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MIFQuestion, could I please add my bot for the SedRegex feature?13:58
hggdhMIF: Just so we understand a bit more: (1) add your bot where? What is "SedRegex", and why is it a feature?14:30
MIFI would like to add my bot it #ubuntu, SedRegex is one of the many features that is supports, you can run s/newsting/oldstring14:31
MIFfor example14:31
MIFand lets say I wanted to type yes14:31
MIFI would d14:32
ikoniawho would use that though ?14:44
tewardI've been here a few years, and there's been similar questions asking for similar bots to be added into #ubuntu and other channels - they've always gotten a rejection15:14
tewardand to be fair, I agree with ikonia - who would use the functionality?15:14
MIFI would, if people would know about it they probably would15:23
ikoniaI don't think they would15:26
ikoniajust type 'yes' rather than regex15:26
MIFWhat about spelling issues, and typos?15:26
MIFlets say (rare case) I am helping someone remove a file that will not remove?15:27
ikoniaI don't see a value15:27
MIFOk, thank you for your time15:27
MIFHave a good day!15:27

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