blackboxswfalcojr: Odd_Bloke minor PR for that SRU template for manual cloud tests: https://github.com/cloud-init/ubuntu-sru/pull/16717:28
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Odd_Blokefalcojr: blackboxsw: lucasmoura: I've populated https://trello.com/c/o0Pc1jdv/9-manually-verify-each-commit-that-represents-a-functional-change-to-ubuntu with a variety of checklists.  I'm planning on running through all of the tests that we currently have automation for and generating output to put into the verification repo, so I've put my face on those; I've also put faces on the items that James and I19:59
Odd_Blokehave in-progress to my knowledge.19:59
Odd_Bloke(Please do make sure I've put your face on anything you're working on that I missed!19:59
falcojrI've been going through some pre-runs in the background20:00
falcojrSo far so good20:00
falcojrOdd_Bloke: what is meant by the "Commits with automation that need the output added to the repo" heading?20:20
falcojrdon't we need output from every test?20:22
Odd_Blokefalcojr: "Commits for which the only remaining thing that needs doing is adding the output to the repo"20:28
Odd_BlokeI've changed it to "Commits with existing automation that just need the output added to the repo"20:28
falcojrgotcha, thanks20:29
Odd_BlokeSmall PR to add timestamps to pytest logging output: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/720/22:28

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