faLUKEsarnold: I have only a text file in the control tarball00:00
faLUKEmaybe it means that only that /usr/bin/ script is installed00:00
sarnoldfaLUKE: here's the contents for prerm and postrm that I found inthe control tarball of python3-daphne: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yg6y4bd5qW/00:02
faLUKEsarnold: thanks again, daphne is a webserver. These scripts don't appear to create any service associated to it00:04
faLUKEthis appears weird to me00:05
sarnoldfaLUKE: I wouldn't be surprised if this is "just" the webserver, and that it is driven by an application making API calls to tell it which addresses and sockets to bind to, which functions to call on which methods and paths, which static files to serve, etc00:08
faLUKEsarnold: why not like: service nginx start/stop ?00:09
sarnoldfaLUKE: because then you wouldn't be writing your application in python, you'd be writing your application in Lua00:10
faLUKEsarnold: daphne is a webserver, not only a python engine00:11
faLUKEanyway, I don't want to be polemic with this. But now I wonder what to do in order to make it as service00:11
sarnoldfaLUKE: have you already written an ASGI application?00:13
sarnoldfaLUKE: or are you trying to run an ASGI application written by someone else?00:13
sarnoldfaLUKE: or are you just setting out to write your own ASGI?00:14
faLUKEsarnold: I already wrote it00:14
sarnoldcool cool, so you can run it via 'daphne -b .. -p ... path/to/application kind of thing, right?00:14
faLUKEsarnold: of course, but this is not the problem00:14
sarnoldyou could write a quick little .service file for that00:15
faLUKEsarnold: I try to explain00:15
faLUKEsarnold: all the asgi is ready, and tested with the CLI you just wrote. But now, I would like to make the user ready to install the webserver EASILY00:15
sarnoldfaLUKE: nice :)00:16
faLUKEsarnold: I could leave that asgi and a generic CLI for non-production00:16
faLUKEbut what about production?00:16
faLUKEI need at least a guide for creating the webserver environment without headache00:16
faLUKEI need to MAKE at least a guide for creating the webserver environment without headache00:16
faLUKE[01:15] <sarnold> you could write a quick little .service file for that <--- yes but are you sure it is a safe way?00:17
sarnoldfaLUKE: yeah, everything is started by systemd .service files00:18
faLUKEsarnold: but systemd must drop webserver processes to someuser. which?00:18
sarnoldfaLUKE: unfortunately there's too much documentation on how ot write .service files. they can do *everything* and it's hard to nail down what exactly *needs* to be done vs what should be done, etc..00:18
sarnoldfaLUKE: that's up to you to define; probably a new user account named after the service00:19
faLUKEsarnold: yes, but you understand it's not trivial to assign right and safe privileges to this user00:19
faLUKEthat's why a package with "service daphne start/stop" is important00:20
sarnoldfaLUKE: yes, it's important to make sure the user account can't actually log in via ssh, via the console, etc..00:21
faLUKEsarnold: so I don't know how to solve this mess00:22
faLUKEsarnold: at the current state daphne is unusable as a webserver, for this reason.00:22
faLUKEsarnold: and I'm forced to couple it with nginx or apache00:23
sarnoldfaLUKE: with most applications, it's very common to use nginx or apache in front of the application server anyway00:24
faLUKEsarnold: but this means that daphne's feature are trashed00:24
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robertparkerxdoes node not require a ppa to have the most current stable release?00:57
sarnoldrobertparkerx: you could also install it via snap, that was last updated 13 november 2020: https://snapcraft.io/node01:01
faLUKEsarnold: well, given that I can't run daphne alone, for the reason I explained before, I wonder what's the easiest way to copule an apache or nginx service with a daphne's one01:08
sarnoldfaLUKE: the README claims it can communicate with a proxy using a unix socket in the filesystem, but it doesn't go into much detail about what that looks like01:09
sarnoldjust the mechanics of how to specify the socket01:09
faLUKEsarnold: I know how to create a unix socket listener on daphne01:10
faLUKEsarnold: this is not a problem. My problem is: how to run daphne?01:11
sarnoldfaLUKE: that's a good question. now you've got several services to integrate. I think I'd try to make a new nginx@.service template that could run the nginx front-end, a new faluke.service that will start up daphne, make sure the Wants=, Before=, etc, are set correctly for both services..01:15
oerheksmight be related https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/django-channels-with-supervisor-nginx-and-daphne-not-activating-web-sockets-how-to-configure-them01:16
sarnoldbummer that's just the question, and not particularly well-asked :(01:17
robertparkerxWhat's this mean https://url.hashdev.org/4s01:29
sarnoldrobertparkerx: it's possible ondrej has used different package names01:31
sarnoldrobertparkerx: check the issues on his github page, it's possible this has already been discussed there01:31
robertparkerxokay sorry01:31
faLUKEthanks sarnold01:34
sarnoldfaLUKE: sure thing, have fun :)01:38
ezzieyguywufmy dad said he tried installing discord on his ubunto laptop, and now he can't boot the system01:42
ezzieyguywufI'll be honest, I think the issue may be unrelated to discord (he mentioned he did a dist-upgrade recently) but I thought I'd ask in case there's a known issue01:42
sarnoldezzieyguywuf: there's no complaints in here from anyone else with anything similar within my client's /lastlog01:46
ezzieyguywufsarnold: thank you for checking.01:48
ezzieyguywufUpon further interrogation it sounds like he's on an ubunto derivative, "deepin"01:48
ezzieyguywufso perhaps I'm in the wrong place, :-P01:48
sarnoldezzieyguywuf: there was a grub update a few months back that caused folks problems..01:53
sarnoldezzieyguywuf: we pushed a new grub update a few days ago, it's possible it's the same problem01:53
ezzieyguywufsarnold: I'll dig into that. I did some research on deepin, and it seems that it's debian-based, so perhaps #debian may be some help too01:56
sarnoldezzieyguywuf: this mistake in grub config could be made on debian, as well, so if this feels like it, keep it in mind01:57
sarnoldezzieyguywuf: but you'll definitely need to do some groundwork to figure out what the cause is, before getting carried away01:57
ezzieyguywufsarnold: indeed, I suggested he  boot into a livecd to try to mount the root partition and examine the boot logs01:59
ezzieyguywufsarnold: according to the timeline in the wiki you linked, that issue was resolved back in july, but you mentioned that a new grub was pushed "a few days ago"02:00
ezzieyguywufam i missing something here?02:00
sarnoldezzieyguywuf: the new version ~two weeks ago was for other issues https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+changelog02:02
ezzieyguywufah, so even if he wasn't using uefi secureboot, this still may be related02:03
droid3Curious is there any app store that host .AppImage02:09
droid3i hate snap and flatpak  is there a store for .AppImages at least02:10
alazyI installed the hibernate package. My computer simply turned off when I tried it - no hibernation. A menu or notice appeared during installation - but too briefly because I unintentionally skipped through it with a stray keypress. I've tried to purge, reinstall, dpkg --configure but nothing makes it reappear. What to do to make it install and show that menu?02:24
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sarnoldalazy: I can't find anything that would directly pop up anything :/ buuuut this looks related https://sources.debian.org/src/hibernate/2.0+15+g88d54a8-1/debian/HOWTO/02:50
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geosmilehow do i setup a particular sound output device on ubuntu at boot?03:06
geosmileIt seems it keeps resetting what i set it to03:06
derpadminI usually make myself scripts03:11
geosmilederpadmin, I cant use pactl set-default-sink <Your_Device_Name>03:11
geosmilenot sure how to cli setup a particular output device03:11
derpadminit looks like you find a command at least...03:12
derpadminit does not work?03:12
geosmilepactl list short sources -- does not show me the output device that i use from UI03:13
faLUKEhey: what happened to 20.04 ? I upgraded from 18 and see that all the widgets changed! But the previous ones seem much better to me03:54
rk4interesting, i just got the "Enter password to unlock the private key" screen pop up, but it doesn't tell my what application other than "An application wants access...", any ideas how to see what that application is? presumably this involves dbus?04:18
chalcednywe had this odd behavior from my husband's ubuntu 18.04 with it freezing. He got a new hard drive, and put 20.04 on it, and copied things to it, now it's frozen again.  I'm ssh'd to it. is anyone around that could look at dmesg and see if we can figure out why it's freezing?04:24
rk4chalcedny: pastebin your dmesg...04:26
chalcednyrk4, sure sec04:27
RexodusIf it locks up completely, it should be the last line @ timestamp before you reboot...04:29
chalcednyrk4, Rexodus i was able to ssh in with putty04:30
chalcednymaybe it's something graphical?04:31
chalcednyhe still can't do anything.04:33
chalcednyit did open a terminal finally.. i used ctrl alt t .. but i came over here and sshd04:34
RexodusI don't see anything special in your dmesg.04:34
RexodusIs the same machine working fine with a live-cd?04:35
RexodusWhile doing the same things of course04:35
chalcednyRexodus, it was working fine until I tried to open another Libre Office window. then it froze and keeps locking04:35
chalcednyit unfreezes after a bit04:36
chalcednyit doesn't look like a memory problem04:36
chalcednytop - 23:37:22 up 2 days, 14:49,  2 users,  load average: 1.81, 1.75, 1.9304:37
chalcednyTasks: 322 total,   2 running, 320 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie04:37
Bashing-omchalcedny: Running out of memory ? what shows 'free' in another terminal - when under pressure ?04:37
RexodusOpen a terminal and run top. See what's using resources while it freezes.04:37
chalcednynice to see you Bashing-om :) :)04:38
RexodusSry, I was reading your dmesg.04:39
RexodusI have no clue...04:39
chalcednyhttps://pastebin.com/1jr2zVC8  is top04:39
Bashing-omchalcedny: :D I see that you are still challenging.04:40
chalcednyBashing-om, thank you :) someone has to be.04:41
Bashing-omchalcedny: Well presently is not a memory constrtaint issue "2048.0 free,". I can suggest in another terminal  to ' journalctl -f ' and watch this output for any hints. ( ctl+C to quit ).04:44
chalcednyBashing-om, yep. Ok another mystery.04:45
chalcednyhubby does not like sharing monitor space with a terminal, i can run it here if he won't just reboot and push me off.04:46
chalcednyall of these things talk a lot about the usb devices?04:47
RexodusYou checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log for strange things?04:52
chalcednyRexodus, not lately04:53
RexodusBut if things start to do strange while you open a office screen, and it freezes, I'd try the same on a live CD so you can exclude configuration failures.04:55
chalcedny ls /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:56
chalcednyls: cannot access '/var/log/Xorg.0.log': No such file or directory04:56
robertparkerxI installed nodejs && npm before from a ppa I think. I was on 18.04 LTS. I recently upgraded to 20.04 LTS. I noticed that nodejs && npm were gone. I had to install them from the normal repo (I don't think a ppa is required anymore, right)04:56
robertparkerxis this fine?04:56
Rexodusrobertparkerx: I don't know what nodejs etc is, but if it's from the native repo, I'd say it is even better.05:01
robertparkerxI want to know why it removed it from before05:04
robertparkerxand is there no need to juse a ppa anymore05:04
RexodusIf the same package is installed and you are fine with it, you can forget about that old ppa.05:05
RexodusIf not, you have to re-add it and install it from there.05:05
RexodusBut again, I have no clue what packages you are talking about ;)05:06
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PeaceTeahow can I record my laptop microphone audio to a mp3 file.  without interrupting other applications that use the microphone like zoom.06:08
idandHey guys, sry to bother yall with newbie questions but I'm running a few simple cmds in cron, but for some reason they fail, I've tried debugging it but the cmds seem to run fine..06:17
idandDec  8 05:30:55 nivprv CRON[847]: (idand) CMD (sleep 20 && cd /home/idand/ && bash go.sh)06:17
idandI'm running crontab on my user, not root's.06:18
idandAnd that's the cmds I'm using:06:18
idand@reboot sleep 20 && cd /home/idand/ && bash go.sh06:19
idandall these scripts are simple run scripts with screens for a few game servers I play06:19
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ducassewho not use 'bash /home/idand/go.sh'?07:29
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idandducasse I had cd in them cuz Spigot and hlds are both buggy scripts for some reason07:39
idandThey cannot be executed using links, i dunno why07:39
idandonly directly from within the folder07:39
idandafaik other ppl have the same issue with hlds too, sadly07:40
pi0how to i grep for keyworks within a directory that contains many text files08:08
matsamanpi0: egrep -ir 'key|wor|ds' ./directory/08:10
matsamanpi0: or -HIir, or -HIilr08:12
matsamanpi0: or find ./directory/ -iname '*.txt' | while IFS='' read -r line; do egrep foo "$line"; done08:12
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pi0thank you kindly08:22
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tinloafHi. I just upgraded from 18.04 to 20.04, and apparently, now systemd-networkd is active. I've been using NetworkManager so far, but now (a) NetworkManager can't manage my ethernet interface anymore (b) some software like Spotify permanently thinks it's offline (even though the ethernet interface is up and running)10:04
tinloafWhat is the best course of action? Disable networkd and somehow get NetworkManager to take back control over the ethernet interface? (I've tried and not succeeded)10:05
tinloafAlso, it does not look like there is an equivalent to nm-applet for networkd, right? So I would very much prefer going with NetworkManager…10:06
tinloafHowever, `systemctl stop systemd-networkd.socket systemd-networkd networkd-dispatcher systemd-networkd-wait-online ; systemctl restart NetworkManager` does not get NetworkManager back in control10:07
tinloafMy NetworkManager.conf does not contain `managed=false` (complete content here: https://pastebin.com/LdEk2gfj )10:08
DocMorshi, can anyone tell me why I have to reboot after ubuntu updates? In the past that only happened every blue moon but now it appears to be necessary after each bloody update?10:33
lotuspsychjeDocMors: apt is smart, when it says it needs a reboot, its necesary10:35
lotuspsychjesecurity updates for example10:36
matsamanDocMors: new kernel?10:38
DocMorsI get that but my perception says the required reboots per update ratio has gone through the roof, its coming to a point where it's somewhat annoying. The question is probably that intentional or some oversight.10:38
matsamanit's doubtful that you have to do it, just that it's the final test everything will work ... or not10:38
DocMorsmatsaman, not every other week10:38
matsamanare you saying the updater forces you to reboot?10:39
ignorandHow do I know which service calls my /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf10:39
ignorandI want to apply my settings without rebooting10:40
matsamanprobably one that starts with 'dh'10:40
matsamandpkg -S /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf might say where it came from10:41
ignorandwell, I see dhclient is running, but it looks like its called by service ifup@enp4s3.service10:42
ignorandhmm, seems to have done the trick10:43
ignorandsystemctl restart ifup@enp4s3 that is10:43
matsamanmmm, that's a bad name indeed =)10:46
TJ-It's the ifupdown template10:47
stemidafter upgrading to 16.04 my NFS shares stopped working. mount just hangs. showmount -e mkbnetdb06 on the client does show the mounts. ufw is inactive on both client and server. DNS works. I haven't changed the config but here is the exports and fstab I use. https://paste.debian.net/1176047/ and /var/backups/mysql is owned by root:root. is there an error log?11:10
LopeAnybody know how to use NvEnc in OBS-studio?11:13
LopeIt doesn't appear. I found instructions from 2016 showing an overly complicated process to recompile ffmpeg etc11:13
matsamanLope: does it show up in 'ffmpeg -encoders'?11:17
ss2Is it possible to do a guix system reconfigure without the need of an internet connection?11:18
matsamanss2: that's likely easily tested11:18
ss2say, if I'm fiddling with the http setup, I don't always need an internet connection.11:18
matsamanby attempting it11:18
Lopematsaman, I don't have access to an ubuntu install at the moment.11:19
ss2matsaman: sorry, I not sure if I'm understanding what you're meaning yet.11:19
stemidoh in my case it was the nfsvers. probably some default updated in 16.04. had to set nfsvers=2 to mount.11:20
ss2I mean, when I change a simple config, I'm quite certain that I won't need to fetch packages online. Everything should be available for an offline reconfigure.11:20
ss2My laptop isn't always connected well and I'd rather avoid online checks.11:21
matsamanLope: might not even be a problem, then?11:22
matsamanstemid: FWIW, I've always found sshfs about 2000 times less of a PITA than NFS11:22
matsamanit can be plenty fast with HPN and/or no/laxed encryption (where appropriate)11:24
Lopematsaman, will see, thanks.11:36
Deano59how can I grep dmesg? to search for a certain thing?11:44
n00b101Please answer my one OT question11:44
n00b101I've created a conda env. In it, there's python 3, and few other packages which are installed while conda env was created. But, tenserflow wasn't installed by conda. But, program in conda env needs it. How I should install tenserflow now. Install via system pm, pip (inside env) or via conda itself? Say, I installed tenserflow via system pm, can conda env see it and import it in python program inside env like11:44
Deano59noobineer: don't ask to ask, ask your question and wait.11:44
n00b101-- import tenserflow? Also, if I install half dependencies in requirements via pip(inside env) and half via conda, is that a problem?11:45
Deano59n00b101: is this ubuntu?11:45
Deano59your os?11:45
n00b101I've created a conda env. In it, there's python 3, and few other packages which are installed while conda env was created. But, tenserflow wasn't installed by conda. But, program in conda env needs it. How I should install tenserflow now. Install via system pm, pip (inside env) or via conda itself? Say, I installed tenserflow via system pm, can conda env see it and import it in python program inside env like; import11:46
n00b101tenserflow? Also, if I install half dependencies in requirements via pip(inside env) and half via conda, is that a problem?11:46
Deano59can you not, thanks.11:46
n00b101It's fine, I asked11:46
Deano59n00b101: is your OS ubuntu?11:46
Deano59then how're you using pip?11:46
matsamansure sure12:08
BluesKajHi folks12:27
ss2oh, wrong channel!12:33
ss2didn't notice where I am.12:33
Deano59hi there, BluesKaj :)12:35
BluesKajhi Deano5912:36
Deano59can I grep dmesg? if so, how? :D12:36
BluesKajDeano59, https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/149718/how-to-know-what-to-grep-for-in-dmesg12:43
zetheroohow can I see which version of a Gnome Extension I am using?12:56
Maikzetheroo: via extensions when gnome tweak tool is installed12:57
Maikor in Gnome tweaks itself12:57
zetherooMaik: I don't see anything about extension versions12:58
zetheroousing GNOME Tweaks 3.34.012:59
Maikdoh, my bad, i missread that part13:00
zetheroofor example, I have topicons plus installed, but not sure of the version ....13:01
zetherooor is it automatically whatever my Gnome Shell version is?13:01
Maikguess so13:01
oerheksterminal: gnome-shell --version13:02
zetherooGNOME Shell 3.36.413:04
LordChaoszetheroo: does the extension have an 'about tab' in it's configuration settings in tweaks?13:07
zetherooLordChaos: this is what it looks like https://ibb.co/ftWwJcB13:09
LordChaoszetheroo: check ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions13:10
DocMorsmatsaman, it asks me to it hasn't forced me, if it doe that once the istro has to go13:11
LordChaosgo into the topicons dir and see if there is a metadata file or something similar13:11
zetherooLordChaos: metadata file contents https://pastebin.com/ezseyDNf13:12
LordChaoszetheroo: version 2713:12
LordChaoszetheroo: seems the extension is no longer maintained: see https://github.com/phocean/TopIcons-plus13:13
LordChaoszetheroo: check https://github.com/ubuntu/gnome-shell-extension-appindicator as well13:15
zetherooah ok13:15
Deano59is there anyway to remove ubuntu and chromium/snap? I have a script that refuses to use snap/chromium because it's installed with a  │ KelseyS13:21
Deano59                     │                 | chroot. :(13:21
Deano59is there a way to remove chromium/snap? I have a script that installs chromium but it refuses to run because it's installed via chroot session. I have to manually run "sudo snap install chromium" otherwise it doesn't work! :(13:21
Deano59it's annoying.13:22
Deano59sorry for the paste spam, tried to copy from another channel.13:23
oerheksreverse that  "install via chroot session"13:23
Deano59oerheks: ?13:24
oerheksor wait for a better answer from the other channel, we love crossposting13:24
Deano59oh, thought I posted in the wrong channel. :)13:24
Deano59what do you mean, oerheks: "reverse that  "install via chroot session""13:25
Deano59firefox gets installed because it doesn't use snap. it's a chromium/snap issue.13:25
Deano59... :D13:27
oerheksinteresting, why did you install that snap via chroot?13:27
kaariHi, I have stupid question and messing somethin badly. I have WSL Ubuntu and try to connect to net with it. I can pin and but no internet.13:34
kaariI tried different solutions, but with no luck.13:35
LordChaoskaari: have you checked if DNS resolving is working?13:36
kaariSorry, but i dont know how to do it.13:37
LordChaoskaari: try the following command13:38
kaariTry to look for that13:38
LordChaoskaari: dig @ www.ubuntu.com13:38
kaariwhat should i look from that?13:40
kaariThere is buns of text, but no errors.13:40
reagai cant get my monitor working on 1440p, only 1080p. its just black if i try it on 1440p. but its 100% fine on 1440p if i use hdmi instead of displayport. any ideas how to fix this?13:41
reagawindows works fine13:41
reagabut with ubuntu the monitor is problematic13:41
kaariI could ping but not ubuntu.com13:41
coconutkaari, share the output with pastebin please, so LordChaos can read it.13:44
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:44
kaariLordChaos: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PnytM3ZxzM/13:48
LordChaoskaari, what's the network interface in use?13:51
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kaariIm now with wlan through phone.13:53
LordChaoskaari, if you know which interface is in use in your WSL environment, do a13:54
LordChaos'resolvectl status <interface_name>13:54
kaarican I get interface name without ifconfig cause its not installe.13:57
LordChaoskaari 'ip a'13:57
deltabor  ip link13:58
kaarionly one that looks like familiar is eth0, but tried the all and just give line sd_bus_open_system: No such file or directory14:04
Deano59do I need zram-tools if I'm installing zram-config?14:04
LordChaoskaari: 'ip link' or 'ip a' gives you an error?14:05
wedrIs there a way to avoid unlocking login keyring at startup?14:18
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Deano59I have this config: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jX3kj4MyGG/ can I auto create the file in: /.config/i3.config? via chroot?14:29
Deano59anyone? :D14:34
faLUKEhello! What happened to widgets of 20.04 ?? I upgraded from 18.10... the new widgets appear to me a mess14:38
faLUKEbad icons, bad colors14:38
faLUKEwhy they changed the previous stuff?14:38
faLUKEalso lot of bugs14:39
coconutfaLUKE, widgets?14:39
faLUKEcoconut: yes, GUI widgets14:39
faLUKEicons, symbols etc.14:39
faLUKEI don't understand what happened14:39
coconutme neither to be honest14:40
faLUKEcoconut: do you agree?14:40
coconutfaLUKE, no i do not have that, but best is to show a printscreen i think14:40
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:40
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.14:41
faLUKEcoconut: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/10/ubuntu-20-04-release-features <---look for example the grey color of the folder. It's ugly. Also the zip icon is confusing14:46
faLUKEthe trash icon is rectangular: messy too14:47
faLUKEwidgets in 18.04 did not appear in this way14:47
lotuspsychjefaLUKE: this isnt a complaints channel, new ubuntu releases changes things..14:48
hggdhfaLUKE: so it is not *your* install, you are talking about the new view in general14:48
faLUKEhggdh: yes14:49
hggdhfaLUKE: so, as lotuspsychje pointed out, this is not the correct channel14:49
coconutfaLUKE, i do not run ubuntu with gnome, but did you check to change back the config for those settings in systems settings?14:49
faLUKEcoconut: which config, precisely?14:50
faLUKEhggdh: this is not a complaint channel but I wonder if I'm the only one who noted this14:50
faLUKEfor example: round corners everywhere14:51
faLUKEeven for scrollbars14:51
hggdhfaLUKE: IDK. You could also try https://discourse.ubuntu.com/c/desktop/theme-refresh14:52
hggdhbut certainly here is not a good place14:52
lotuspsychjefaLUKE: see #ubuntu-discuss to talk about themes and changes14:52
faLUKElotuspsychje: thanks14:53
coconutfaLUKE, dunno where to check faLUKE, i already said i don't run gnome(mate)14:53
faLUKEcoconut: I'm going to change desktop env, then14:54
coconutfaLUKE, not everyone i just as much a fan of the look and feel of mate, but some actually just like it more than others.15:00
kaariLordChaos: Sorry my network died, but got it working just py switching nameserver to googles. Thank anyway.15:18
LordChaoskaari: good to hear15:20
jilI'm running bionic, I cannot upgrade right.  Could that be the reason why I cannot detect a recent bluetooth microphone that I bought, while I pair without problem with a bluetooh speaker of the same brand?15:52
TJ-jil: if the BT client device is BT LE only and the PC host doesnt/isn't supporting LE that could be another reason16:29
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MikeRLYou guys were right when someone said I have too many GNOME shell extensions.17:17
MikeRLOne got a memory leak. I was minding my own businessm, messing with virtualbox and all of the sudden the guest OS was acting weird.17:17
MikeRLSo I checked the task manager on Win7, nothing weird.17:17
MikeRLThen on 20.10 I checked and all but .1GB of 16GB RAM was in use.17:18
MikeRLIs there any way to find the culprit besides manually disabling them one by one?17:20
MikeRLI hit the kill switch in gnome-tweaks and the lag and memory usage went away.17:20
MikeRLCulprit found. GSConnect.17:38
MikeRLDisabling it stopped the lag, high memory usage, etc.17:38
MikeRLQuestion is - how do I report this to the dev? What logs do I need?17:39
MikeRLHmm. Not good. GSConnect needs a new maintainer. I left a Github comment asking the old maintainer to forward my memory leak issue to someone who will likely take over, given how popular phone integration is these days.17:49
coconutMikeRL,  best you can do is asking your question in the gsconnect irc channel.17:50
coconutScroll to the end of this page to see the irc channel https://github.com/andyholmes/gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect/wiki17:50
MikeRLThanks coconut .17:50
MikeRLWill do ASAP.17:50
Peyamis there a terminal command that says like this "install ubuntu-desktop if there isnt any ubuntu-desktop else just upgrade it "?17:57
coconutPeyam, can you be more precise what you want?17:59
Peyamwell let me explain18:00
PeyamLet say that I have a couple of computers that I handle with ansible. some of them may have a Desktop environment and some of them don't.18:01
Peyameach time a new version of that ansible script come people have to run it but that script even installs the softwares that the developer have choosen to not have installed18:02
Peyamso is there anyway to tell ubuntu to not install anything that have ben uninstalled from the DE and only install updates on those who are already installed18:02
coconutsorry no experience with that here... hope some can help though18:06
leftyfbPeyam: yes, ansible has the ability to require depedencies18:06
leftyfbPeyam: check if the desktop package is installed18:07
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Peyamif [ `dpkg -l | ubuntu-desktop | wc -1` -eq 1]18:08
PeyamI don't know if that is correct though18:08
jwashhi everyone, ubuntu 18.04, i am getting an error that I can't connect to a display when i do "ssh -X user@host", can someone help me get the display variable set up properly.18:09
leftyfbPeyam: please seek support from #ansible. You'll want to do this in anible, not in a shell script18:10
Peyamawesome thanks18:11
matsamanPeyam: guessing that should be an -l not a -118:15
matsamanand probably dpkg -l | grep -i 'ubuntu-desktop' | wc -l18:16
deltabPeyam: I recommend $( ) over ` ` as it's easier to read18:22
the_tanukiso on Xubuntu 20.04.1 LTS i've lately been seeing tha the newest kernel versions from the mainline branch aren't being built successfully for amd6418:22
the_tanukithis started a month or two ago18:22
the_tanukiis something up?18:22
the_tanukifor example, from today https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.9.13/18:26
the_tanukii don't know if this is on-topic here or not, so if it isn't, feel free to direct me elsewhere18:26
Maik!discuss | the_tanuki18:30
ubottuthe_tanuki: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!18:30
Maikthe_tanuki: also: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:31
Maikthe_tanuki: if it's still active: #ubuntu-kernel18:33
TJ-the_tanuki: it has been mentioned to the kernel team18:42
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default_having a problem when I ctrl-shift-v (or whatever) and if I hit the shift first it doesn't work..  only when ctrl gets hit first19:40
default_any ideas if there is a fix for this in ubuntu or do I just blame the keyboard?19:40
default_nevermind.  looks like I figured it out19:43
N3bulaKHey all19:43
N3bulaKquick question, I have windows installed on one drive and Ubuntu on the other, how would I create a OS selection screen at the start up?19:43
N3bulaKmy daily driver is Ubuntu!19:44
N3bulaKis there is an option in Ubuntu do this? thanks19:45
leftyfbN3bulaK: with both drives attached, you should be able to run "sudo update-grub" and it should find the Windows installation. Then make Ubuntu the first bot19:46
N3bulaKleftyfb: Cool thanks19:47
oerheksleftyfb +1 and see the grub manual19:47
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:47
N3bulaKthat's done19:47
N3bulaKlet me have a go19:47
Greenfrogi'm trying to do a search in google and using chrome and pressing enter closes the browser. any way to fix this. i've asked in chrome but no one anwers any questions20:21
sarnoldGreenfrog: try running chrome from the command line, look through the messages that are logged around the time you hit enter20:22
Greenfrogok, so at the command line i type chrome?20:23
Greenfrognever used it that way20:23
sarnoldif you're running chrome, yeah20:23
Greenfrogok thanks20:23
sarnoldI've never tried chrome myself, always chromium-browser20:23
oerheksreinstall chrome/ remove the ~/.config/google-chrome and ~/.cache/google-chrome folders and restart chrome20:23
Greenfrogok i'll try that thanks20:24
sarnoldoerheks: yikes that sounds like trouble, what will that do to eg saved passwords, cookies, etc?20:24
Greenfrogi have no saved passwords so its ok20:24
oerhekssarnold, those will be destroyed.. login in google and you get them back20:25
oerheksno refund on cookies20:25
Greenfroghere is what it said: Command 'chrome' not found, did you mean:20:26
Greenfrog 20:26
Greenfrog  command 'chroma' from deb chroma (0.7.1-1)20:26
Greenfrog 20:26
sarnold:~( coookies!20:26
rud0lftry chrome-stable20:26
rud0lfsorry, google-chrome20:26
Greenfrogok didnt like that either20:27
oerhekschrome is google-chrome, chromium-browser perhaps20:28
Greenfrogok i call it chrome but its chrommium20:28
GreenfrogGtk-Message: 12:28:33.992: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"20:29
GreenfrogOpening in existing browser session.20:30
Greenfrogi have no idea what that means20:30
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pavlosGreenfrog: are you running ubuntu 20.04?21:29
pavlosGreenfrog: sudo apt install libcanberra-gtk-module21:31
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g105bHi all, please may I ask what's up with Snaps and Flatpacks? I don't care whether the technology is any better/worse, I just want to install something and get on using it, but whenever I find something pushing snaps or flatpaks, I find basic functionality to be missing, but they're nothing new now so the problem has to be me, right? In a nutshell,22:16
g105bif I install something via snap/flatpak certain apps don't understand copy/paste, or drag/drop or what happens when I click a link (no browser opens). What am I doing wrong?22:16
sarnoldg105b: sometimes you need to 'connect' snaps to grant permissions for them to do thingsw22:17
sarnoldg105b: https://ubuntu.com/blog/a-guide-to-snap-permissions-and-interfaces22:17
g105bWow OK, so is this something that should be handled by the installer, but is missing functionality? I don't think this is the kind of thing that a regular user would want to do. My family use Ubuntu because I promoted it, but it's things like this that make Ubuntu (and me) look bad, because now my grandmother can't send me the photo she's tried to22:19
g105bIs there something similar with flatpack?22:19
sarnoldI don't understand flatpak's privileges model22:19
g105b"Hi Grandma, I've found out what your problem is, you just need to configure your interface connections because you chose to install the software via snap instead of deb. Remember this is Linux for Humans!"22:20
oerheksubuntu uses snaps, and they are available in softwarecenter22:20
g105bYep, they are preferred by softwarecentre.22:20
nubonixhi there, was hoping for some help... so my display manager (gdm3) keeps restarting, freezing my computer for 10-15 seconds, restarts the taskbar, and then continues to normal, it does this frequently22:45
nubonixviewing journalctl -f i see ALOT of `Window manager warning: MetaSyncRing: We should never wait for a sync -- add more syncs?` messages22:45
nubonixviewing `Window manager warning: MetaSyncRing: We should never wait for a sync -- add more syncs?` without sudo i see `gkr-pam: no password is available for user`22:46
nubonixviewing `systemctl status display-manager.service` mb22:46
nubonix`sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3` also does nothing, no screen/terminal pops up22:47
nubonixso basically GNOME Display Manager keeps reloading indefintely22:48
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texlaWhere in Ubuntu do I find the apps to format a usb drive and the drive to install to usb drives!!!22:59
nubonixsoz, changed to lightdm to try and see if that would solve the issue, but caused another.. so had to restart23:07
lusrxI tried to install google chrome on ubuntu 20.04 using a .deb file I downloaded directly from Google using Firefox that came with Ubuntu. When I double click it it opens in software center and tells me the format is unsupported. Could it be that software center no longer supports .deb files?23:14
lusrxI ended up installing it using command line. That worked.23:15
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tomreynnubonix: you could tell us about which ubuntu version you're using there, and about what you possibly did that contributed to this situation.23:25
isapgswellhow to optimize ubuntu software23:35
isapgswelltoo slow23:36
gordonjcpisapgswell: optimise in what sense?23:36
isapgswellgordonjcp i wait 1 min to appear images text23:36
isapgswellgordonjcp sometimes23:36
isapgswellgordonjcp ubuntu should use mlocate with ubuntu software23:37
sarnoldisapgswell: it might be worth watching output of 'vmstat 1', and look for non-zero entries in the si and so columns23:37
gordonjcpisapgswell: that doesn't make a lot of sense23:38
gordonjcpisapgswell: what exactly are you doing?23:38
gordonjcpisapgswell: if you're opening a terminal window, that's quite slow23:39
gordonjcpisapgswell: if you're raytracing 4k video, that's pretty quick23:39
isapgswellgordonjcp local caching should solve ubuntu software slowly23:40
gordonjcpisapgswell: it's not slow23:40
gordonjcpisapgswell: on my ancient core i5 everything is instant23:40
gordonjcpisapgswell: you haven't actually described what you're doing that's causing it to be slow23:40
isapgswellgordonjcp time when i click category and appear list of software image and text, 1min or more23:40
isapgswellgordonjcp i am navigating, steam app opened, nomore23:41
gordonjcpisapgswell: category on what?23:41
isapgswellgordonjcp initial window23:42
gordonjcpisapgswell: initial window of what?23:42
hggdhisapgswell: what program? What version of Ubuntu?23:42
gordonjcpisapgswell: are you allergic to using complete sentences or something?23:42
isapgswellgordonjcp ubuntu software23:42
gordonjcpisapgswell: oh, there's an easy fix23:43
gordonjcpisapgswell: you verb noun23:44
gbellinozchanged graphics card to an old nvidia Quadro K2000. text now very small. Is X's DPI setting what I'm looking to tweak?23:44
isapgswellgordonjcp how to fix?23:44
hggdhgordonjcp: please keep in mind many here are not native English speakers23:44
gordonjcphggdh: what, like me?23:44
hggdhIDK. But being aggressive will not solve it23:45
gordonjcphggdh: welche sprache sie wollen?23:46
hggdhgordonjcp: OK. You have been warned.23:46
gordonjcphggdh: quelle langue?  De cànan a'bheil thu ag iarraidh?23:46
gordonjcpeven if English isn't your first language, lazyness doesn't help anyone23:47
gordonjcpisapgswell: I don't actually know what the problem you are having is, apart from "ubuntu software is slow"23:47
gordonjcpisapgswell: can you describe exactly what you're doing?23:47
sarnoldmaybe record a video or take screenshots or something23:48
sarnoldor run the vmstat 1 command that I recommended23:48
gordonjcpisapgswell: if you're genuinely struggling with English, maybe one of the other #ubuntu channels in your local language could help although they are a lot less busy23:48
hggdhgordonjcp: enough23:48
gordonjcpisapgswell: but if you can describe the steps to reproduce the problem, that would help23:49
isapgswellgordonjcp my ubuntu software program is laggy when i try to load another program category23:51
gordonjcpisapgswell: I'm not really understanding "ubuntu software program"23:51
gordonjcpisapgswell: OH wait, the package manager, app store thing?23:52
gordonjcpisapgswell: yes, it's horrible23:52
isapgswellgordonjcp program = app = binary23:52
isapgswellgordonjcp yes !!!!23:52
gordonjcpisapgswell: okay, my top recommendation is not to use it if you can get away with it23:52
isapgswellgordonjcp not synaptics23:52
gordonjcpisapgswell: and if you must use it make a cup of tea and get something to eat23:53
sarnoldhow do you launch it?23:53
sarnoldor, better, what's the executable name of the thing? I'm curious23:54

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