k_szeOdd, Firefox says it is currently my default browser, but sometimes would still open links in Brave. Any idea?00:06
k_sze(not that Firefox would open links in Brave, but some other apps would.)00:07
k_szeAnd I see that it involves the kioclient00:07
IrcsomeBot<💎 Hugh> it replies. you want get_reply_message00:18
jilocasinevening everyone00:18
jilocasinrunning kubuntu 20.10 here and something strange is happenening.  The display config identifies the correct monitors, but put the meny bar on the *opposite* screen that is marked as primary.  Anyone have any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?  thanks.00:20
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k_szeIn kubuntu 20.04, is it normal that Discover does not show packages from Snap?09:11
k_szeEven though "Snap" seems to be forcefully enabled in the settings.09:12
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IrcsomeBot<withmask> Hello09:23
IrcsomeBot<withmask> I'm having trouble booting 20.1009:24
IrcsomeBot<withmask> The installation is successfull but i get a BootDevice not found error09:24
Guest_84need some help11:54
Guest_84network related11:54
lordievaderGuest_84: You might want to actually ask your question.12:20
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> Guest_84: ask your question and be patient12:20
QuantosHey guys, I'm running KUbuntu 20.04.1 LTS x64 and I'm running two 27" displays from an RTX 2070 - I'm using the x.org driver (I've also tried the proprietary nVidia 45512:35
QuantosOne of my displays decides that after about three minutes that it's going to sleep12:35
QuantosI've adjusted the power settings12:35
QuantosChecked the nVidia control panel12:36
QuantosI can't find anything to affect/correct this12:36
QuantosAny ideas where to start troubleshooting?12:36
QuantosOh, the monitor menus have powersaving disabled12:36
QuantosOh, NVM, I just double checked the monitor and it's menu had defaulted back to allowing it to sleep12:40
QuantosI think I solved it12:40
QuantosSorry for wasting your time guys12:40
BluesKajHowdy folks12:57
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Hello13:05
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fewhjbfhewbHello Guys. Is there a command to redirect the output of a command into a file AFTER the command is already executed.13:27
lordievaderNot really. Unless you have it in the history of your shell which you can copy paste.13:28
fewhjbfhewbis there a history file for bash output?13:30
fewhjbfhewbi thought history is just for the commands entered by the user13:30
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lordievaderNo, I mean if you leave the shell window open you can still see the output of previous commands. There is no output history file. (You might hack something together with `tee` but that will just be messy)13:36
lordievaderAnyhow, why do you need to interact with output from previously executed commands?13:37
fewhjbfhewbthx i will just copy it then.13:47
RazathornRegards.  I was here the other day and had asked some questions regarding SDDM starting on my raspberry pi.  I just figured I'd introduce myself since I'll be around a lot more.  I'm daily driving ubuntu 20.10 desktop on a raspberry pi 4 with the kubuntu-desktop installed.  All those aarch64 crash reports are probably my fault.  CHEERS!18:23
RazathornI've got 10+ years of C++ on linux as well as lartc kernel development, so while it's been years since I've been daily deving C++, I figure I might be of assistance running down any of the arm stuff as I'm sure it's obvious based on apple's recent move that we'll be seeing a lot more usage on arm in the coming years.18:25
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> @Razathorn, Awesome! Looking forward to any assistance you can provide.  Thanks!18:31
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IrcsomeBot<Chriz_007> guys anybody using mintstick on kubuntu?19:42
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