waldo323good morning14:29
cmaloneyHow's the day progressing?14:44
waldo323waiting on hold for a kindle book return, i pre-ordered it in august and the return window closed sept 7....book was release nov 2414:51
waldo323read some reviews which let me know i don't need to spend my time on it so i decided i wanted to return it before reading it14:51
waldo323they have decent on hold music :)14:52
waldo323they just processed the return though so that's good14:53
waldo323and it wasn't a big frustration anyway I had pretty realistic assumptions regarding how it would go14:54
waldo323hows the day progressing there?14:55
jrwrenugh... can I retire yet?15:03
jrwrenor maye just a nice long vacation?15:03
cmaloneywaldo323: Nice to see they returned it though15:08
cmaloneyI'm having a heck of a time getting motivated this morning15:08
jrwrenthats me... everyday.15:14
jrwrenwhat are you procrastinating?15:14
cmaloneysome translation updates15:36
greg-gsammme ^16:01
greg-gwell, not translation updates, the other feelings16:01
jrwrenah yes... corporate IT quality... i complain about a battery expanding to the point my laptop doesn't sit on its feet. They suggest reseting pram.17:57
cmaloneythe fsck?17:59
cmaloneywas that your internal IT or Apple?17:59
jrwreninternal... whcih IIRC they outsource to IBM18:00
jrwrenApple is replacing the thing. they are sending someone to my house to replace it. Amazingly, it is also IBM that they use to do this service.18:00
cmaloneyMaking sure that it's plugged in and level on the table?18:01
cmaloneyand other billable services?18:01
cmaloneyI'd complain about IBM quality but that ship pretty much sailed in the 1990s18:02
cmaloneyor rather 2000s18:02
cmaloneyand their consulting / helpdesking.18:02
Scary_GuyGot my new Moonlander keyboard.  Haven't opened it yet but I'm excited.  Kinda pissed DHL didn't make me sign for it though and just set it on the porch.  I got the insurance for a reason.20:55
jrwrentoo rich for my blood.20:56
Scary_GuyYeah, it's an expensive board and very overpriced.  But I think of it like a fancy chair for your hands.  I'm very excited to try it out.21:12

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