lubot<Fairnandes> There are some programs that don't care about the fonts preference, for example spotify client... any idea how to force those programs to use fonts preference?14:08
apt-ghettoYou should ask the developers of spotify14:11
kc2bez@Fairnandes That is more of a support question but Spotify is not a program that comes with Lubuntu, it is proprietary. You likely have a snap and that is a known issue with snaps.14:12
lubot<Fairnandes> Ok thanks15:41
wxl@kc2bez regarding the issue with xscreensaver and the version number, you've got the right location. i think it would be wise to change the new release docs so that we update that after ever release, but tbat's my 2ยข20:16
kc2bezwxl: Sounds fair. We can go with that.20:27
RyuKurisu[m]<RyuKurisu[m] "will check the next time I'm on "> I have checked today and there are indeed root and home subvolumes with Btrfs 22:37

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