bthomasCan a charm library import objects and methods from its charm ?10:45
Chipacabthomas: that sounds backwards10:46
bthomasChipaca: ok thanks. Just checking. So I guess I have to refactor my charm a bit.10:47
Facu¡Muy buenos días a todos!11:20
ChipacaFacu: [citation needed]11:20
bthomas"A review of Good Mornings" by Facu, Journal of Salutations, Volume 4, pg 7-144, 202011:22
Facumy network :(11:25
* Chipaca steps out for a bit11:26
JoseMassonGood Morning!11:58
bthomasmoanin :-)11:59
facubatistahola JoseMasson12:11
* Chipaca sends facubatista a brace of messenger pidgeons12:42
* facubatista prepares a polenta12:43
bthomasAre there any docs, guidelines or tutorials on how to create and use custom events using operator framework ?13:14
mthaddontrivial review for https://github.com/canonical/grafana-operator/pull/7 pls?13:22
mupPR grafana-operator#7: Fix typo in metadata.yaml <Created by mthaddon> <https://github.com/canonical/grafana-operator/pull/7>13:22
Chipacabthomas: not a tutorial as such, but we do it often in tests13:41
Chipacabthomas: the pgsql interface could also serve13:42
bthomasChipaca: will have a look13:43
* JoseMasson brb14:32

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