slyonkathryn: there aren't currently any plans to backport 0.100 to bionic.07:18
slyoncoco3431: yes, bug 1905156 that is. Thanks a lot!07:19
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blevotI'm not really clear on how netplan works with NetworkManager. What happens if you setup a netplan, then someone changes the network settings in the NetworkManager GUI?17:04
blevotI mean, which setting actually stays persistent and takes effect/17:05
sil2100blevot: hey! So currently netplan is a one-way generator, so on boot/explicit netplan apply, netplan generates the NM config and applies it to the system17:20
sil2100So whenever you change something in the NM GUI or via NM DBus, it is not written back to the netplan configuration17:20
sil2100(and therefore your NM changes will get lost when someone runs `netplan apply` again)17:21
sil2100There is work ongoing on supporting a two-way functionality with NM, with NM storing its config using the netplan yaml only, such that any changes via the GUI and other NM tooling are still kept in sync with netplan17:21
sil2100And in that case netplan is the single source of truth17:21
blevotIs it safe to say that if you configure network interfaces with the NetworkManager GUI the netplan file should remain empty?18:13
blevotsil2100: Thank you for your response, I got disconnected before I could read it18:14
blevotLucky for irclogs. What you just said needs to be on the front page of netplan's website.18:16
blevotThe situation with Ubuntu is so confusing right now. I'm trying to do a post-mortem to understand how I messed up my box so badly.18:24
blevotSo I initially edited /etc/network/interfaces but this didn't work. I assume now that's because ifupdown wasn't installed.18:25
blevotBut afterwards both netplan and NetworkManager wern't doing anything. They were somehow affected by the interfaces file18:26
blevotSo after deleting the interfaces file, I think both netplan and NetworkManager had configurations for the same interface18:29
blevotWhat happens in that case? I assume NetworkManager takes priority?18:30

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