelionrouge: another idea could be trying printer-driver-escpr from our repos instead of epson site15:39
lotuspsychjelionrouge: system up to date too?15:39
lionrougelotuspsychje, yup. And freshly installed15:39
lionrougeand I tried those drivers from the repo15:39
lionrougesame effect15:39
lionrougethanks for advice15:40
lotuspsychjelionrouge: ok, so do you see your printer getting added in gnome control centre?15:40
lotuspsychjelionrouge: just for some testing you could also try; remove printer from control centre/reboot/journalctl -f/re add printer again and see if you can reproduce those errors15:43
lionrougeyes it's added15:44
lionrougedepending on how I add it it has sometimes URI missing, drivers missing, etc.15:44
lotuspsychjeif you can reproduce, i would proceed with the bug15:44
lotuspsychjeshould work out of the box right15:45
punkgeekI hve this error when I want to install any kinds of environment in ubuntu 12.04 or debian 10. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mNVWQWfm4J/ What is it for?16:03
leftyfb!eol | punkgeek16:04
ubottupunkgeek: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:04
leftyfbpunkgeek: Ubuntu 12.04 is no longer supported16:04
leftyfbpunkgeek: also, as you were told yesterday, we cannot support installing ubuntu or it's packages on Android. Try #ubuntu-arm16:09
lionrougelotuspsychje, check out this https://docs.google.com/document/d/13M_8ylqOH2mE78ojXFWbCuS0QQMtNphRVDwhC96LMTk/edit?usp=sharing16:15
lionrougelotuspsychje, bug with crash after printer turned on, journalctl log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yQ4n7n5Fd2/16:16
lionrougejournalctl log of trying to add printer: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MnzJtJM953/16:16
lotuspsychjelionrouge: gnome-control-c[4293]: cups-pk-helper: addition of printer L4160 failed: server-error-internal-error16:27
lotuspsychjelionrouge: i would go for the bug file16:28
lionrougelotuspsychje, you mean there is a special log file for this error somewhere?16:39
pbxHi all! In upgrading my machine to hirsute I seem to have broken something. On boot, my desktop manager (LightDM) shows up, but I can't get XFCE (or XMonad) to load. It just seizes up. However, if I open a virtual console (ctrl-alt-Fx) and type 'startx', I _am_ able to start XMonad (though not XFCE; isn't listed). Any advice on next troubleshooting steps?16:48
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pavlospbx: you're testing 21.04 ?16:52
tomreyn!ubuntu+1 | pbx16:52
ubottupbx: Hirsute Hippo is the codename for Ubuntu 21.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu+1. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.16:52
lionrougelotuspsychje, this is it: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8rCG2Z9bDJ/16:53
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lotuspsychjelionrouge: no, i mean proceed with the ubuntu-bug procedure17:08
lionrougelotuspsychje, oh, ok17:08
lotuspsychjelionrouge: looks a bit similar to bug #190630917:20
ubottubug 1906309 in cups (Ubuntu) "printer configuration with ubuntu 20.04 - Epson ET 2750 printer not found" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190630917:20
conris it possible to login on startup with a Screen Sharing active or does it always have to be physically on the device?17:22
Jazzy_Jconr, could you give a little more information?  Are you trying to build a thin client?17:28
lotuspsychjelionrouge: are you behind a VPN?17:30
conrJazzy_J: i have ubuntu 20.04 desktop locally at home and have mac devices connecting to it via vnc. would like to restart ubuntu and sign in remotely.17:30
lotuspsychjeconr: be carefull with vnc, the service gets hammered big time17:31
conrlotuspsychje: what do you mean hammered? like spiders/bots?17:32
Jazzy_Jconr: is this all on an internal network?17:32
Jazzy_JVNC makes a lot of calls back and front from the target computer.17:32
Jazzy_JThere are many ways to do this.  However, my mother-in-law just walked it.  X2Go is a potential solution and XDCMP (sp?) is another. X11VNC is what I use.17:35
lotuspsychjeconr: yes, when your vnc port is exposed to the outside it will get scanned and connected17:35
Jazzy_JAnother is to secure all transmissions with ssh and do port forwarding to the local computer.17:36
conri'm not connecting via internet, just local network. devices sit right next to each other but use a vnc window so i only use one keyboard/mouse.17:37
conryes i do ssh tunnels17:38
ace_meshould this work ?  CREATE USER '$site_name@localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '$site_user_password';17:39
conrJazzy_J: i have a vnc client already and love it but doesn't seem vnc server starts until after logging in to  ubuntu.17:43
lionrougelotuspsychje, nope17:44
conrso there's no way to remotely start desktop? it has to be headless?17:44
ace_mehow to separate variable to be able to output only its value and not {} echo "--CREATE MAIN {$site_name}_BLOG DB"; ?17:53
ace_melike a concatenate with _BLOG string ?17:54
tomreynconr: there are VNC server implementations which start with the login manager, and let you login through it graphically via vnc, and others which only start when the desktop manager starts, which then require a local user to login first.17:54
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tomreynconr: You seem to be using the second type so far. Jazzy already suggested options for the first type above.17:55
lotuspsychjelionrouge: allright, so if you think its the same bug as posted above, please affect it, if not file a new one with ubuntu-bug17:56
tomreynace_me: is this about bash? then the relevant manual is man bash -> VARIABLE EXPANSION17:56
ace_me${site} found it17:56
tomreynace_me: there's #bash, too17:57
ace_methe answer like this is much simpler and faster ;)17:57
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Dus10hey folks, with anaconda, one could load a cfg from a floppy during install referencing hd:fd0:/anaconda-ks.cfg... I am trying to automate similarly with Ubuntu 20.04 and it uses subiquity. Anyone know if there is something similar for it? I am trying ds=nocloud;s=file:// but the various things I have tried don't work and the documentation provides no examples for local files18:04
tomreynDus10: /join #ubuntu-server    but more realistically you have a better chance of getting an answer by filing a documentation bug on the subiquity project on github.18:18
Dus10well, I found a workaround18:42
Dus10I didn't realize that Packer establishes an HTTP server for this very purpose18:42
Dus10so I am switching to `ds=nocloud-net;s=http=//{{ .HTTPIP }}:{{ .HTTPPort }}/`18:43
Dus1020.04.1 didn't work well, so I am trying now with 20.1018:44
mozzarellahelp me18:47
mozzarellawhy can I never use my printer19:46
rjwiiiummmm ... can you be a little more specific?19:47
mozzarellaI send a print job, it says "pending" in the print queue, but my printer doesn't print anything19:48
robertparkerxI want to upgrade to 20.04. I was told to remove||move ppa source list. My provider also has a source list there. Is it safe to remove all of them from sources.d (cannot remember path)19:51
tomreynrobertparkerx: if your hosting provider just mirrors ubuntu apt archives, it's fine to keep using those for your current ubuntu release, no need to remove those. that's not what 'third party repositories' would be considered (even though it may not be official mirrors).19:56
robertparkerxtomreyn it's hetzner19:57
tomreynunrelated to these repository mirrors: just removing third party apt sources does not put you in a situation that's safe for a release upgrade, though19:58
robertparkerxI am concerned about if I upgrade and leave the lists there. I was told to remove ppa but I don't recognize the hetzner list either.19:58
robertparkerxWell shucks19:58
robertparkerxWhat steps do I need to do if I remove them all?19:59
tomreynif there is textual content on your computer you'd like to get feedback on (where ubuntu support related), posting it to a pastebin and posting the pastebin link here would be the best approach.19:59
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html19:59
tomreynthis tool does both: "disable a PPA from your sources" AND "revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages"20:00
tomreynthat's what you probably want to prepare for a release upgrade20:00
robertparkerxI see20:01
tomreynonce you're done with ppa-purge, review the remaining repositories (or have them reviewed here), then install and run apt-forktracer to get a better idea of which remaining third party packages you have installed.20:03
tomreynor rather "untracked packages", not just "third party"20:03
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conrtomreyn: i got x11vnc setup and working IF i login first. my startup config is not working. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xfgHRZJWYP/20:20
punkgeekI have problem in ubuntu-arm repo which seems the hash file is different, which i've tried to download the package many time and it doesn't works, here is the output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qbjrpTKxWJ/20:21
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cube1Advice needed: I'm making an application without using a toolkits. I'm wondering what's the convention around fonts on Linux/Ubuntu. Is there a default system-wide font? Is there ever per application font selection?20:26
cube1welp, ubuntu froze20:32
cube1oh this is a support channel haha20:35
pavloscube1: maybe #ubuntu-app-dev is a channel to ask app dev questions20:38
conrhow do i know which login manager i use?21:24
mefistofelesconr: I guess you can check if gdm is running with something like `ps aux | grep gdm` and try with a bunch and see :P, there's a link to the service somewhere but I cannot remember where21:27
imbezolcat /etc/X11/default-display-manager21:28
conrso if i want to start x11vnc BEFORE startup i need to put the script in there?21:29
conrhere -> /etc/gdm3/Init/Default?21:30
oerheksmake a proper systemd starter for x11vnc, sure there are examples21:30
oerhekswith something 'after networking'21:30
conroerheks: in here /etc/systemd/system?21:31
MIFHow would I set up a Tunnel to my server from another server and use port forwarding?21:31
MIFIf that makes cence21:32
MIFI don't have a desktop21:33
MIFand I don't have root on the first server, only the server I want it to connect to21:33
imbezolwhat are you trying to tunnel?21:36
pavlosMIF: https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-setup-ssh-tunneling/21:37
MIFI am tiring to tunnel my irc server21:37
imbezolIRC runs on the one you don't have root on?21:38
MIFthe one I have root on21:38
MIFI need to tunnel from the one I have root on21:38
imbezolso you want to be able to connect to it over an SSH tunnel to the server with root then?21:38
MIFI want to have people be able to access my IRC server21:38
MIFbut my ISP said the there is a issue with inbound public IP21:39
imbezolso you want to create a port on the non-root server that people can connect to which will forward to the other server on the irc port then21:39
imbezolyou need to use -L with ssh to forward a local port then21:40
MIFIt cannot access my other server21:40
imbezolyou can't connect over ssh to the other server?21:41
MIFMY server I am on my network so I can21:41
MIFI have root on that server21:41
MIFMy other server I do Not have root on21:41
imbezolthe server you do not have root on... can it connect to the one you do have root on, with ssh?21:41
imbezolcan you connect with ssh the other way then?21:42
imbezolon your server with root, then you need to use ssh with -R to forward a remote port21:42
MIFwhat would that look like?21:42
MIFthe port on my Non root server is 4538321:43
imbezolsomething like... ssh -N -f -R <remoteserver_ip>:45383:localhost:6667 <user>@<remoteserver>21:45
imbezolassuming your ircd is on 666721:45
imbezolthe remote server would also have to allow this in the sshd_config21:45
imbezolit may not21:46
imbezol"grep -i allowtcpforwarding /etc/ssh/sshd_config" on that server21:46
MIFwhen I run grep -i allowtcpforwarding /etc/ssh/sshd_config I do not get a output21:48
imbezoljust try the forward and see if it works21:48
MIFI did and I get ECONNREFUSED21:49
imbezolwhat gives that error? ssh? or your irc client?21:50
MIFirc client21:50
MIFit tells me to login when I run it21:51
imbezolno errors when you created the tunnel tho?21:51
imbezolcan you see the connection on your ircd?21:51
MIFyes and it does not connect21:51
imbezolyou should be able to just telnet <remoteserver>:4538321:52
imbezolif the tunnel's working, you should see some stuff21:52
MIFOk, let me try that21:53
MIFI had to switch the port because someone grabed it before I could21:53
MIFtelnet: could not resolve Name or service not known21:54
imbezoltry a space instead of a :21:54
MIFtelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused21:55
imbezolyou could log into the remote server... run "ps fauxw | grep ssh" ... see if you can see your ssh tunnel session there.. or you could run "ss | grep ssh" or "ssh | grep 45383" etc..21:59
imbezoldo some troubleshooting to see if the ssh session is open and the port is open21:59
MIF91938  7637 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000180000000 SN+  pts/180    0:00 grep 4538322:00
MIFfor ps ssh | grep 4538322:00
MIFfor ps fauxw | grep ssh22:02
MIFsturtzn+ 23217  0.0  0.0  14792  1008 pts/180  SN+  22:02   0:00  \_ grep ssh22:02
imbezolif that's all you see then your tunnel isn't up22:02
imbezolyou should see an ssh process with your forwarding parameters22:03
MIFso what do I need to do?22:05
conroerheks: `Have x11vnc start automatically via systemd in any environment (Vivid+)` means Vivid build or greater, like 20.04?22:18
futurileconr: yes. In newer versions of Ubuntu systemd is used to create start-up scripts. In your case you want x11vnc to start every time the server starts22:23
jayjoI'm trying to create a chroot using sbuild for testing building deb packages... my filesystem is ext4, would I benefit from using a btrfs loopback device for these schroots? A lot of resources seem like it benefits builds because each build snapshot can be removed for fresh builds. Can I get those benefits just mounting a raw img file?23:01
blueeaglejayjo: That question would probably be better answered in a deb development forum as it is a quite advanced topic.23:03
N3bulaKacquire/1/null failed with code 400: LIBUSB_ERROR_ACCESS23:14
N3bulaKany ideas how to fix this please?23:14
blueeagleN3bulaK: What are you trying to do when you get this message?23:15
robertparkerxhow do you get the ppa-url to use with ppa-purge23:18
N3bulaKblueeagle: thanks but I got it now23:39
N3bulaKblueeagle: wondering if you can help me with gpg2?23:39
blueeagle!ask | N3bulaK23:40
ubottuN3bulaK: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:40
robertparkerxhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/307/how-can-ppas-be-removed -- this says I can just remove it from sources.list.d23:40
N3bulaKopps sorry23:40
N3bulaKis it possible to encrypt a same file/folder with gpg2 rather than creating another output?23:41
blueeagleN3bulaK: You want to overwrite the file you're encrypting while you're encrypting it or do you want to write the output to a file, delete the original and then rename the output to the same name as the source file?23:42
N3bulaKoverwrite the file23:43
N3bulaKis that even possible?23:45
blueeagleN3bulaK: My guess is that it would not work, and it would not be advisable because that would leave the original in a broken state if the encryption is terminated before it is complete.23:45
N3bulaKahh make sense23:46
N3bulaKcan we also encrypt the whole folder?23:46
blueeagle!man gpg223:47
blueeagleN3bulaK: The manual does specify a --multifile option23:50
N3bulaKblueeagle: cool thanks23:50
N3bulaKblueeagle: another solution I came across is, convert the folder into tar file and then encrypt it :D23:53
N3bulaKjust wanted to share for the knowledge of others23:54
blueeagleN3bulaK: That would be the preferred way of doing it, but the result is different from your stated objective which was to encrypt all the files in a folder.23:54

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