Chipacamoin moin09:28
Chipacais moonin one of Odin's cows?09:28
bthomassounds like it. And my cat says meownnin09:29
Alan21Why the Kubernetes stuff is automatically included in the operator framework ? Why not having made it another library that can be used with the operator framework ? Seems like an unnecessary dependency for people who don't use Kubernetes and it bloats the operator framework API11:24
Laneyis there a channel for the charmcraft tool?12:09
Laneyor is that here? :>12:09
Alan21It's here !12:09
Laneythanks Alan2112:10
Laneyso, how can I add collaborators to a charm I've registered there? I failed to find docs to tell me how to do that, can't see any way to log in on the website or anything12:10
Laneyalso juju deploy cs:<my chaarm> --channel edge tells me it's not found even though "charmcraft revisions" shows it as released12:16
JoseMassonGood morning!12:30
ChipacaAlan21: what is the kubernetes stuff that you mention?12:39
ChipacaLaney: if you join #charmcraft it'll redirect you here 🙂12:40
ChipacaJoseMasson: mo'in! aren't you on national holiday today?12:40
ChipacaJoseMasson: wait, you'd done a swap or sth, nm12:41
JoseMassonHi Chipaca, No, I swapped the days12:41
ChipacaJoseMasson: i was about to tell you off12:41
ChipacaAlan21: i think the only k8s-specific thing in the framework itself is https://ops.readthedocs.io/en/latest/#ops.model.Pod12:43
ChipacaAlan21: is that what you mean?12:43
ChipacaLaney: you know charmcraft is only talking to the staging store right now, yes?12:46
LaneyI just saw references to "Charmhub" so I thought it was the thing I can see on the interwebs at charmhub.io12:49
ChipacaLaney: it will be, as soon as it points to production12:52
LaneyChipaca: I see, maybe I missed some reference then12:52
Chipacathere's some migration happening from the old charm store, that pushing straight to charmhub would hinder, so we've been asked not to point to production quiet yet12:52
ChipacaLaney: it's entirely possible that we don't mention that (we hadn't intended to point to staging this long)12:53
ChipacaLaney: the good news is the charm tool can push your .charm up and then it should get migrated over12:54
Chipacai don't know how name registration works there though12:55
Chipacaanyway. lunchtime12:55
Laneyactually I found some dirty practices from a certain IS team where they commit the built artifacts12:55
Laneytrying that first12:55
Alan21Yeah the APIs that allow interacting with Kubernetes from the operator framework like set_pods etc13:04
mupIssue operator#462 opened: ValueError: 'store_true' is not callable <Created by davigar15> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/issues/462>17:48
mupIssue operator#463 opened: Document valid schema for pod's set_spec function and how to set environment variables <Created by alexellis> <https://github.com/canonical/operator/issues/463>19:32

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