NadhiHi Chan09:46
Nadhione query how to specify name of connection in netplan. The format in network manager is nmcli c m <uuid> connection.id <id_name>09:47
slyonHi Nadhi, you can specify the name of the connection via the connection handle itself, e.g.: networks -> ethernets -> YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME -> dhcp4: true09:52
slyonIn this case you would most probably also need a match condition to select the corresponding interface, e.g.: networks -> ethernets -> YOUR_CONNECTOIN_NAME -> match -> name: eth009:53
slyonNetworkManager will then pickup the name as "netplan-YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME"09:53
Nadhihow to set a custom name instead of netplan-CONNECTION_NAME?    My use case is network manager should set some custom name like "xyz"10:00
slyonThe "netplan-" prefix is hardcoded by netplan currently. And there is no easy way to change this, AFAIK10:03
Nadhiokay, Thanks for the info slyon.10:05
Nadhi@sylon How to activate/deactivate a connection? nmcli c up <uuid>  / nmcli c down <uuid>10:10
Nadhiany attribute in YAML which does that?10:11
slyonyw! Netplan only prepares the configuration for your. It does not handle runtime modifications (like up/down). By default all defined connections/interfaces are brought up on "netplan apply" (or reboot). If you want to apply up/down at runtime you could you "nmcli", as you suggested10:14
slyon*you could use10:14
NadhiAlso, for a connection created by interface why these fields are empty10:21
Nadhi802-3-ethernet.mac-address:802-3-ethernet.cloned-mac-address:802-3-ethernet.generate-mac-address-mask:802-3-ethernet.mac-address-blacklist:802-3-ethernet.mtu:auto802-3-ethernet.s390-subchannels:802-3-ethernet.s390-nettype:802-3-ethernet.s390-options:basically, output of nmcli -t c s <uuid>10:21
Nadhitype error:   connection created by netplan*10:22
slyonThose settings are related to the match.macaddress and CONNECTION.macaddress settings in the YAML, did you set them there? Would you mind pasing your netplan config?10:24
Nadhinetwork:    version: 2    renderer: NetworkManager    ethernets:        enc2a80:            addresses:                -        s2:            match:               name: enc2d40            dhcp4: yes10:29
NadhiI m concerned about these 2 values 802-3-ethernet.s390-subchannels:  and 802-3-ethernet.s390-nettype10:30
Nadhibasically getting subchannels and driver type10:30
Nadhiwhich works for nmcli created devices10:30
slyonOkay, so you do not set any macaddress or MTU related settings in YAML, that explains why they are empty for you. wrt. s390-* settings: those are unfortunately not supported by netplan at this time10:32
Nadhiokay slyon, Thanks for the info..10:32

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