davido_I need to file a bug report regarding a TB3 issue, but I'm not sure what information to provide. Since upgrading to 20.10 the Lenovo X1 carbon, 6th gen exhibits bad behavior with the lenovo tb3 dock; the dock's NIC drops out, the /var/log/syslog shows constant polling against the nic, and bringing the laptop back from a screen lock can take up to three minutes just to get the password04:36
davido_prompt. Without the dock, no problem. Same laptop running 20.04, no problem. Same laptop running centos7, no problem.04:37
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apwEickmeyer[m], it looks like the chatter on the bug say this is actually fixed in the already prepared -proposed kernel09:06
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Eickmeyer[m]apw: Yeah, saw that. Thanks! :)16:08

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