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Fernando-BassoWhat -dev packages do I need installed in Xubuntu to develop Gtk 3 apps? I installed libgkt-3-dev but vim and ccls still can't find some stuff.15:05
Fernando-BassoI think it is my include path that is still missing stuff.15:10
brainwashFernando-Basso: "some stuff"15:15
brainwashgot a full log output? or something that we could work with?15:15
Fernando-Bassobrainwash: Gathering more info. My initial vague questions was more like to know if libgtk-3-dev should be enough.16:49
Fernando-Bassohttps://gitlab.com/fernandobasso/memoapp/-/tree/feat-projects-list <-- I am working off this branch. Perhaps my meson.build is missing stuff.16:50
brainwashstill not really sure what the actual problem is16:52
brainwashthe mentioned package installs these files:16:52
brainwashif you want to use other libraries, you have to install them accordingly16:54
Fernando-Bassohttps://paste.debian.net/plain/1175836 Getting these errors for src/main.c16:54
tomreyn"apt-file search" helps you search your ubuntu releases' repository for file names.16:55
Fernando-BassoAlready installed. Then, it must be my meson setup which lacks stuff.16:59
Fernando-Basso$ find /usr/include -iname '*gi18n.h*'17:00
brainwashthis is probably not the right channel for that type of question17:03
brainwashthere should be a meson channel17:03
Fernando-BassoIndeed. But at least I now know the dependencies seem to be correctly installed. Thanks!17:04
Fernando-BassoThe problem was that I was lacking a compile_commands.json in the root directory of the project. All the rest seemed to be fine. Thanks again.19:08

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