lotuspsychjegood morning02:34
lordievaderGood morning06:53
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ducassegood morning07:28
Deano59hi :D11:50
Deano59is there anyway to remove ubuntu and chromium/snap? I have a script that refuses to use snap/chromium because it's installed with a chroot. :(13:20
Deano59oops, wrong channel. :)13:20
faLUKE(disclaimer: not intended to be frictious): hello, I'm the only one who thinks that the new widgets (icons, folder, scrollbars etc.) are messy compared to the ones of 18.x version ?14:54
lotuspsychjefaLUKE: maybe its nice, if you grab a screenshot so everyone can see what changes you talk about?14:56
faLUKEhttps://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/10/ubuntu-20-04-release-features <--- look at the grey color of the folder. It's bad, imho14:57
faLUKEalso: the corners are not well rounded14:58
faLUKEthe trash icon is messy14:58
lotuspsychjefaLUKE: gnome-tweaks to the rescue anc pick another theme?14:58
faLUKEthe network icon is a mess14:59
faLUKElotuspsychje: I could switch to another desktop them, but I wonder WHY this new theme has been set as default14:59
lotuspsychjechanging themes is not so hard?15:00
lotuspsychjethere will we always someone not liking the theme by default15:00
lotuspsychjelucky, its ubuntu and you have a free choice15:01
faLUKElotuspsychje: you are not understanding the point15:01
faLUKEanyway, I'm going to stop this discussion15:01
coconutfaLUKE, please be nice on us, a theme can never be nice to everyone15:05
coconutfaLUKE, you can change theme in settings, which what was lotuspsychje proposed, but you can also download ubuntu with another desktop environment.15:06

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