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eoli3ni don't know you nickname (raharper ?) but i added required files : https://bugs.launchpad.net/subiquity/+bug/190682906:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1906829 in subiquity "autoinstall: set locale to fr_FR not working" [Undecided,Incomplete]06:41
eoli3nis there any "clean" workaround for this ?06:42
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eoli3ni'm getting crazy with this new autoinstaller13:48
eoli3neach time i test something it is not working...13:48
eoli3ni spent 2 days on timezone setting13:48
eoli3nwhich is ignored13:48
eoli3nand still not working13:48
eoli3nthis is config i'm using and its ignored !13:49
eoli3nlocales not working, timezone not working13:50
eoli3ni'm spent so many time on this14:00
eoli3ni'm exausted14:00
eoli3ni want to finish, each step is a mess14:00
eoli3ni opened 10 issues14:00
eoli3nplease help14:00
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 1907107 in subiquity "autoinstall: timezone is ignored" [Undecided,New]14:09
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eoli3nmwhudson does post install script which runs at first startup uses the first sudo user ?19:10
mwhudsoneoli3n: which script is that? cloud-init does it's stuff as root19:19
eoli3nhere's my problem19:31
eoli3nwhen i comment chroot line with ansible-pull run, then locales and timezone works19:33
eoli3nbut when i run my ansible-playbook it fails. So i need to identify which tasks is breaking post script which setup timezone and locale generation at startup19:33
eoli3nthe playbook has 400 tasks :/19:33
eoli3none is that i remove the first sudo user created by the installer19:34
eoli3ni'm testing piece by piece19:34
eoli3nbut its really long19:34
eoli3neach iteration needs a new install to run19:34
eoli3n(i use qemu/kvm with ovmf then i can't use snapshots)19:35
eoli3nas this is running in chroot late_command could it break something ? (tasks which remove first user)19:37
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mwhudsoneoli3n: the late-commands run as root but before first startup20:38
eoli3nyes i'm not talking about that20:38
eoli3nlets restart fresh20:39
eoli3nin late-commands, i run ansible20:39
eoli3ninside that ansible playbook, there is one tasks which break something20:39
eoli3nbecause when i first boot, there are some scripts which finish to setup things right ?20:40
eoli3nthose scripts doesnt work because timezone and locales are not working20:40
eoli3nif i comment out ansible-playbook run in late command, it works20:40
eoli3nthen i need to identify which tasks break those first startup scripts20:40
mwhudsonoh so something your ansible tasks are doing are breaking cloud-init20:40
eoli3nyes i think so20:41
eoli3none of these tasks is first sudo user remover20:41
mwhudsonwell the sudo user is created by cloud-init, it won't be there when you run your tasks20:41
eoli3nas it runs as late command, it removes that user before first reboot20:41
eoli3nit may break some latelate scripts ?20:42
eoli3noh ok20:42
eoli3nthen i need to search more20:42
eoli3nwhere are stored those first startup scripts ?20:42
mwhudsonif you remove the identity section from your autoinstall config you won't get a user created at all20:42
eoli3ni can do that ??20:42
mwhudsonit's even documented!20:43
eoli3nhm, i didn't see that it was optionnal20:43
eoli3nsorry for that20:43
eoli3ni opened an issue about this20:43
eoli3ni will close it20:43
mwhudsoni am pretty behind on bug mail :(20:43
eoli3ni didn't get what you mean20:44
eoli3noh !20:44
eoli3nif i set identity section, will it ignore user-data ?20:45
eoli3nbecause i set timezone in user-data20:45
mwhudsonno they get merged20:45
eoli3nhm ok20:45
mwhudson(in a fairly unintelligent way, but that shouldn't matter here)20:45
eoli3ni fire all my questions because we are reverse about sleeping hours20:46
eoli3nwhat about multilines ? should "early-commands: |" works ?20:47
mwhudsonno early-commands has to be a list20:47
mwhudsonthe entries in the list can be strings or lists though20:47
eoli3nthat's sad20:47
eoli3ni open an issue about this too20:48
mwhudsonryan explained the trick to make these more comfortable right?20:48
eoli3nhaharper gave me a curtin way20:48
eoli3nah it was ryan20:48
eoli3nyes he does20:48
eoli3nhe did20:48
eoli3nok then i found that there is no problem21:37
eoli3nits just that scripts are triggered late21:37
eoli3n4 min after startup21:37
eoli3nmwhudson why that behaviour ? why installer doesnt configure everything during install process ?21:42
mwhudsonno especially good reason, it's just easier22:29
mwhudson4 mins seems very slow22:29
eoli3nslow ?? :D22:35
eoli3nits an eternity22:35
eoli3nthe problem seems more to be about cloud-config service (cloud-init ?) dependencies22:37
eoli3nit should run before anything else22:37
eoli3njust after networking.target22:37
eoli3ni fixed my ansible-pull service, adding cloud-init.target as Wants and After22:37
eoli3nthat service has also Before=lightdm.service22:38
eoli3nso it should force the order, cloud-init -> ansible-pull -> lightdm22:38
eoli3nfor now i get ansible-pull -> lightdm -> ... -> cloud-init22:39
eoli3nhope this will not slow down boot process22:39
blackboxswdriveby sorry, I highlighted on cloud-init. also double check whatever your systemd dependency chain looks like now to make sure as well that something in the image didn't introduce an systemd ordering cycle issue journalctl -b | grep ordering cycle'   as well as checking the system-analyze critical-chain on your units you are manipulating.22:41
blackboxswhelpful tools to debug `cloud-init analyze blame` and `systemd-analyze blame` to checkout the worst offenders in boot22:42
eoli3nthanks blackboxsw, it's 23h48 here, lets check it tommorow22:48
eoli3ni note your commands22:48
blackboxswyowsa +122:49
eoli3nyowsa ?22:49
blackboxswyowsa ==  a very strange way to say "ohh my"22:49
eoli3nblackboxsw but by default, cloud-init service should run before i get tty1 login ?22:51
blackboxswhonestly not certain. but systemd-analyze critical-chain says system-logind waits on cloud-init completion https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YQC9BSzQzr/23:03
eoli3nstrange, because, even with a "classic" autoinstall, after first reboot, i get tty1 login, then cloud-init runs and override prompt23:05
eoli3nthat's dirty23:05
eoli3nlets sleep a bit, i on it since 7am without any stop, its 0am23:08

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