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lubot<madhavsheth07> You are now breathing manually13:13
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lubot<matkoniecz> @madhavsheth07 [You are now breathing manually], It is not forum for posting jokes. Especially old and tired ones.14:00
rensyyranight all17:07
rensyyracan i ask something?17:07
rensyyraA music messaging session has been requested. Please click the MM icon to accept.17:08
lubotDavid Heinrich was added by: David Heinrich19:06
lubot<David Heinrich> (Photo, 1280x720) https://i.imgur.com/lDJBLj5.jpg19:08
lubot<David Heinrich> Hi all, I periodically but not always get a msg like this after typing in my encrypted bootup dice words (see attached)19:08
lubot<David Heinrich> This is after I *successfully* typed in master key and it gave me the boot menu to choose Lubuntu or Windows (choosing Lubuntu)19:09
lubot<David Heinrich> Rebooted again and it seems to wait a long time on Lubuntu load screen "cryptsetup: Waiting for encrypted source device: UUID=991efdae-.... "19:12
lubot<David Heinrich> Then it drops me to an initramfs19:12
lubot<David Heinrich> It says "failed to claim resource 1: [men 0xfed40000 -0xfed40fff] … ... Acpi MSFT0101:00: platform device creation failed: -16 … ... Initramfs unpacking failed: Decoding failed19:14
lubot<David Heinrich> And it drops me to busybox built in shell19:14
lubot<David Heinrich> ... the above seems to have been a Lubuntu update + secure boot issue..doesn't make sense but after I selected Bootx86.efi as trusted from BIOS, Lubuntu started fine. (Doesn't make sense because it let me start booting into it and showed Lubuntu boot graphic after I typed encryption pw)22:20

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