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lordievaderGood morning07:47
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eoli3ni can't get timezone setting with autoinstall13:51
eoli3ni use https://x0.at/_cG.txt13:51
eoli3nbut after reboot /etc/timezone is not set like it should13:51
HamidrezaHi, I would appreciate if you could help me on this:https://pastebin.com/uy9cG17M13:53
eoli3nwhat give nslookup www.google.fr13:54
Hamidrezaeoli3n, it will respond the ip14:26
eoli3nso what is not working14:27
Hamidrezabut for local zone:14:27
Hamidreza** server can't find dev12: NXDOMAIN14:27
eoli3nyou need to configure domains14:27
eoli3nlook at /etc/systemd/resolved.conf14:27
Hamidrezaeoli3n, should I restart sth?14:29
eoli3nsth ?14:29
HamidrezaI mean which service should I restart to adjust this conf14:33
HamidrezaHow can I permanent search domain in resolve.conf?14:34
eoli3nchange Domains=domain.fr. then systemctl restart systemd-resolved14:38
eoli3nyou can set multiple subdomains with space as separator14:38
Hamidrezaeoli3n, Thanks, it worked14:40
Hamidrezaping: dev17: Temporary failure in name resolution14:43
Hamidrezanameserver in resolve.conf is nameserver
Hamidrezabut I set another server in netplan config file14:44
TJ-Hamidreza: resolv.conf is NOT for changing; is the local systemd-resolved stub resolver, and *IT* has the DNS servers set by netplan et al. See what are set with (18.04) "systemd-resolve --status" or (20.04) "resolvectl status"14:50
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SpaceBassHey folks... I'm migrating from an LDAP SSO backend to a new AD-based SSSD approach. I migrated my users to AD. And on linux I can authenticate as AD users, but those user's don't have ownership over their directories or files. Is there a way to map the new UIDs to the old ones?18:16
Dus10Anyone know how I can troubleshoot autoinstall with subiquity?  I am not sure it is getting the file and what it is doing.18:18
rbasaksmoser: in https://gist.github.com/smoser/3cd61fe6e08f0c0955ef949350897d15#file-readme-md, what would you do wrt. squashing commits down that back and forthed in a merge proposal? IOW, would you editorialize debian/changelog or just use log2dch as-is?19:02
* rbasak is trying to match previous style19:02
smoserrbasak: i suspect i'd use log2dch output.19:15
smoserbut if something had to be cleaned up i would.19:15
rbasakI'll clean up then, thanks.19:16
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