xubuntu48hello there is a community efort to bring xubunto to raspberry pi ?00:07
Unit193I believe someone actually did that at one time, I believe it was one of the MATE or Budgie guys.00:09
xubuntu48i use xubuntu in a netbook00:10
xubuntu48xubuntu has everything ubuntu has00:10
Unit193Well, it doesn't have GNOME for one. :300:10
xubuntu48and i like ubuntu becouse is easy to install 00:10
Unit193Oh hey, one of our devs did post https://bluesabre.org/2019/10/20/install-xubuntu-19-10-on-a-raspberry-pi-4/00:11
xubuntu48i have a raspbery pi 3 B+, can i use the same image?00:12
Unit193I haven't done this myself.00:14
bluesabreI also recommend https://github.com/wimpysworld/desktopify00:14
bluesabreBut I haven’t done it with the 3B+00:15
xubuntu48i try this yesterday00:16
xubuntu48i think is the only way to use well done the ubuntu on raspberry pi00:16
xubuntu48or try to install xfce on ubuntu server00:16
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ATTN: Xubuntu Core 21.04 - amd64 - amd64 built.00:35
Maikxubuntu48: 1. Install Ubuntu 20.04.1 server  pi image 2 get desktopify and install xubuntu that way. Done00:53
Maikit does not work on 20.10 so stick with 20.0400:54
Unit193So that's all a lie, I can't boostrap because of a pinephone/mobile-tweaks conflict. \o/01:12
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jphilipsUnit193: docklike noticed on xubuntu extras and article came out about it :D https://www.linuxuprising.com/2020/12/docklike-plugin-xfce-panel-icon-only.html19:50
jphilipsbluesabre: with ubuntu desktop 20.10 getting official support for raspberry pi, will xubuntu also get images? - https://ubuntu.com/raspberry-pi/desktop19:57
* GridCube for some reason though "noticed" was a linux service20:08
Unit193"From what I could (or actually couldn't) find, this Xfce4 Panel plugin doesn't seem to be packaged for many Linux distributions..."  Heh, of course not, it's not even had a release yet.20:15
Unit193jphilips: I only packaged that because brainwash kept mentioning it. :320:15
jphilipsthat's great to hear. hope a release comes out and gets into debian.20:30
ubot3Pull 53 in nsz32/docklike-plugin "add xubuntu to availability list" [Open]20:30
Unit193I'm not sure if it'll get into Debian, but releases would be good for the PPA.20:37
Unit193awordnot: Hello again!  I seem to have spotted you on https://github.com/nsz32/docklike-plugin/issues/50.  For Xubuntu we have them in a different location too, during configure we call --libdir=\${prefix}/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu, is this not working for you?20:37
ubot3Issue 50 in nsz32/docklike-plugin "make install target installs to wrong prefix on Gentoo" [Open]20:37
Unit193https://launchpadlibrarian.net/507884154/buildlog_ubuntu-groovy-amd64.xfce4-docklike-plugin_0.0~git20201119.ec4b429-0ppa1~20.10_BUILDING.txt.gz has the full configure call.20:40
Unit193jphilips: To be precise, it's not from Xfce upstream so I'm not sure if pkg-xfce would be interested, also it's a small team and there's enough bugs as-is.  I could do it myself like I did for statusnotifier, but I've never used it so don't think I'd be an appropriate maintainer (I'd never know if there's something wrong without a bug report, etc.)20:43
awordnotUnit193: well considering i'm on ppc64le and not x86_64 I don't think that prefix path would work for me :P21:00
awordnotbut no, I haven't actually tried specifying --libdir manually to the configure script. I figured it was worth creating an issue to fix the defaults, though21:01
Unit193Hah, yeah that was just an example for what we use, and it seems to work out.21:01
* awordnot nods21:02
Unit193Interesting, seems the statusnotifier ebuild doesn't have to override anything.  (My package of docklike doesn't for Xubuntu)  Strange.21:03
awordnotand actually, during use I managed to segfault that plugin, so I should probably investigate that further and create another issue21:05
awordnot(it didn't like my 8 instances of evince open apparently)21:05
Unit193....I, uh..Haven't even tested it, that's why it's in a PPA. :321:05
Unit193Also looked into https://github.com/nsz32/docklike-plugin/issues/52 and seems that'd mostly just be a matter of lowering the deps, heh.21:06
ubot3Issue 52 in nsz32/docklike-plugin "Can you add support for ubuntu 18.04?" [Open]21:06
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